The gorgeous Chronos Calendar + arrives for Windows Phone 8.1

Chronos is one of our top third-party calendar apps for Windows Phone, which is why we are excited to see Chronos Calendar + being released. The original Chronos has an outstanding 4.4 (out of 5) rating on the Store to set precedent. The all new Chronos Calendar + has been rewritten from the ground up specifically for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, giving a boost in performance and fluidity.

Chronos Calendar + also supports the new WinRT/universal app mode, meaning you should expect an app for your Surface in the future.

Chronos Calendar +

That is the good news; the bad news is that this is not an update, meaning you will have to fork over some money if you want the all new build. However, between its usefulness, design, options and potential to be a universal app, we think it is worth it.

Chronos Calendar + features

  • Full read/write sync with all your connected accounts.
  • Supports all screen resolutions.
  • Live tile customization.
  • Calendar appearance customization.
  • Built-in holidays and other various special days for over 50 countries.
  • Many different calendar views.
  • Smart add feature. An attempt to make the creation of events a little faster now that it isn't possible to save directly to the phone calendar database due to restrictions in the operating system. You can turn it off if you don't like it of course.
  • Language support for many countries.
  • More tile themes.
  • New 2-dimensional way for selecting tile and appearance themes.
  • More performance improvements on the tile updater.

If you have never tried Chronos, you should give the app a shot with a free trial. The UI, fonts, and customization options are enough to make most people happy. Personally, we are really digging the new 'add appointment' function, which has a beautiful drop down window for quick adds.

Overall, Chronos is worthy of a download, especially if you rely on and need a more powerful calendar experience. You won't hear us gush much about calendar apps, but Chronos is the exception.

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Thanks, John M., and Peter N., for the tips!

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