Clock Hub

Earlier in the week, we brought to your attention a new app called Clock Hub. Its sole purpose is to be pinned as a wide Live Tile and to tell you the time, akin to HTC’s Hub app. With Windows Phone 8.1, developers can update Tiles once a minute, hence why this app is kind of news, that and many of you find it useful, including myself.

Today, version 1.1 went live in the Store and it brings a nice bonus feature: weather. The app will now use location services to pinpoint your whereabouts, revealing the current temperature.  It will also tell you the location and a basic, written forecast. Finally, version 1.1 will now also support the more traditional medium sized Tile, for those looking to save space.

What about battery life, you ask? Updating the clock on the app once a minute is not an intensive task. In fact, HTC did this years ago on their HTC Windows Phones with Microsoft’s blessing, so that should tell you a lot there. Regarding weather, the frequency of updates is not detailed in the app, though we’re quite certain it is not every minute, but more than likely once every 30 minutes.

You can pick up Clock Hub here in the Store for Windows Phone 8.1 devices only. Free.

Thanks, Austin C., for the tip!

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