CNN for Windows Phone updated to 2.0 with live TV support, updated design

CNN for Windows Phone has grabbed an update today. You can now hit up the Windows Phone store where you'll be presented with version 2.0 of the app. Along with the step-up in versions, the app brings some new features in the form of an updated design, email and social sharing, and the ability to watch CNN live TV anywhere as long as you are signed in with your TV provider login.

This is a pretty major update for the news app, and you can find the detailed change log, along with some screenshots of the app in action below:

  • Watch CNN live TV anytime (with TV provider sign-in)
  • Updated design with access to additional content
  • Email and social sharing available
  • Minor bug fixes

In addition to the documented changes, we also discovered you can have the app say "this is CNN" upon launch — you know, just in case you forgot.

CNN 2.0 Screens

Thanks to Rafael for the tip!


Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Great news.
  • Pun intended, I hope!
  • Is it the Dacia Sandero?
    (sorry, Top Gear joke :v)
  • Ha! Good one, love TG.
  • I'll stick with CBSN. At least you don't need cable TV to watch it.
  • I agree...and I have cable...and will still stick to CBSN.
  • Good to see some companies supporting all platforms well.
  • I just want the app to take me directly to the article it pushes to my notification center. It doesn't make sense that tapping on breaking news takes me to the home page. Live TV is a nice new touch though for those who actually watch CNN.
  • Yeah this used to work.
  • Hmm... this has never worked for me. I have reported this issues as well as the multiple notifications bug more than once. Hoping it's all fixed.
  • wait, all that wasted space up there at the top is really how the app is designed? Why not have the logo fixed to the left of the pivot, and gain all that screen space back? I'll stick to MSN News, thanks.
  • That's crazy man... They need a designer.
  • The header looks stupid.
  • We want store update,instagram update.
  • Not working for me. Lumia Icon with PfD. App looks like its loading, true to flip to top news pane, and closes
  • Same here. Lumia 930
  • Check your app listing. I ended up with two entries for CNN. The one marked new worked. Deleted the old one.
  • Didn't get two. But it works after an uninstall and reinstall
  • Those of us without the BIG Providers are left in the dark.  Great features, but we miss out on many benefits of these abilitites.  Any way around this?  My provider is small and local to where I live.  I cannot get Comcast or Charter.
  • I hope the double/triple notifications are fixed.
  • I've been getting 5-6!
  • 9+ for me!
  • Same thing happens on the ABC News app.
  • I get that too if i turn off breaking news alerts and turn them back on again.  Everytime I toggle it, it just adds to the amount of alerts for the same news.
  • Good. This sucked earlier. (My kind words)
  • I really liked CNNs old app design alot better
  • Of course the CNN live feed isn't working. HLN, yes but who watches that????
  • Great international new lol
  • Nice! Time to update their Windows 8.1 app too. Posted from The Dark Side.
  • It is great to see more live video options arrive for Windows Phone. I remember, just a short year ago, that there weren't many video options beyond Hulu, Netflix, Redbox and questionable third party alternatives. I would always use the ABC app on my iOS and Android devices and would be baffled at the absence of Windows Phone support.
  • Finally
  • Every since I updated the app, it keep closing before fully opening!!
  • Same thing happened to me on my L920.  Just uninstall and then reinstall and you should be good.
  • Not work for me :(
  • Yea whatever. Ditch the surface pro for Ipad will ya? I'll ditch everything about CNN.
  • TV service provider, I don't do. Just another example of how sticking with an old model cuts out a potential user base. When are people going to wise up and cut the cable?
  • Would you pay for the CNN stream?
  • Bad design choice...
  • No support for Time Warner. Seriously?
  • Not working Lumia 928
  • " CNN"