ComScore: Android increases lead from Apple, Microsoft falling slightly

Global research firm comScore has released a new market share report that show Android increasing its lead from Apple, which remains in second place. Looking at the figures above, we can see Android almost hitting 44% of the U.S. market, with Apple on 27%, RIM at 19% and Microsoft at just under 6%.

RIM experienced a massive 5% drop since the previous report earlier this year. Microsoft (combined OSs) has fallen .1%, which shows the continued extinction of Windows Mobile and the rise of Windows Phone. August, being the month before Mango (opens in new tab) will hopefully show different results to what we will see in comScore's next report. Let's see a rise in market share for the software giant!

Source: comScore (opens in new tab), via: SlashGear (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • meh id like to dream that the 0,01% we lost was due to people returning the phones to wait for a new mango phone lol.a man can dream.. i guess will see next statistic update.
  • I think this shows that MS has stopped the bleeding! While people ditch their WinMo phones more are picking up WP7! I had given my gf my Evo and for a couple of days let her try out my Arrive and she loved it! She didn't want to use it at first but she had dropped her phone in the toilet so it was her only option! She said she liked it and missed it! My cousin is an avid Apple fan to the death! She has been asking me about WP7 phones for a while and I've been telling her to wait for the new Mango wave. She wanted the Radar but is on AT&T so I told her about the Focus and with the disappointment of the new iPhone she wants it but I cannot find a decent photo of the Focus S to show her! Hopefully we will have one soon!
  • The Focus S is based on the Galaxy II S hardware, which was just anounced and released on AT&T.
  • I know that much. They won't look exactly the same! I own an Epic 4g Touch. I want an actual picture though, not a "it looks like this phone."Thanks though!
  • ya go :) enjoy
  • Thank you sir! While I have seen that photo, I would like to find a better view with all angles showing! (Yes I am very very picky).
  • Well rumuor is that Samsung will announce/unveil the Nexus Prime, Focus S, Focus Flash, and maybe the Monument at CITA this month. Hopefully you won't have to wait long for better pictures.
  • Haha! Thank you! Again, I am also aware of that!So hopefully I will get a good shot even though the show will mainly most likely focus on the Nexus Prime.
  • Their month-on-month figures show that the drop completely stopped completely in August - so hopefully the gains will start from September :-)
  • So, has anyone called out the fact that Google counts rooted devices as another activation? How are they determining the market share?
  • Really? LOL. That's so funny!You have to do what you have to do to get those numbers up! hahaha
  • Google skews their app market numbers too by including cloned apps, and 100,000 **** apps lol
  • Considering how new Mango devices will not hit stores until later this month ( I think T-Mobile leads the way with the Radar in Mid-Oct, not 100% sure), what kind of jump will we get until then? My long awaited, long overdue end of contract date is 11/11/11, so I will do my part shortly thereafter.
  • Any wonder Windows Phones are not going as good.. a poor (small) selection of 12month old devices.. everyone, especially Nokia, need to get these out. and push the Telcos to advertise them more.. Android is doing so well because that's all the Carriers talk about.. Android/iPhone.. never WindowsPhones.