Control Center, easy access to your Windows Phone settings

Control Center is a Windows Phone 8 app that pulls together a large collection of settings and shortcuts on to one page. It gives you quick and easy access to your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Network settings and more.

While Control Center is a single page app, it packs access to many features under one roof. Live Tile support makes access to Control Center easy and if you are looking for a one-stop source for key Windows Phone settings, Control Center might be worth a look.

There is not much to the layout of Control Center. It is a one-page app that contains tiles and buttons to access key Windows Phone settings and app shortcuts.

Along the top of the page, you will find button controls to access:

  • Wi-Fi settings
  • Bluetooth settings
  • Network settings
  • Airplane Mode
  • Location Services

Just below these control buttons, you will find tiles that will:

  • Turn on/off your Windows Phone light
  • Post a status update
  • Create/Send a Text Message
  • Create/Send an email
  • Access your Windows Phone account settings
  • Access your Windows Phone lockscreen settings
  • Add an appointment to your Windows Phone calendar
  • Add a contact to your Peoples Hub

You can pin Control Center to your Start Screen for easy access but you lack the ability to pin individual controls. While Control Center offers a healthy level of access to core Windows Phone controls and apps in a straightforward manner, I would not mind seeing the individual access points be pinnable to your Start Screen. I do not think this is a deal breaker but it would make the access more convenient.

There is one mystery to Control Center. Up under the three-dot menu there are options to share the app, view the About screen, check out more apps from the developer, and buy the pro version. No telling what the pro version is all about because the link is dead. It may very well be a version under development and not yet available.

Control Center is not a bad option if you are looking for a means to quickly access a wide range of Windows Phone settings and apps. Control Center is a free app that is available for Windows Phone 8 devices.

You can find Control Center here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Control Center

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  • god,the icon....
  • Yep, Fugly. Though the app looks great.
  • +1
  • +2
  • My thoughts exactly! Even a great app would not have a place on my start screen with such an icon!
  • Check out Control Center 2.0 with new ICON
  • Few more months and we won't be needing these kinds of apps anymore.
  • +720
  • +920
  • +1020 x 1520 x icon
  • +720.
  • +2520
  • +8X.
    Ah, Never mind. Ths is awkward.
  • I may be a Nokia user on the L1520, but it's good to see HTC users in here too! Be loud and proud of your Windows Phone choice!
  • this! the 8X is possibly the best-looking WP yet
  • Blue or black? Mine is blue
  • Honestly, this is what the Settings section should look like, but make them into vibrant live tiles!
  • We will do it in Version 3.0 Thanks for the feedback
  • Thanks for the feed back. You mean to say to have live tiles with in the app ?
  • Why no such app is able to provide short cut for brightness??? Anyways I prefer Insider for individual shortcuts...
  • Microsoft does not allow api to access brightness settings.
  • So it won't be there in 8.1 too??
  • We don't know yet. Every update adds hundreds of new APIs, so that's possible, we'll have to wait a little more to find that out :)
  • Ms does not allow shortcut for internet sharing also
  • Yes for WP8 no api for brightness control
  • Quick Controls is the same idea. Think it is done a little better.
  • at first reading the title i thought another new leak from windows phone 8.1 but oh well i am still waiting for more leaks ; probably the new slow motion camera , want this feature on my lumia 920 .
  • +1520 i was thinking the same!
  • Hahaha same here. But love this app anyway
  • Thank you Kenzibit
  • Fourth in agreement. Honestly, this is what I feel Settings should become in the future, but make the icons vibrant live tiles.
  • Sure we will do it in Vesion 3.0. thanks 
  • Same lol
  • seems pretty cool!
  • I thought its the official wp control centre!!!!!! Ghanta!!!!
  • I was thinking the same.
  • wow
  • nice App, made a place in my start screen. Second row.
  • Why did this app take soo long in coming. Feels like I'm using WP8.1. Love it and thank you. Just got rid of all my connectivity shortcut apps. This one is for all.
  • Installed and had to uninstall immediately. I already have all the quick settings on battery app, makes no sense having another app with no better functionality than what I already have.
  • Same thing here. I use Insider Pro. Click on the battery icon and presto... everything you need is right there.
  • I'd like the option to pin the audio settings to start rather than having to go through Settings everytime.
  • Shortcuts4all is uglier but way better.
  • Apple lawsuit in 3....2...1....
  • Great to see ms-dos in the background of the screencap
  • I'm using common settings on my Lumia 1520 no problems and also has a restart tile.
  • These icons gave me eye cancer.
  • Control Center Pro
    Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)
  • Feel free to also check out my similar app "Toggles" for Windows Phone
  • Nothing good in layout, but yes, some better option then searching for settings in default 'Settings' menu.
  • One of my considerations before downloading an app is if the icon will look good on my screen...
  • Modified new icon :)
  • to be honest, the new icon is an improvement.. but still not that good.. also, please don't use rounded squares.. thanks!
  • MS-DOS? Really? lol
  • It's good app. But it doesn't show if the phone already connected or not in the app it self.
    My app ConnectivityCenter does that. I'll be happy if you try it, it's free too :)
  • Icon needs redesign for sure Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Download 'Control Center 2.0' with Icon change and added customers feedback
  • Looks interesting, but not a fan of the iPhone icons.
  • I wish there was a way to pin them individually but instead of it taking you to the settings it would work as a simple on/off for things like WiFi, Bluetooth, airplane mode, flashlight
  • Great app; MS need to add this functionality to WP 8.1.
  • Control Center 3.0 is just released added  Download Now:  - Shortcut for 'Screen Rotation' - Button to stop Music - Enhanced UI