Cortana in Celsius

For some time now, users outside of the US using Cortana could get the weather but it was always in Fahrenheit. To get around this US-based temperature system, users had to use the voice assistant to request the temperature in Celsius specifically each time. It worked, but it was also cumbersome.

This morning, Windows Central began receiving numerous reports that their weather is now showing up in their Cortana stream in their regional preference aka Celsius.

From Greece to Denmark to the Netherlands, it looks like the Cortana team has successfully deployed Celsius weather support to match users' weather settings. A small, but very welcomed change for the many people residing outside of the US.

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Users are encouraged to head into our busy Cortana forums to discuss more.

Have you noticed the change? Let us know in comments and which country you hail from.

Thanks, Enufstyle, Alex S., Stefan N., and Florin A., for the tips!