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Cortana finally gives weather in Celsius based on your weather settings

For some time now, users outside of the US using Cortana could get the weather but it was always in Fahrenheit. To get around this US-based temperature system, users had to use the voice assistant to request the temperature in Celsius specifically each time. It worked, but it was also cumbersome.

This morning, Windows Central began receiving numerous reports that their weather is now showing up in their Cortana stream in their regional preference aka Celsius.

From Greece to Denmark to the Netherlands, it looks like the Cortana team has successfully deployed Celsius weather support to match users' weather settings. A small, but very welcomed change for the many people residing outside of the US.

Users are encouraged to head into our busy Cortana forums to discuss more.

Have you noticed the change? Let us know in comments and which country you hail from.

Thanks, Enufstyle, Alex S., Stefan N., and Florin A., for the tips!

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Really?I am sure UK Cortana gave me the weather in C. nvm.. I guess this is the Cortana whats the wether like today question you could ask rather
  • UK always had more official support than other countries outside of the Alpha-Beta list for Cortana deployment
  • Any news about Cortana in Latin America?
  • Yeah your right I think the UK always had support for the temperature in centigrade, but as Daniel Said, USA, UK and China have the more official versions of Cortana!!!!
  • I have been seeing my weather in Celsius for over 4 weeks now. Guess I was lucky to have it early? Or probably it was already available and people never noticed it.
  • Well, I have all US settings in order to get Cortana (region-format-language) cause it's very handy to me on my daily basis and it's since this morning that I've seen mt temperature displayed in celcuis. I'm in MX but my sync setting on MSN weather for my tablet are in celcius. So I assume that no matter where are you and your region-format-language settings for Cortana, she'll match your sync settings everywhere.
  • Same here, got celcius since this morning and have everything set to US besides being in Angola.
  • Yes but your phones region wasn't set to "US" was it? That's what this is about. If you are outside of US, but your phone is set to US cos you want Jen Taylor :)
  • I have set the region to us to use Cortana ,I'm in italy , and this morning after the last update of msn whether.Cortana began to give me the temperature's in Celsius.and i tipped about this.this article is for those. Who use the region settings (us).and they're living in Europe.not UK Cortana.
  • absolute blunder from MSFT couldnt show celcius all this time ... MSFT lacks with the quality of WP still not most of the features API included 
  • They still have problems with even mi. Km. When that should be based on where you are not what your phones set to
  • It was not a blunder. As part of the beta, Cortana was (until recently) only available in the US so people who wanted it changed language & region to get it and because of that, only affected Cortana. Everything else including maps, weather apps etc, allowed metric or imperial perfectly. Move on...
  • Jey, my country gets famous!
  • Nederlands?
  • What do u mean by famous?
  • Well, I never see the Netherlands named in the topics, so...
  • Right, then I guess Denmark also got kinda famous here, it rarely gets mentioned on Windows Central either
  • Nor does Sweden.
  • Syntes du at der er nok der bruger WP i Sverige?
  • neither is my country, India :P
  • Yes it does, India is mentioned all the time
  • I know :3
    P.S. I put :P in my earlier comment to show that I am joking
  • Oh right! Lol didn't notice that
  • But how do you get Cortana running on a 930 in the Netherlands?
  • By changing your region and speech settings to US/GB. Maybe a final reboot is needed to activate Cortana
  • Finally!!!
  • Indeed! Now they should do the same with distances.
  • Finally! But It's actually based on your preferences within the Weather app, not the regional settings. My region is set to US but I've chosen to show Celsius inside the Weather app. (The weather in Cortana is connected to the weather app)
  • Agreed....same here
  • I think he is talking about Region Format (under Region Settings). My region is also set do US, but my Region Format it's set to my country because of the Date and Time format, and Currency.
  • My regional format is also US, but I still get the temperature in Celsius (which is what I want).
  • I don't even have the Weather app installed on my phone, but now Cortana does show the weather in Celsius, so............
  • This could be a small step towards a region-free version of Cortana. I never understood wht I had to change the region in order to have Cortana working on my phone. I understand why I have to change my phone language to English but why do I have to change the region too?... Never mind, it's a rethorical question, I know.
  • you won't get an answer to this, i have been asking the same question but no one would give you the correct answer on why Cortana is pinned to regions.
  • I think Cortana is pinned to regions as Microsoft has already announced back in April 2014 so they can give their consumer Cortana specifically designed for them based on their region that includes language,accents,personality based on regional culture and then Headlines according to the region. We have an example of this is the Cortana for China which has Mandarin as language and the Personality and animation specifically designed for consumers of China. Similarly Cortana for India uses English (UK) as it is in Alph and has only two interest News and Weather.
    So people in US generally use Fahrenheit for the temperature and so it was only built for US consumer. But as we all know those of us who live outside US and using Cortana for US were having problems with Fahrenheit temperature are probably bigger in number. So they have found a way to give us Celsius. And if the give us km also then it will be perfect.
  • Do u mean the Microsoft's official 'weather' app?if that's so,then i am downloading it now.
  • I can confirm that too. Nice
  • In India it was in C itself
  • Yup was already in Celsius in India
  • This is for the US version of Cortana.
  • I'm using the US version and have seen the change in Celsius for over four weeks now.
  • Yeah it's awesome... Still no Cortana on my country ;(... I don't think Cortana will ever come to my country.
  • What's ur country?
  • Seems like Pakistan/Iran.
  • Wqm1q, how would u know??
  • Because of the name Nizam...
  • Dude wtf, there are over 20 middle eastern/north African countries, so it's really rude/ignorant to guess Iran or Pakistan. U probably don't even know what languages they speak there
  • I live in the Middle East. :) And I am not saying that in a derogatory way. I have the languages people speak in this region on my fingertips. So you cannot judge me as some Westerner who is ignorant about the Middle East. Whatever, this is how I guessed: Although the name Nizam has an Arabic origin, it is more popular as a name in other Arabic-influenced languages like Persian, Urdu and Turkish. The choices were Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, India and Bangladesh. Since India already has Cortana and Bengalis would be using the Indian version of Cortana, that leaves Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. I simply chose the most populous countries for the final educated guess.
  • Ok fine, sorry for assuming that you were assuming. It just really pisses me off when ignorant people assume things like that. (have you seen this US vid:
  • Wow... That video was interesting. I didn't know American students were that dumb in geography. No doubt so many Americans here consider everything outside the US as the Scum of the Earth and the multitude of budget devices as junk from Microsoft.
  • Yeah, (almost all) americans really overestimate themselves and the US, it's such a shame
  • A theory of mine: Assumptions are dangerous... assumptions about assumptions must be exponentially dangerous (assumption * assumption). Not a good basis for flaming. ;)
  • When you ASSUME .... You make an ASS out of U and ME
  • Nice. :)
  • Boom goes the hammer...good job , wam1g!
  • I'm not from middle east.. I'm from Malaysia.
  • Timing!!
  • It's 12 o'clock in the morning, what do you want me to do??
  • I noticed it today, finally I can get weather info in a language I understand more
  • It's a unit of measurement, not a language
  • His first language isn't English. Don't be a rude prick.
  • Me neither, but sorry anyway
  • And btw, you can't just assume that I was being rude, and not just helping/correcting his english
  • I meant I understand better Celsius than Fahrenheit
  • I think that you replied to the wrong person
  • Maybe he speaks celcius in binary? 01100011 01101111 01101111 01101100 You never know
  • Sugoi!
  • Yes, Cortana has been showing me the weather in Celsius for about a week.
  • Over four weeks for me actually
  • Funny thing is that I sent this in a while ago
  • As we have noted in the past numerous times, new Cortana features do not go out all at once to all users. Instead, it is a slow rollout until it finally goes wider. Single reports of a new feature make it hard for us to report since the majority of people will then chime in say 'um, no, I do not have this'. Today is different because we are getting a flood of tips on the matter, suggesting a critical mass of sorts has been reached with this feature.
  • Provided this feedback via user voice on Windows Phone and Windows 10 as I'm sure others did too. Good to see these updates being made incrementally!
  • Still Fahrenheit :/
  • I'm very happy now. :)
  • Hell yeah, just need her to speak my language now
  • Still no Cortana for Slovenia or Central Europe! I mean WTF MS? Mybe in 2060 we'll get it.MS supports only those Indian MOFOS.Very dissapointed!!!!
  • What is MOFOS ? can u plz tell me what is the full form of it ?
  • abe mc , bc  , teri maa ka chut , bhosdike nati , jaha se aaye hai wahi wapas gused denge
  • Dude.... Chill... They're gonna ban u... If anyone knows or be able to translate Hindi...
  • Don't you think Uros G should be banned first?
  • (@Mohit)'ve used the right words to express yourself..lolz
  • Celcius now for Philippines regional format.
  • Its always been in °C on my UK Lumia 930, I think? How odd.
  • This is for US version of Cortana.
  • Yes it is working perfectly on my AT&T Lumia 920 US Cortana in India so now I can shift my Lumia 720 to US Cortana for all the additional benefit we get in US Cortana in compare to Indian Cortana which has only to Features i.e news and Weather but I like the British accent in Indian Cortana , now I am confused what to do as 720 is my main Phone.
    It is Great to have this feature :)
  • Finally happy that Marcus Ash listen my opinion '' Love to use in my all Lumia's    WOOOO !!!
  • Finally! Slowly but surely will make the transition back to the original version of Cortana lol. I so cannot stand the voice used for the UK.....
  • Yup. Me too
  • Finally Cortana's weather in Greece is with Celsius (USA settings)
  • Cortana no longer sing for me already!
  • New features are great. But would love to see Cortana itself being rolled out to more markets. I mean some of the biggest WP markets do not have their own version of Cortana, which is kind of disappointing. With WP8.1 nearing the end of its journey- update wise, I hope Win10 brings about these changes!
  • Or you could just use Fahrenheit?
  • Why should we? It's ONLY used in the US, and makes way less sense than Celsius
  • How does it make less sense?
  • In Celsius, 0 is freezing point, and 100 is boiling point, Fahrenheit is just random.
  • Oh so you have trouble with things that aren't simple?
  • I have an issue with pointless things
  • Those who hav a problem with celcius why dont they convert it to Fahrenheit by this formula:
    (C*(9/5))+32=F..that's if u know math.. :P
  • You are a bit of an idiot aren't you?. So, people in countries who go by Celsius, shouldn't find it easier if the app is in Celsius? Because you have grown up and used Farenheit your whole life? I think you are just being an ahole for the hell of it here. Noone can be this dumb.
  • Yeah my life will be so complete because 0 is freezing and boiling is 100. We're good with Farhrenheit here. 
  • Most people in the world don't understand Fahrenheit.
  • Sounds like a problem
  • I better choose a better measurement system.
  • Or you could just use Celcius and join the rest of the world
  • No thanks I'll stay with the U.S. and continue being the better country ;)
  • With the worst measurement system in the world. ;)
  • and great 2nd amandment :D
  • Better country?!? My ass!
  • Damn, you are SO ignorant and fucking stupid!!!
  • One insult wasn't enough to make your point? Moron.
  • No, 100 isn't even enough
  • Did u watch the vids on the links btw?
  • Totally, I'm glad you have such free time to post them.
  • lol. such a pancake.
  • BETTER country? Really? Using what metric? It cant be education, quality of life, or financial stability? Cos it sure as hell aint number 1 for any of those. American exceptionalism at its most delusional! Enjoy your Farenheit. Its an old article, but feel free to go double check all of the stats for this year. Guarantee US isn't doing much better
  • Celsius is tremendous for science and engineering, but Fahrenheit is almost twice as expressive without getting bogged-down in fractions. For this reason I like it when discussing things like cooking or weather. Especially since it makes more sense to the rest of the world I'm glad it's finally an option on the phone. :)
  • Why there's no Cortana in Indonesian language? I would love to help to make in my language, is there any way?
  • Yeah!! Im in the dominican republic and it shows and read it without me having to especifically ask her to say it on Celsius
  • I check the weather every morning via Cortana and this feature is new for me. Yep, finally in Celsius: 10 ºC Now (with) Hazy Sunshine!
  • It's going to be 32 C for me for the next 5 days :P
  • It's a perfect beach weather! ;]
  • hey cortana not working under lockscreen for my lumia 930.. can anyone tell me why?
    i have to unlock my phone and then say "hey cortana"..
    i have checked settings- allow speech above lock.
  • Daniel y some of the common interests yet available in India like world cup cricket section etc....i don't think it have to do something with us
  • I think things like this should be tied more to user preferences than automatically applying regional settings based on your current location. It would be much more useful for people who are travelling or living outside their home country.
  • Finally !!
  • In Brazil working in Celsius too
  • Cortana wont talk to me, if said "hi" "whats your name" etc, it shows me the web search. Help!
  • The weather has not changed here much though.
  • In India it showing already in Celsius from months.....i guess you you're late.
  • There is more to the world than just India, like for instance, the countries I list in the article where this is new. You could also read the comments here from others who are just noticing this change.
  • In my area this feature is new, also "we have noted in the past numerous times, new Cortana features do not go out all at once to all users. Instead, it is a slow rollout until it finally goes wider.".
  • So I could use the USA version of phone again.... But I can't buy apps then. I'll stick with Canada alpha.
  • Can't buy apps? 
  • Nope. If you live in Canada and set your region to US you can't buy apps since your purchasing site is Canada. I have an L830 with w10 preview and Cortana alpha disappeared (in Calgary, Canada here)... only way to get Cortana back, and quiet hours which is important for me, was to set region to US, which makes me feel disgusting. I am an American emigrant but 18 years in Canada has me used to celsius!
  • My weather has always been in Celsius here in Canada
  • Also noticed in my area, Cortana started telling you the time instead of displaying it when you ask her what time is it. Useful when your using Bluetooth headsets.
  • She's been giving me the temperature in Celsius for a long time when I ask her cuz she learnt she has to give me the temp in Celsius.
  • Eeeeeeeeee it's in Celsius indeed!! Thanks Daniel! I thought that I would have to wait until Cortana come to my country to get temperature in celsius.   Edit: And I also just grab the Fitness Routine!! Nice day!
  • I Noticed it this morning. I thougt to myself "finally" haha. Greetings from Spain.
  • Anyone knows when Windows 10 hitting Windows phone
  • Aaaaalready has in technical preview form
  • now i only need cortana herself in the netherlands without changing region to supported regions like us or uk, even if it means she only speaks english, as i can speak english pretty well with a bit of a british or irish accent
  • I'm sure Cortana has been showing temperature in C for about a month, in the UK.
  • Finally! India!
  • We should all use Kelvin :D
  • Got it worked in Vietnam also
  • Portugal check
  • Yay :)
  • Det virker i Danmark!
  • Now it's perfect... as far as weather goes.
  • I did not find Cortana , even after changing the region and language to English US .
    previously could , why now I can not find Cortana ? Help me please :/
  • British Cortana has always gave me the weather in Celsius.
  • I got this after the 8.1.1 update for my 920 Germany
  • Confirmed for the Philippines.
  • I noticed Cortana was showing me the weather in Celcius when I asked her. Till yesterday though, she was still giving me F. Now I see C. Good.
  • Yeah!
  • Works! Celcius: Grenada.
  • Finally! Yesss!
  • Now they need to bump us alpha users to beta. Would be nice if Cortana could follow my favorite sports teams. The only thing listed in her interests are news and weather, and its been like that since she was released in Canada.
  • Yes that would be good. Cortana Alpha sucks. The quest thing is, a lot of the usa features work in Australia. They are just not enabled.
  • Love the update! Even with MSN weather set to Celsius, it wasn't until this update that Cortana displayed Celsius on my phone in Canada. Also, only using interest set to "Weather near me".
  • This Is Cooooooooool
  • I dont want to use side app, how to set Cortana show it in Celsius. I'm in the US
  • I wonder how can I get the metric system, and keep the language in English. Does Canada work right?
  • Mandatory The Oatmeal strip:
  • Yyyeaaahh. In NL too on the 830 :D
  • Cool we never use f here.... This helps us...
  • For India not showing Celsius
  • I always had weather in C. What's ur setting? Cortana alpha India
  • Saw it this morning. Ok.