Cortana helps explain AI in first episode of Microsoft's animated Explanimators series

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be an intimidating and complicated subject to explore for the average person, but Microsoft is hoping to introduce people to the basics with the first episode of a new animated series called Explanimators. Fittingly guided by Cortana, the series' debut episode touches on some of the ways AI is already being used, the concepts of machine learning, neural networks, and more. Check it out below:

It's definitely a basic look at AI, but given Microsoft's focus on AI and machine learning as of late, the episode serves as a good way to explain the fruits of that investment to a wider audience.

Explanimators itself is a new series from Microsoft's Story Labs (opens in new tab). Judging by this first shot, it's likely we'll see future episodes similarly explain complex topics against an animated backdrop over a few minutes or so. What subjects would you like to see tackled in future episodes?

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  • Did they just use a Windows Mobile in the animation?
  • Yes but the navigation keys are misplaced
  • It's actually not misplaced, more like a mirrored image. It must be that parallel universe where we have a legitimate market share that I always see watching TV! =P
  • Yea..
  • Can't get marketshare without working with cell providers, television advertising not internet only or subscriber based like this one, and you must put real effort into the product which Satya clearly hasn't done and didn't care to even prior to him being selected as CEO. I'm of the opinion that he doesn't want anything Ballmer started to over shadow his endevors. Anyone notice how he also cancelled and slowed the new product life-cycle of surface despite it gaining marketshare which has impacted the current earnings report released recently that disguising it as meaning OEM's are releasing more competitve products? Not that OEM's aren't releasing items, but many prefer surface despite them, we haven't been given a new surface pro 5, etc.
  • Good eye!
  • Hi, the navigation bar is not misplaced.  This is taskbar's Surface Hub. The new Windows design language to Windows 10 on Touch devices. 
  • Haha, can't even watch video! Opening of video says "Hey Cortana" which causes Cortana to chime in and causes Windows Central to crash because it will not run in the background...
  • Haha
  • Nice.
  • Haha I'm amused.
  • In Cortana's settings, set to Try to only respond only to me.
  • Did that... Aparantly to Cortana I sound like a black man with a velvity voice instead of a naisily nerdy white-guy.
  • Had a similar expierence on my laptop... except without the crash.
  • Good stuff
  • Wait wait wait! That Windows phone has different buttons on it! This video must be a secret code for the imminent release of the Surface Phone!
  • I guess the character is Jason Ward... Big resemblance
  • On a related note, Microsoft using Fake Intelligence has resulted in Windows Phone being in the state we find it in today.
  • Fully expecting WC to use this video for their next 'Surface phone' article. Obviously this is the reveal of their next windows phone.