Cortana helps explain AI in first episode of Microsoft's animated Explanimators series

Artificial intelligence (AI) can be an intimidating and complicated subject to explore for the average person, but Microsoft is hoping to introduce people to the basics with the first episode of a new animated series called Explanimators. Fittingly guided by Cortana, the series' debut episode touches on some of the ways AI is already being used, the concepts of machine learning, neural networks, and more. Check it out below:

It's definitely a basic look at AI, but given Microsoft's focus on AI and machine learning as of late, the episode serves as a good way to explain the fruits of that investment to a wider audience.

Explanimators itself is a new series from Microsoft's Story Labs. Judging by this first shot, it's likely we'll see future episodes similarly explain complex topics against an animated backdrop over a few minutes or so. What subjects would you like to see tackled in future episodes?

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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