Cortana showing a stock chart is a nice touch on Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana is still technically in beta for users on Windows Phone 8.1. She's also still technically only available in the United States (though she recently did begin speaking Chinese). Over the past few days there have been a few subtle changes with how Cortana handles stock information.

Ask Cortana to show you the stock of a company and she'll not only tell you it's current price or what it closed at for the day, but will also display the stock chart within her app. It's a cool feature that a ton of you will appreciate.

Tapping the chart will launch you into the Bing Finance app on that stocks overview page. Really nifty. We're having a hard time remember if this has been a feature with Cortana for sometime, but it seems to show a few more details from before.

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Source: Windows Phone Central Forums

Sam Sabri