Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst gone for good? Say it ain't so...

We reported on Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst being pulled from the Marketplace just recently--a shock to many because even though the game had a few issues, it was still quite playable (and other games have the same or worse issues).

The trend of pulling troubled apps/games and then re-submitting them once they are fixed is becoming and unfortunate trend of late and there was no reason not to expect Project Sunburst to return at some point (heck, Twin Blades was gone for months...).

Unfortunately, it looks like the developers of Crackdown 2 have had enough and are throwing in the towel. From their Facebook page:

"As many of you know, Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst has been removed from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace on Windows Phone. If you purchased the game in the past 60 days, you will receive a refund credited to your account. Please note: with the removal of this game from the Marketplace, we will be discontinuing this page on Wednesday, July 27."

Ouch. This is a first for an Xbox LIVE game and quite a shame. Project Sunburst was the first game to feature asynchronous gameplay and use GPS/Bing Maps as the playboard--in other words, it was completely unique and imaginative, something that really stood out (even if gameplay was a bit boring after awhile). We really hope that this turns around but it sure doesn't sound like it. Sorry for the bad news folks, we're a bit crushed too.

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Gutted and annoyed, I know there's better tower defense games out there, but this was very unique from the map perspective.I actually purchased Crackdown 2 on my Xbox360 just so I could use the link-up features.wonder why MS are not willing to get it fixed ?
  • Microsoft cannot fix it as they are just a publisher - not a developer.
  • That's outrageous! And then MS will wonder why people will start pirating apps. Well, some people don't like throwing money out the window considering apps are discontinued. Ridiculous
  • That's bad...Microsoft needs to stop this. If it goes on like this, people will move away from WP7 as a dev platform, instead of adopting it...
  • I highly doubt that Microsoft will do something like this for apps/games they did not publish themselves.
  • If this trend continues users will not be encouraged to buy applications, after all this basically amounts to an extended rental. I know I will think twice before buying anything now. Would have expected MS to make every effort to avoid something like this for one of their flagship launch titles.
  • Trend? This is the first ever XBox Live game pulled from the Marketplace.
  • wait a sec , i got the game when it first came out ... that means i cant play it any more ? and i whont be refunded??? BOOOOO!!!
  • It's a good thing this was the first game I bought when I got my Trophy late last month. The game still works and apparently it was free.
  • Nevermind. According to some other sites this game is server based so it will only work for a little while longer.
  • as someone who didn't purchase this game, I'm glad that I won't be tempted to give it a try with the numerous bugs it's reported to have.
  • If it was THAT buggy, I don't see the loss.Using a GPS system for a game like this was probably too complicated to begin with. It was a cool idea, but apparently it didn't get the support it needed to actually work.