Customers band together to track HTC Vive shipments

Several frustrated people who pre-ordered the HTC Vive VR headset have banded together to track Vive shipments across the U.S. to see if there is some sort of method to HTC's delivery system. With their site, aptly named, the group has crowd-sourced shipment and delivery data for, as of this writing, 1,735 users. The site breaks down that data, which is collected from a survey, as well as the Vive subreddit.

Vive shipment tracking chart

The centerpiece of the site are the charts, which include two pie charts, one for Vive shipment status, and the other for payment methods. You can select the individual pie pieces on both charts, then see how the included map of the U.S. and the order time graph change. So, if you select 'Yes' under Shipped, then 'Card' under Payment methods, you'll see the map highlight locations where orders purchased with a credit card have shipped.

The site also breaks down data into different tables, such as Reddit users. You can filter people by location, payment method, and whether or not their Vive has shipped. The table offers additional details, such as when orders have shipped and how many interactions that particular Reddit post received.

Joseph Keller