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Death Worm finally comes to Windows Phone 8: Chow down on puny humans!

I rarely get giddy for games but Death Worm is one of those that has literally garnered millions of downloads on iOS and Android. And now thanks to the power of Windows Phone 8, it is finally here for us to play. Sure, we’re totally years behind but there are reasons why we’re seeing these titles coming to our platform now: ease of porting, potential to make money.

So what is Death Worm? It’s made by PlayCreek and it originally came out in 2010. Since then it’s gone to become one of the most popular arcade style games around. In essence, you’re a big fat killer worm that hides underground, occasionally busting out to eat people, elephants, camels, bust up tanks and take down helicopters. And that’s just Level 1!

The game uses a classic virtual joystick that allows you to control the worm’s direction and speed. Players can power-up with Nitro (temporary invincibility, higher jumping) or fireballs in addition to leveling up your worm’s ability e.g. size, skin, speed, Nitro duration, etc.

It’s a fun time waster with great graphics and a warped sense of humor aka our favorite kind of game.

The best part though is the ability to continuously save your progress on levels, so that you can just pick up and resume where you left off without having to restart the game. In that sense, you can just go on and on, switching between locales, gaining in-game achievements or going for the high score.

Unfortunately, there is no trial of this game, so you’ll have to part with $1.99 in order to play it (see, when other platforms don’t have “trials” it’s hard to port that feature over to Windows Phone). Make sure you watch our video demo to get an idea if it’s for you or not. Personally, we love it and give it a recommendation. Plus it’s just great to see these studios branching out to Windows Phone.

Pick up Death Worm for $1.99 here in the Store or swipe right with our app. Windows Phone 8 only.

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • If PlayCreek are reading this: please make this game available here in Brazil too! You can use PEGI or ESRB certificates to publish in here. I can help.
  • just move your region  to US buy the game and go back
  • Dude, is not for me, is for us brazilian users!! And, most of normal users dont know they can do this on their phones...
  • Great idea! Wait... you don't move to other stores to purchase apps since credit cards from abroad won't work in the US store - you just do it when you want to “buy” an app for free ;)
  • Who's putting those Bing points to good use?
  • +100 lol
  • Hell yeah, so far I have spent $0 out of pocket on WP8 apps.  Has been all Bing rewards redemption money.
  • I did it once but ended up going back to using them for MS points. Because of the tax on the games, the $5 ends up being left with a small balance that's insuficient to buy something else. I have $1.83 left but couldn't buy this game because it's more.
    Obviously I could keep replenishing the balance with rewards, but it kinda bugs me I can't use the $1.83 and pay the rest with my credit card. I know I'm being anal, but always having that small balance sitting there unusable, will bug the heck out of me!
  • I've been placed in that boat with MSFT Points as well. I'm not sure WHAT I bought, but I'm at 291 points. I agree that they need to allow you to charge the spare change on a card, though. I don't want anything bought with MSFT Points right now though, so I'll keep getting Windows Store gift cards.
  • How do you use your points? Can this be done from phone?
  • Yes it can. Go to and you should be good from there. Instructions will lead you.
  • Not available in the UK... the US gets all the perks :(
  • Not available in Australia
  • Yeah I know its sucks :(
  • I kind-of am. I've not spent any personal funds on an app, but I also haven't purchased an app in a long time, simply because there haven't been any games released that I want since Tiki Towers (which I haven't even played) was put up as a Red Stripe Deal.
  • I learned about this today. All I use for browsing is my phone and its shitty that I can't take part in this madness!!
  • How do you get so many points?
  • Nice game
  • "'re a big fat killer work..."
    Typo :)
    Oh, and I love the game!
  • Too late, already fixed.
  • Shit. :|
  • Didn't see this coming. This has been a good week. Nxt week however, well i bet im not the only person looking forward to that.
  • What's next week?
  • Catwalk announcement, and possibly more.
  • Can anyone try this on 620 and report?
    I think the screen is too small to comfortably play this.
    will hold off buying this game for now :(
  • Expected Xbox live :(
  • it would have just delayed the game release. i would expect a fast release instead of playing for achievements. look at jetpack joyride, not sure if the game will release at all.. :/
  • We got Gravity guy 2 which is much better than Jetpack Joyride .. Just saying
  • I know its a good alternative, but still most of the people like Jetpack joyride and subway surfers.. and to switch to WP8 these games are must for some people. Subway surfers looks like its never coming to WP and Jetpack is stuck at Xbox live certification for a long time.. This makes the WP appstore lack some important applications and difficult to switch for some people. I know its the developer's fault but hopefully the rise of low-end lumia models may be the solution to it. More and more low-end phones means more users switching.
  • I was just about to buy when I read this. No Xbox integration no purchase from me.
  • Did I miss the mention of Tremors or when discussing this game is that an unwritten rule?
  • I would buy this game in a heartbeat if it had Kevin Bacon in it.
  • mmmmmmmm bacon
  • Finally some great games that support HD Graphics... Wow!
  • I don't think it's hard to enable a trial. These games already have 'lite' versions with fewer levels or lesser features. Often (except sometimes with fewer levels) the data is still there, just disabled (otherwise it's a mission to maintain code). All they need to do on Windows is check IsTrial() (literally) and decide which features are available or not depending on the true/false response.
    I think the larger problem is lack of developer education on the try/buy feature and how it works. Which is pretty poor because it's not that hard to explain.
  • Agreed; it's mainly the dev's fault.
  • Man screw that...this was FREE on iOS two years ago and now they are charging us the "windows phone fee" to play a has been game? F THEM
  • Bullshit. It's $0.99 on iOS at this very moment and $1.99 on Android.  And quit being expect game developers to just put out free games because you can't part with $2...?
  • Some people can't part with cost of downloading a song or the dev, support the platform!
  • I know it was free two years ago because I wouldn't buy it then and I won't buy it now so go call bullshit somewhere else.
  • So it was probably on sale. Still doesn't change the fact your too cheap to support devs of a good game. If you don't like the game, fine, but don't opine about the "price". 
  • iOS games make a ton of money from adverts.  I am 100% willing to PAY for my games to A: attract more developers and B: get rid of the banners. 
  • Wasn't this out for quite some time? I have been playing this game for over a week on my Lumia.
  • Came out like just over a week ago. Should we not cover games that you've played already? :P
  • You should! I was just misled by the title (...finally comes to...), thinking you thought it was just out. ;)
  • Nah I just discovered it last night and was very excited about it...but I always check the Store dates when it came out ;)
  • You had me sold on "pure death and carnage"
  • What, no love? I tipped you guys on this earlier this week!
  • Apologies if so, as I didn't see it :/
  • All is forgiven with the latest podcast! Thanks for reporting the game though, Dan. While yes it is an older IOS game, it is still great to be getting the titles. I will never play the game but I will give them some money to keep them curious for WP.
  • No trial, no buy. NEXT.
  • No Xbox achievements. Why?
  • :( no Bing rewards in Australia makes me sad! I use Bing so much, dont I deserve to be rewarded?
  • Seems like a great game
  • Is it me, or does this game remind anyone else of the movie Tremors?
  • Oddly enough it reminded me of Godzilla - 1998 version.
  • @Jay_wpcentral: I don't care what anyone says, Roland Emmerich made that movie kick ass! I'm a Godzilla fan and I felt a lumbering monster was becoming stale and to do it in a new take and make the creature more intelligent was a good move. Never knew Godzilla's origins but if the opening was true to the canon, I'm okay with that. As long as they get a character's beginnings right like The Punisher: War Zone movie did for Frank Castle, the movie will have my attention.
  • What does GINO (Godzilla In Name Only) have going for it other than a miscast Mathew Broderick and a Jurassic Park rip-off baby thing at the end? But I can't hate it too badly, because GINO did come back to get toasted by the real Godzilla in Godzilla: Final Wars. (I respect you enjoying the movie, I just hate that movie so much.)
  • @Paul Acevedo: LOLZ at the GINO comment. But to each their own. At least you're polite about your views than I can say for some. And thanks for not trolling me.
  • Are there even decent comments in here on how the game plays? #filter
  • this game is really awesome!!
    every cent is worth it.
    thx for the tip ;)
  • how fat is this port, remember my 820 only has 8gb and one of my games is 1gb lol.
  • No demo :( Makes me sad and prolly means I won't give the game a go.