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Delta and General Electric to ditch Surface and Windows for Apple devices

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Delta Airlines and General Electric (GE) have both announced they will begin switching employees from Microsoft products to Apple devices. Delta staff will see Nokia handsets and Surface devices exchanged for iPhones and iPads, while GE will move to standardize iOS devices and Macs across its workforce.

Delta's move, in particular, is interesting, if not surprising given the state of Microsoft's mobile efforts. Throughout 2013 and 2014, the company equipped its flight attendants with Lumia 820s and 1520s, while its pilots were given Surface 2 tablets. In an internal email, initially reported by MacOS Ken (opens in new tab), Delta informed employees that it will begin replacing devices with iPhone 7 Plus and iPad Pro. In a statement to, Microsoft seemingly confirmed the move, stating:

We have a great partnership with Delta. The company decided, as part of its hardware refresh cycle, to standardize on a 10.5" form factor for its electronic flight bag. Delta continues to invest in and is using Microsoft productivity and business applications, including Dynamics and Office 365 across their operations and will continue to do so.

As for GE, the company has elected to make the move to iOS devices and Macs as part of a larger partnership with Apple. A major part of that partnership involves developing "powerful industrial IoT apps" with a new Predix software development kit for iOS. However, the move will also see (opens in new tab) GE working to "standardize on iPhone and iPad for mobile devices and also promote Mac as a choice for its global workforce of more than 330,000 employees."

In both cases, it's not hard to draw a line between the collapse of Microsoft's mobile efforts and the choice of both Delta and GE to make the move to another ecosystem. Recent comments from Microsoft's Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore, indicate that Windows phone as a platform, while still being serviced, is effectively dead at this point. And while Microsoft may have future plans for a "mobile" device of some sort, businesses can only go with what's available right now.

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  • Told you this would happen....Sataya didn't understand how this works, he only understands cloud speak. If enough company's stop using your cloud services because you have no mobile presence then what. Forget what Panos said, (I like Panos), but the entire Surface line is questionable now.
  • well, better ditch Microsoft before they ditch you!
  • RIP Microsoft.
  • Wow really suffering with Chicken Little syndrome here. 2 companies switch and that's the end of MS. Come on...
  • The real question is why they switched and whether this decision has anything to do with Microsoft's continuous change of vision and lack of accountability on their part.
  • Nadella's ignorance towards Consumers and Windows Phone will make many companies to competitors. I mentioned earlier in my comment that "Air lines safety procedure always suggest in case of emergency, always put mask first to yourself and then person in need of assistance." Mr Nadella, as a Microsoft Ecosystem consumers, we need help now. Not when Microsoft will be in coffin and buried 2 meter under ground.
  • It actually is. As I said many times. MS strategy is wrong on the long run. Windows will be slowly getting out of companies and it will not stay on homes. 1. Casual users don't need a PC at all. All they need is a smartphone. With stuff like continuum and dex evolving I see no point to own a PC for content consumption and minor documentation... All can be done on a smartphone. 2. Gaming was killed by microsoft and their stupid idea of bringing games out of PCs and move them to consoles - congrats... 3. MS had a position to burn a lot of money to build their Eco system yet they decided not to do so and cancel product after product. Surface will follow. No matter what Panos said - subtle SB2 introduction only confirms this
    4. Modern age is apple age and I hate it so much, but there is nothing you can do when people keep believing that bullshit of pure perfection that is this piece of **** company... There is less and less people who are able to solve SW or HW problems therefore they need OS for complete retards so there is 0 possibility to make a harm to the system. Idiot proof at a cost of freedom. MS will vanish in following 20 years. It will be slow and painful death sadly. Those who loved Windows and hate Apple will move to android and Linux. Ignoring consumers was a fatal wound that MS leadership did and they can't remedy that. Professionals will move to Apple for productivity.
    Consumers to smartphone area
    Gamers will have no choice but to buy PS in the end.
  • @asteng88....It's only the beginning.  open your eyes!
  • They still use MS office and Azure so where's the problem?
  • It doesn't look like GE is going that way and Delta might change that at anytime. Once a company starts exploring the competition chances are that they don't see too much value in your offerings.
  • The problem is the backfiring didn't stop yet.
  • Yeah for how long until they switch over to iCloud as well
  • What does iCloud have to with this. It is not the same as azure or AWS.
  • People here tend to have no clue what they're talking about but think that their opinion matters.
    iCloud as a replacement for
  • Yes it is, it's exactly the same because iCloud is built on Azure and AWS.
  • Not for long, its only a matter of time before companies start ditching MS office and Azure as well for better options from companies that can be trusted to not one day decide they are scrapping the stuff you rely on.  
  • GE has 301,000 employees, multiply that by the profit each surface device sold. You got your problem there.
  • No mobile < that is why win10arm. WinPhone had no hope. No Chicken (user) no Egg (Dev), no egg no chicken.
  • Apple is the only way to go!
  • > Apple is the only way to go!
    If you are a power user... iOS is worse than Androids, no share api, requires extra steps to get things done.
    Can you do pc/xpa gaming on iPhone docking on a gamepad? Can you have browser with extensions?
    You cannot even naviaget UI with gamepad on iPhones like a Android does.
  • I think I hear dominos falling
  • yep and these are the first companies to make the switch. many more are going to do that in the upcoming months!
  • Yep, Satya keep hitting "refresh".  The BOD will be hitting refresh next.
  • So much for that "targeting enterprise users" thing.
  • They were using Lumia and surface 2. Ms has no current go forward path for those types of devices and will not untill we see what coreOS brings. Untill then let each company make the move. All of those devices are no longer supported any way. Had there been a stop gap Lumia we would be complaining it was stop gap and left in the dust by surface ultra mobile. So this is the plan. Get the complaining out now. Revel in the new device later.
  • You completely made the point for them. Microsoft gave them no option going forward now, so in the future why would they change if they ALWAYS have an upgrade path, no matter how minor.
  • This is just the beginning for a company that "recently" lacks customer vision and device support. Microsoft ain't seen nothing yet.
  • after all I'd love to sit back tight and watch microsoft deep dive while eating popcorn on a lazy couch
  • Microsoft will eventually become the next IBM
  • You realize that IBM has well over 300,000 employees and is one of the top 10 largest international companies, right? MS may drop but if they drop down to IBM's level, it's a pretty soft drop.
  • Yeah, say that to the employees that loses their jobs down to 300,000.
  • Well considering Microsoft has 120,000 employees. I guess we will not say that to any of them.
  • As long as ms has Windows as a delivery system for services they will make devices hand in hand and call those surface. The delivery system is not necessary (as much as I ache saying this) in mobile so the plan is like transitioning from desktop to surface pro to pivot to a half phone half mini tablet device with native pen support not something tacked on over the is like note series. A surface notebook maybe.
  • And they could sell it with or with out telephony. U buy the one you need.
  • touché 
  • Just give us a damn 6.5" mini surface, running a new mobile mode of W10 (similar to tablet mode). Ship it with Thunderbolt USB type C, and sell a dock that has a gpu in it...... When docked, it would have no limits. Basically, a galaxy Note 8, running W10 (super thin, concealed pen, top of the line OLED screen) needs to have Android app access, and the ability to install any. apk file within needs to run full Chrome when docked for those people unwilling to use Edge (which is good on Android, but desperately needs an ad blocker).
  • Retrenchment strikes back! But the reality is, this has to happen a lot more before its considered a serious issue so let's watch this space.
  • So, wasn't the strategy to retrench on consumer market to dominate on enterprise? Seems to be backfiring. I am growing in my use of Google services and free software/Linux every day, who knows if I'll still be using anything Microsoft in a year's time. Even my Lumia 640 will be no longer supported.
  • So can we say RIP UWP?
  • They need 2 things....  They need a REAL mobile / phone device and they need to stop fudging on battery life.  Even after tinkering and basically emasculating my Surface Pro 4, im still lucky to get 4 hours of battery and its practlcally brand new.  My Ipad pro and Macbook continue to get 10 hours of battery with NO FUSSING.  I like microsoft, but they really need to get their **** together. 
  • Do you know you are comparing devices with desktop os and full CPU with a mobile "smartphone" cpu and a mobile os?
    What you were expecting? Depends also on your usage.
    We will see how the game will change with Windows on ARM.
  • The commenter also mentioned their MacBook was getting 10 hours of battery life, I think macOS is a desktop OS, no? ;P
  • Battery life will also be a good thing to come from the Core OS optimizing and getting rid of old Windows code
  • Of course, who can trust MS with anything other than Windows and Azure?
  • They use MS office and Azure so no problem at all.
  • But not using Windows... It seems that Microsoft is happy retrenching and limiting themselves to Office and Azure. Wow, what an evolution!
  • Sorry, double post.
  • wow!!! if that was a issue like that at our works, heads would be rolling. High up
  • The problem is, it's the upper heads causing this.
  • Seems like corporations are the ones retrenching now. =P
  • How so?  they are moving to a platform that has long term support,  the neccessary software,  and does not have the issue of "what if next week" Satya decides to stop support for all surface devices.  He's done it before with's only a matter of time.  
  • Well, this is not surprising to many of us. The pahetic thing about this is how Microsoft's response was essentially stating that its no big deal because they will still use our Office 365 (cloud) service.
  • I assume their logic is that on Apple devices, they're still reliant on the Office productivity suite... If they'd have gone Android/Chromebook, they might as well have gone G-Suite of apps too.
  • This is the beginning of the end for Microsoft. When it became clear they were dropping Windows Mobile people said they were withdrawing from the consumer space and focussing on the enterprise. Many people (me included) commented that by dropping consumers they would damage their enterprise success as well - if people aren't using Microsoft products in their own lives, why will they think to use them in their business lives? They will use what they know which won't be Microsoft. They have opened the door to their competitors and this news is the sad reflection of that. It can only do downhill from here.
  • I wonder if the rumor that Microsoft was going to ditch the Surface line had anything to do with the decision? After all, it is a plausible rumor considering how many product Microsoft has ditched.
  • Ok. This is the second time I've seen this knee jerk reaction to this press release. So, let me correct the record here. If you note, the Macs are an option (not a mandated switch) in the release. Well...they've been an option at GE for years. Same with the iPhones and iPads In fact, this is more about Predix being available as an iOS app then anything else. Field service will be able to use iPads instead of dragging laptops around. Excuse me while I twirl my finger in the air for a moment. Most of the software we use is Windows only. Oh, and take a guess what happens to most of the Macs (think reimage).
  • Good on you for trying to stop misinformation from spreading but as you can see this is just a thread to go off about MSFT ongoing consumer losses to competition.  To those of us who have managed, work in, or with any aspects of enterprise IT, the statement that GE is switching all their employees to Macs (or switching all to any one thing) is easily dismissible, especially when grouped with a comment about Delta which is obviously about flight bags going to (or back to) iPads.   No company like GE would ever lock themselves (and their 100's of thousands of computers) into one vendor, especially one who's hardware is much more expensive than they are willing to spend for most roles, but specific roles where they can now run software and they have the IT support & security tools to manage them, it makes sense.    Now folks can rightfully lament the LOB hardware, related software and services $ they are giving up having failed so far to create a worthy iOS device competitor but to make the leap that somehow this is the beginning of mass exodus of enterprises switching to Apple for everything is laughably absurd.    I'd be more worried about Android based hardware in the near-to-mid future than Apple as they are (perhaps rightly) fully opposed to competing in the low margin hardware space that most enterprises demand for most of their users.  You also have enterprise productivity tools Google which have made notable inroads to enterprise and of course Google is pushing Android in those spaces to help remove the MSFT threat.  Apple is not a core threat to them in this space currently. 
  • Retrenchment back to nowhere... - IBM 2.0 in 2017
  • Some will say thats a tired joke, but its so true...
  • I'd kill for some good news about Microsoft hardware/software adoption. Like a Movies Anywhere partnership. OneDrive support for Spotify, Something, anything that would renew some semblence of confidence in them in the consumer space.  They even nerfed their own Surface Book 2 release.  I've quickly come to terms with the eventual death of my 950XL coinciding with a change of platform on mobile. I adore my SP4, but I am most certainly getting nervous. 
  • The 950 was dead a year ago let alone today. When was the last time Microsoft actually put out a feature update? Anniversary update?
  • You mis-interpret, sir. Until my 950XL ceases to "get $#!+ done." I will not be changing platforms. Not out of some blind allegiance to Microsoft but because I have a wife, child, and a non-disposable income. For now, it continues to access my data, photos, SMS, mail, and take calls without issue.
  • After the death of my 950xl and Surface Pro 4. I will most likely never buy a Microsoft branded product again. I've been abandoned on the fitness band, music and phone front I'm not giving them the chance to do it again. Probably won't be renewing my office or Xbox live subs when they expire at the end of next year either.
  • I'm the same as you except for the Xbox and Office part.  I love my xbox, and need office for my business.  But the rest of their crap can kick rocks.  I bought a Note 5 to replace my 950XL, but I sent the note back and am back to using my 950XL.  But I know I need to get me a new phone.  I'll probably go with the Huawei Mate 10 Pro.
  • I also use my dear Lumia 950 XL I hope for better news all the time but I also know that it might not come....
  • I know right, I was going to buy one of the invoke speakers this weekend, but I couldn't pull the trigger.  As a matter of fact, I did order it, then I cancelled it.  I don't trust them.
  • HP would have been the intelligent choice.
  • MS really needs a ARM thin tablet solution with LTE and GPS and other sensors with mega battery life and they need it yesterday.  
  • What goes around comes around
  • Retrenchment. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahhahahahahah.
    Get rid of this Nadella fruitella!
    Everything is going to ****.
  • First apps, now enterprises. Congratulations Microsoft for your short sightedness. Without a mobile strategy, no one really can see this company going forward unless it's strictly services; and Amazon and Google have them nearly beat here too.
  • In my opinion, these corporations will use whichever product is FREE.  I think that Microsoft gave away the Surface units for a period of time.  That time is now up.  I now think that Apple is going to give them free hardware.  Meanwhile, us poor customers have to pay for the freeloaders.
  • The "DUH" is silent here, I guess. Of course they will lose ground in the enterpise, simply due to the fact that without a mobile presense, they are allowing competitors to get a foot in the door. If Microsoft thinks that their competitors will just sit there and tell corporations " Well, you can use our phones and tablets, but you totally should stick to Microsoft services", they have no idea how business or sales works. You get your foot in and upsell whatever you can, until you kick the competition out entirely. That's how this is played and that is how this will happen.
  • Well, I switched my tablet to IPad and then to IPhone. I am pretty sure my next PC will be a Mac since already Windows is starting to feel weird. For my word processing, the mobile versions do just fine. So I will stick with Office 365 for now as my wife uses it. But once she retires, we may just switch to Pages. This is the domino effect.
  • I have said this All Along, Enterprise Customers ARE Consumers, They Need new Leadership NOW
  • Partly. Specifically devices. Business is in software and services. Which they keep using Microsoft's.
  • Everyone needs a ecosystem the trust, and part of trust is we still have support, development and know it's possible to get new devices the next 20 years. This is a extremely blow back for Micr, a major mistake. Management like in a small countryside shop. For us it's also finished, we will avoid all Microsoft products.People are tired of the same old Microsoft story.
  • Oh yeah, enterprise baby!!   IDIOTS!
  • Lmao. That CEO is funny as f.
  • I've switched to Android (Blackberry Priv) and it's like a breath of fresh air... I still use MS services and use the Microsoft Launcher... After only having used Microsoft phones I wish I'd switched earlier the Android system just works and I have all the apps... The Blackberry Apps are great for business... Phone was a bargain as it's an older model... Amoled screen is awesome and Marshmallow runs great on a Qualcom 808 chip...
  • Abandon customers often enough and they get the message you aren't a reliable vendor. They will jump ship to avoid unplanned disruptions to their operations. They too, are in business to make money and owe you no more loyalty than you've given them.
  • Lol. Microsoft should keep deceiving themselves. Adoption of windows phone up to 3% was someone's effort, they could have continued making that effort instead of giving up. This is just a company living in denial.
  • Brilliant strategy, eh, Satya?  "We will focus on the enterprise".  Yep, that works great until the enterprise customers they are now doing.  You can beat your chest, Nadella, all you want and claim "but, but, but....they're still using Azure blah blah blah", but the writing is on the wall.  If they leave you this far, they will eventually leave you all the way.
  • The title is not accurate. GE is not ditching Windows, merely offering Macs as an option. That doesn't preclude them from running Windows on those machines.
  • No one buys a Mac to run Windows.  If GE needed Windows, they would be buying Windows machines.  
  • Haha, another simple consumer.
  • A customer has 40 iMacs running Windows as a cheap CAD machine just to name one example.
  • Microsofts reaction:
    "Delta continues to invest in and is using Microsoft productivity and business applications, including Dynamics and Office 365 across their operations and will continue to do so." So according to Microsoft it is irrelevant that they leave the Windows Phone platform, as they keep using Microsoft-services on another platform. The big problem of this way of thinking: As long as a company keeps using Microsoft-services it also "would´t matter" if they abandon Windows on PC, too. I´m afraid this is exactly the way Nadella is thinking, and will ultimately lead to the decline of Windows - as Nadella just doesn´t care and won´t do anything to prevent the further move of companys away from Windows to alternative platforms as particularly iOS/macOS. I can hear Nadella thinking: "Hey, they keep using Office 365 and Azure, so it doesn´t matter, moreover I don´t care, and I´m even happy that we don´t have to spend so much money on developing Windows any more!" So the question that worries me: Do we see the beginning also of the decline of Windows on PC at this very moment?
  • If you have not noticed the decline of Windows started a long time ago, the first move was to abandon any in-house QA and more it to 'insiders' who basically do it for free but you end up with a half baked inferior Win10; that is never complete or coherent, and looks like a 5 year old put it together.  
  • weird, there was a write-up today from the points guy website regarding a flight attendant app delta uses on skypro devices which are... windows phones.
  • They will use Microsoft services including Azure. MacOS and Apple's services can't compete with Microsoft's enterprise muscle. They will return to Windows.
  • They won't return, they will use Amazon's cloud services, and others, no need to stay using anything Microsoft once you switch away from MS run devices to Apple or Android.
  • Microsoft offers more in depth cloud services. The T R U T H is, they A L L end up depending on Microsoft. The FCU 1709 even supports Apple and Android device connection out of the box.
  • Well done Nadella, this is just a start of the exodus, and soon the end of Microsoft. You think you can screw over consumers and still keep your business customers? You dumb F*** who do you think those consumers work for and the companies they run? You screw me as a consumer, and I as a company director ditch your products and services, simple, see how long you survive when this practice spreads. I hope Microsofts board has enough sense to flush you down a ******* and get a more competent CEO who can maybe salvage the mess you made.  
  • Microsoft is still winning where they are king: The enterprise. The majority of consumers using Apple or Android devices don't know that many services they depend on run on Microsoft's platform services, too; not slighting Google, just stating fact.
  • Amen
  • What is playing out at MS right now is a worst case scenario. The MS investors and enterprise-focused media like Mary Jo Foley pushed for this enterprise-only strategy by arguing that consumer products like Xbox and Zune and Lumia were just wasteful distractions from Microsoft core business. When ValueAct and Mason Morfit bought their way onto the board of directors eventually Gates, Ballmer and any others who saw the value of consumer markets were pushed out of relevance. The reason I say this is worst case scenario is because ValueAct and the investors got their short term stock bump making them immediately very wealthy and happy, but also making them seem right to other investors. Looking at the bigger long term picture what has happened is the rest of the company has started rotting underneath the cover of the successful cloud business and nobody except us Windows enthusiasts and consumers seems to be alarmed. In a better scenario the stock would've stalled and MS would immediately realize they were on the wrong track. Instead the boneheaded CEO feels completely validated by the destruction of Windows, Lumia, Groove, wearables, IoT in the name of pushing Azure everywhere. In fact the screwball CEO is out on a victory lap tour promoting his know-it-all book while he's busy driving the company's real value (not stock market fantasy) down the drain. WoA not being developed for phones or phone hybrids is lunacy. Giving up on Windows Wearables after 2 versions of MS Band is lunacy. HoloLens spending 3 years in limbo is lunacy. Cortana/Kinect not being properly advanced into living room tech ahead of Amazon is lunacy. However none of this seems to matter because of Azure growth. Windows and Surface and phones and Xbox and watches and music and the browser and everything can slowly die off because Azure is now everything.
  • Sadly, I think that may all be correct. I think many of the reactions from people to this specific news about GE and Delta are excessive, but they resonate with all of us, because they fit our expectations of what happens when you lose the interest and passion of your users, and users are consumers in their hearts. I hope MS sees the connection too and that their response that Azure and Office are still being used is just spin to marketplace (obviously, they can't publicly say their business is collapsing, even if they believe it internally).
  • KINECT & Cortana, if developed and marketed properly, can be revolutionary. I personally do not want to touch my laptop every time I want to change something.
  • At the end of the work day, the corporate executive, the IT director, the financial manager, the office manager, and the lowest employees are consumers. What they use personally will drive their preference of devices and services for work as they are most comfortable. Most users don't bother switching the default services found on their iOS or Android devices. So when they go to work the next day, they will want their work devices to work just like their personal devices do. No Windows mobile device, no direct exposure to Microsoft services. No direct exposure to Microsoft services, the more mindshare they bleed out. The better these companies get at taking Microsoft's lunch with each update, the less relevant Microsoft will become. Oh, and those who make the big decisions will see what GE and Delta were doing along with anyone else and push their IT departments to make the switch as well. They will see it as other companies jumping off a burning ship whose fires may not get put out because the captain refuses to believe what's happening. Just because it isn't happening now, doesn't mean they haven't pushed their IT departments to begin testing.
  • Wow, this is huge news.  Fortune 500 corporations moving away from Microsoft.  Unthinkable just a few years ago.  But easy to understand, for all the reasons everyone has already pointed out.    
  • It's just devices..
  • Wow, that sucks... big time.
  • It only sucks for Microsoft.  Imagine how thrilled the employees are.   Turn in a 4 year old (ancient) phone/tablet and get a new iPhone 7 plus or an iPad Pro? Hell yes.  
  • I understand this is a Microsoft hardware product issue and not a Microsoft cloud service, but Nadella has to see how there is a connection between consumer hardware products and corporate hardware solutions.
  • Impeach Satya. Hello Google, Yes I hate you but you're the only one left.
  • GE will be promoting Macs and ipads. Well, technically they already allow ipads. As for Macs, it just means there will be more selection for office staff but as far as 'promoting' even GE isn't going to bend over backwards to promote too heavily a $1500 MacBook vs a standard and fully functional laptop that gets the job done for about $800.
  • Surface 2 and Lumias?  Can't blame them for ditching those and making a switch.  None of us use those devices anymore either.  More damage to Microsoft's reputation.
  • They don't trust Microsoft for another cycle. That was expected.
  • well done nadella
  • Well, Microsoft themselves asked people to switch to iOS & Android. They should be happy now.
  • The exodus continues...good thing Microsoft is developing so hard for iOS and Android, got to have somethng to sell in 2020 besides exchange Serve and Azure services... As for teh defection to Macs, I give that a C/C- because of lack of vlume production, competitive alternatives, and the pure difficulty of swithcin to macOS (yer, I've tried) - but long term teh future is more and more in iPad Pro like devices, and it is yet to be seen if WOA will effectively compete in that environment, or just become the low end alternative (as Android is now) tot eh ipad Pro.
  • Checking again, it's just mobile stuff. Consumer stuff. Just a small part of all their IT.
    And some still think this is major for Microsoft. It's getting ridiculous in the comments. Not a good thing Windows Central. This will drive readers away.
    Suggestion: How about a filter/selection of the comments. So I can check just +3 rated comments. I would love that.
  • I read the email that was leaked from Delta and it is clear that one of the key driving forces in the change to IOS was the app gap.  IOS has a mature and thriving app platform; especially, for pilots.  No marketing means no reason to develop means no one to use!  Simple!
  • Ballmer and Elop will be back to save the company just like Steve Jobs did to Apple. 
  • Gates, Brad Smith, Joe Belfiore, and Terry Myerson will not allow that to happen.
  • Apps are the future. 
  • Ballmer and Team Elop pushed hard on mobile. They were making progress. Despite not a big one, wp had a huge following worldwide. MS relevance would be huge today still if they stick to their guns. Without mobile, the surface is nothing and w10 is nothing. MS boards, you picked the wrong ceo to run the company. 
  • NYPD, Delta, General Electric... this is the tip of the iceberg for Microsoft without a Surface Phone. As these major players are clearly showing us mobile is not just a consumer necessity, mobile is an enterprise necessity. It pains me to have to say this, but if you are an enterprise IT decision maker, like myself, the writing is clearly on the wall. Microsoft is getting out of the OS business. It's time to abandon them completely and switch to Apple.  As far as I'm concerned I don't even want to use Office 365 and Bing anymore.  Apple is the only platform left with the ecosystem and devices to meet enterprise needs. See this link if you need help on how to switch...
  • I'm now seeing reports on the Internet that, next year, Walmart will be offering Macs to it's employees rather than Windows computers. Reports state that, while Macs have a higher up front cost, reduced licensing costs, lower support costs and higher user satisfaction tip the scale in Apple's favor. How many more of these corporate defections will need to happen before Microsoft's management and BoD realize that there is a problem?
  • Look for an update to that walmart story, they are second guessing that.