Is Destiny 2: Beyond Light worth it?

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Image credit: Bungie)

Is Destiny 2: Beyond Light worth it?

What makes Beyond Light worth it?

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Three main things make the Beyond Light expansion worth it. The first of these is the campaign, which is excellent despite being rather short at around five hours long. The story is great, featuring the new Fallen antagonist Eramis and the return of a fan-favorite character Variks the Loyal. Over the course of the campaign, you and Variks work together to stop Eramis from building up an army of Darkness-wielding Fallen. Along the way, both Eramis and Variks are fleshed out very well in top-notch cutscenes and lines of in-game dialogue. The majority of the campaign takes place on the icy moon of Europa, which is a brand new area introduced with the expansion. There, you'll get acquainted with the brand new Stasis subclasses that allow you to wield the Darkness yourself and slow, freeze, and shatter enemies.

Europa itself is the second thing that makes the expansion worth getting. It's one of the most beautiful places in all of Destiny 2, and the dynamic weather system Bungie implemented into the game for it means that one second the skies could be clear, and the next, you'll be trudging through a massive snowstorm. There are also countless secrets hidden in the world space, ranging from secret puzzles that reward you with loot to a series of collectibles that flesh out the backstory of the location.

Thirdly, the Deep Stone Crypt raid is easily one of the best raids Destiny 2 has ever had and is arguably one of the best Destiny raids of all time. I won't spoil the encounters for you, but know that you'll be headed up to a space station built by Clovis Bray that orbits Europa. The encounters are cleverly designed, and the overall gameplay experience is challenging but not frustratingly so, which is what raids should be. If you're planning on trying to complete it and don't mind being spoiled, don't miss our guide to all the encounters.

The only issue I have with Beyond Light is that there isn't a whole lot of new loot to chase outside of Europa and raid gear. Destiny is a looter shooter at its core; a lack of varied loot to grind for is pretty significant. However, I still think the expansion is more than worth it overall, and thankfully, the gear that is there is pretty great.

For more detailed thoughts on everything in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, check out our review. Also, if you haven't tried out Destiny 2 yet, I highly recommend you do. The base game is free-to-play, and the game overall is easily one of the best Xbox One shooters.

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