Destiny 2 servers down due to currency bug, outage to last many hours (update)

Destiny 2
Destiny 2 (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • Destiny 2 is having server issues every Tuesday it seems.
  • The currency bug from last week is back.
  • Bungie is rolling back accounts right now.
  • Destiny 2 servers are expected to be back online at around 10 PM EST.

Updated February 11, 2020: Destiny 2 servers are back up after an extensive outage.

It seems like Destiny 2 can't catch a break. Today, the Crimson Days event started and after only a few hours, a nasty bug resurfaced. If you remember what happened last week, Destiny 2 went offline because gamers were losing currency. Unfortunately, that bug is back this week and gamers are losing currency again.

You'd expect Bungie to not have the same issue that brought the game to a halt for 10 hours last week, but alas. Destiny 2 is expected to be back up by 10 PM EST on February 11. If it goes faster, Bungie will let us know, but don't expect it.

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Hopefully, the developer will compensate players by either adding a day to the Crimson Days event or giving players currency. Let's hope that the same problem doesn't happen again next Tuesday because it's become sort of a trend.

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