Destiny 2 update nerfs the Warlock's Stasis subclass

Destiny 2: Beyond Light
Destiny 2: Beyond Light (Image credit: Bungie)

What you need to know

  • Bungie has introduced some nerfs to Stasis in Destiny 2 with a new patch.
  • These primarily includes some nerfs to the abilities of the Warlock Shadebinder subclass, as well as the Coldsnap grenade.
  • These changes are intended to make Shadebinder more balanced in PvP while keeping it strong in PvE content.

In a new patch for Destiny 2, developer Bungie introduced some changes to Stasis, the new subclass element in the Beyond Light expansion. These changes are detailed in the latest This Week at Bungie blog post. Specifically, Bungie has nerfed Stasis slightly across the board, with soem specific balance changes directed specifically at the Warlock's Shadebinder subclass. Here's what was changed:

Stasis Changes:

  • Stasis Breakout Damage reduced (110HP to 90HP).  
  • Adjusted the curve that reduces breakout damage using resilience. 
  • Increased the damage reduction effect resilience has so that higher tiers of Resilience are more valuable.  
  • Caps out at 90 Resilience. 
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) projectile speed reduced by 20%.
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) range reduced (was 28m; now 16m). 
  • Winter Wrath (Stasis Warlock Super) duration reduced (30s to 24s). 
  • Winters Wrath Light Attack (Stasis Warlock Super) cost reduced (5% per burst to 4.5% per burst). 
  • Coldsnap grenade seeker speed reduced by 23%.

Against Guardians:

  • Cold Snap freeze duration lowered (4.75s to 1.35s). 
  • Ice Flare Bolts freeze duration lowered (4.75s to 1.35s). 
  • Penumbral Blast (Stasis Warlock Melee) freeze duration lowered (4.75s to 1.35s). 
  • Winters Wrath Heavy attack (Stasis Warlock Super) no longer affects players who are not encased. 

Source: Bungie (Image credit: Source: Bungie)

In the blog post, Bungie stated that the goal of these nerfs was to make Stasis, and the Shadebinder subclass specifically, less dominant in PvP while still keeping things powerful in PvE content like Strikes and missions. Hopefully these tweaks will result in that goal being achieved, but ultimately the changes will need to be tested by the wider playerbase for awhile before it's determined that they're healthy or not.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light is available for $40 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One consoles, and Windows 10 PCs.

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