Today's 2.2.0 Destiny update introduces new PVE and PVP challenges, a brand new quest chain and an increased 'Light' level cap. The patch is rolling out between 10 am and 12 pm PST, and clocks in at 1736 MB on Xbox One, and 793 MB on Xbox 360.

Some of the update's highlights include:

  • 'Challenge of the Elders' is a brand new level 41 and 42 version of the Prison of Elders PVE arena. Challenge of the Elders adds four new bosses and rewards players with gear that'll take them to the new Light level cap of 335.
  • Players can obtain Light level 335 in the Challenge of the Elders, The King's Fall raid hard mode (after an additional upcoming patch), Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris and The Court of Oryx.
  • Players competing in the Challenge of the Elders will have their scores tracked over the course of three rounds. Depending on how well you do, you could win a guaranteed high-level weapon or armor piece.
  • Challenge of the Elders features a total of 16 unique encounters, across three waves of battles on a weekly reset timer.
  • The update adds a new PVE Strike called Blighted Chalice, which is the culmination of an all-new quest chain.
  • The Winter's Run Strike has been reworked with a Taken theme (based on The Taken King expansion) and has been reintroduced to the Heroic playlist.
  • Patch 2.2.0 adds two new armor sets and three variants of older sets.
  • Some fan-favorite Year One weapons and armor are being upgraded to current gear stat levels.
  • You can now disable the HUD interfaces.
  • Revive times in PVP will increase, sniper rifles have been tweaked to prevent quick-scoping and limit their use in mid and short-range combat. Hand cannons ammo capacity has been increased, and fusion rifles have increased stability. Overshields have also been weakened.
  • Patch 2.2.0 also includes an all-new customization option called Chroma, which allows you to add blue, white, red or yellow light themes to armor.

Destiny - Chroma

Bungie is marching ahead with Destiny, reportedly planning a major expansion launch for 2016, and a full-blown sequel for 2017. The studio has suffered some high-profile developer departures lately but also managed to poach Halo 4 and Mass Effect Andromeda writer Christopher Schlerf earlier this year.

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Source: Bungie