Developers manage to run Windows 10 on a Samsung Galaxy S8... kind of

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8 (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Developers managed to get Windows 10 running on a Samsung Galaxy S8.
  • The hack is quite limited, as it doesn't support touch, cameras, or other sensors.
  • Other developers showed the Xiaomi Mi6 running Windows 10 recently.

A group of developers recently managed to get Windows 10 running on a Samsung Galaxy S8. Windows 10 is currently quite limited on the hacked Galaxy S8, as it's unable to support touch, cameras, or other sensors at this time. One of the lead developers, Evsio0n, shared insight into the project with Windows Latest. Specifically, the project aims to bring Windows 10 on ARM to Android devices.

The project had a leap forward as a memory leak bug was fixed in the Windows 10 ARM project for Snapdragon 835.

Developers often place a challenge on themselves to put operating systems onto devices they were never meant to touch. For example, people got Windows 95 running on a Nintendo 3DS XL back in 2016. Another group of developers says they got Windows 10 running on a Xiaomi Mi6.

Projects like this one won't result in people being able to download Windows 10 onto their Android flagships. Instead, they're fun projects developers can work on to challenge themselves and have fun seeing what they can make a device do.

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  • The video doesn't show anything about Windows 10X
  • Did the article (previously) say something about W10X? The Windows Latest article doesn't mention 10X.
  • Windows 10x on P30 Pro with full driver support, that would be golden....
  • I don't even want Android on an S8. Those waterfall edges are incredibly annoying - talk about form over function.
  • This is good for the dev community and Microsoft. I doubt it will take flight anytime soon though. Microsoft is so late to the game brining an ARM based OS it is not even worth joking about anymore. Better late than never I guess...imagine had they done it this way 5-10 years ago, which I understand that is just impossible due to the platform transformation it went through, but had they been able to WoA or whatever it is suppose to be would have a a flavor for more than a handful of bootloader unlocked phones...
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    If that comparative scenario does not exist, then I beg to differ with your stated assertion in quote above. I will thus view simply as "Your Opinion" and not a demonstrated statement of fact., So, feel free to state IMO "Apple's 8-core A12 Bionic Chip series brings..."