Diamond to get Opera 9.5

A lot of you in Windows Mobile land have been drooling over the new HTC Diamond, we know we are. One of the aspects we're most excited about that you may have missed in the myriad of spec run-downs: Opera 9.5.

...Actually, it's a customized version of Opera 9.5. Minor adjustments have been made so that the Diamond can function properly with one-handed navigation and proper alignment of web sites. It even goes head to head with the iPhone's accelerometer and does a cartwheel when you turn it on the side for wide screen viewing. Here's some more details on the new stuff.

For most of us, though, the big news here is that Opera Mobile 9.5 should be landing for other devices soon. How soon? ....Not soon enough. If you missed the new Opera 9.5 browser take a look here to see the magic.

WC Staff