What phone are you using nowadays?

With WhatsApp putting the (very, very) final nail in the coffin for many who still remain on Microsoft's zombie phone operating system, we have to wonder: what phones are you using now, or in the future?

With Windows Phone on the ropes as a viable option for even the most reluctant app users, there's really not much OS choice out there. Unless you're considering a feature phone, most of us leapt either to Android, or iOS. For a Windows Phone fan, I'd argue that neither OS really has the same magic as Windows Phone 8.1 or even Windows 10 Mobile, either heavy on restrictions (iOS) or, a little messy and fragmented (Android).

For me, Windows Phone struck that perfect balance between full OS customization, great hardware, and at least workable app support, although Windows 10 Mobile's incredibly buggy launch really soured me to the platform. My Lumia 950XL crashed at least a few times a week until several OS updates later, with UWP apps like Twitter spontaneously closing themselves every few minutes. I shifted to a HP Elite x3 in hopes of a better OS experience, but the worst camera I've ever used, period, forced me off it pretty quickly. Microsoft's apparent ambivalence to Windows 10 Mobile became the writing on the wall for me, and I eventually jumped ship to an Android-based BlackBerry KEYone. Apple's needlessly unintuitive design choices like dropping 3.5mm audio, and the inability to set some software defaults without aggressive workarounds just make iOS completely unattractive to me.

I enjoyed the KEYone for a time, it was a breath of fresh air having a full suite of supported apps with truly ridiculous battery life, and Android ties in very well to Microsoft's services, upon which I have come to depend. I still found myself frustrated by the disjointed OS experience, though. The ability to use a custom launcher just created a relatively poor UX, when the rest of the OS can't be skinned without some hackery. I was also pretty disappointed in the camera, having been spoiled by years of Nokia Lumia devices.

The BlackBerry KEY2 was a notable jump in quality across the board, with a superior QWERTY keyboard experience and a zippier OS. Yet still, I longed for something a little more premium in the camera department and discovered that Samsung Galaxy phones offer (almost) the same OS-level visual customization that Windows Phone did.

I now use a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and have come to truly love the form factor. The gorgeous display, monstrous battery life, full-blown system themes, stellar camera, and S-Pen for OneNote inking, really makes it a winner. I am eagerly anticipating the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, too, and may eventually trade up if the upgrades are worthwhile.

So then, humble Windows Central community, I ask the following: What phone are you using now, or plan to use in the near future? Are you still rocking Windows Phone? Why did you choose iOS or Android over the alternatives? Hit us up either in our forum in the comments below, and let's beat Monday with some epic procrastination together.

With Windows Phone / 10 Mobile being (almost) completely abandoned, I wondered what phones people in the community are using nowadays? I ditched Windows 10 Mobile when I got fed up of my Lumia 950 XL / HP Elite x3 crashing all the time, with Twitter spontaneously closing itself every few minutes. The weak software job on that OS, coupled with the awful camera on the Elite x3 made me want to...

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