Disney Bola Soccer brings the popular world of football to Windows Phone

Do you enjoy soccer (football for everyone outside the borders of the US)? If so, you'll want to check out Disney's latest hit for Windows Phone – Bola Soccer. The game, just like its counterpart already available for Windows 8, enables players to compete against the computer or real players and show off some skill behind the ball (or virtual controls in this case).

Here are some highlights noted on the Windows Phone Store listing:

  • Quick game sessions for the enjoyment of novice to experienced players
  • Play tournaments in "solo mode" – progress through the map, beat other teams and earn cups
  • Play against other players' teams to earn team XP and climb in the leaderboards
  • Intuitive controls with simple swipe and tap gestures
  • Choose your sponsor to obtain "Bollars" and gain access to the toughest tournaments
  • Visit Facebook.com/BOLA for cool game tips, news and more!

Disney Bola Soccer

Disney Bola Soccer is a fun title with easy controls. Players need to tap to pass, hold to shoot and swipe to run, as well as utilizing other gestures to overcome the opposition. It's available for free but has in-app purchases (up to $14.99). It does not support hardware with 512 MB RAM, unfortunately. (Update: We've just learned that support for 512MB devices is coming soon!)

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via: Keith Patton (Twitter)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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