Draw, sketch and take notes on the official Moleskine app for Windows Phone

Moleskine (www.moleskine.com) is a notebook company who's launching a number of apps for multiple platforms, and now Windows Phone is supported. As a popular and well loved company, Moleskine has a number of products available at popular retailers and is turning to the cloud and digital hardware. Moving with trends, Microsoft's mobile platform now sports an official app.

So what can one do with the Moleskine Journal app for Windows Phone? In a nutshell it provides a platform for one to create and synchronise notes with SkyDrive and Evernote. With the former, notes are stored as .PNG files which can subsequently be viewed online or in the SkyDrive for Windows Phone app. Evernote integration is similar to SkyDrive support.

It's a fairly basic app with not an awful lot to it, but what's presently available is both intuitive and a joy to use. Creating notes is both fun and easy, while the main page can be altered between a list of notes or wall, both spanning a number of panes for covers and titles. A number of customisation options are available for paper, utensils and images leading to personalisation of notes and content.

Moleskine App

The user interface is attractive, while adding some interesting touches to the design language used in Windows Phone. It's positive to see an official client arrive, joining versions for Android and iOS. Consumers have continued to ask for more well known brands to develop and publish apps for the platform and Moleskine will prove to please those who utilise the service or use actual notebook products.

We're interested to see where the company takes its app, which is already on par with what's available for those on competing platforms. Better yet, it's listed on the Windows Phone Store for both Windows Phone 7 and 8.

You can download Moleskine Journal for free from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, wpguy, for the tip!

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It'd be even better if Microsoft's own OneNote client on the phone let us scribble quick pictures when necessary, but I guess this is better than nothing.  And hey, I can't complain too much; I'm just happy that OneNote can DISPLAY inked notes in WP8 finally.
  • not a bad little quick sketch app.... I can use it for some very fast idea / concept stuff.
  • I downloaded this app earlier today.  Very nice!  While I was testing it out, I was thinking "Hmm, I think I will pin this to my Start screen and use this instead of OneNote".  I really is a smooth and well designed app.
  • I absolutely LOVE the new OneNote app for WP8... major improvement over the WP7 version.
    The only thing it's missing is what this app has, the scribbling.  I hope they add that to the next version while keeping the UI the same  :)
  • Get this on to the Surface and we will have the fabled Courier.  FANTASTIC design quality to this app.
  • Nice that we got this sooner rather than latter, but no mention of the picture taking, code generating hub bub of the physical notebooks I heard so much about, for one week, four months ago?
  • Wouldn't it be better with a stylus?
  • Downloaded this to my Lumia 900 (now running 7.8! X-D) and showed it off to an iPhone 5 toting pal if mine - he was impressed!