Draw your way out of trouble with DrawaStickman EPIC

DrawaStickman EPIC is adventure game for your Windows Phone where you have to guide a stickman in a quest to save his friend. DrawaStickman EPIC is similar to Max and the Magic Marker but more minimalistic graphics and you draw your player (as well as your friend).

The game has fourteen levels and a bonus level in which you use a pencil to draw various elements to help you tackle each levels challenges. DrawaStickman EPIC is a nice game for your Windows Phone and not a shabby way to pass the time with.

The main menu for DrawaStickman EPIC has the option to begin play, access the game's settings (sound/music on/off, view credits, delete data and redraw your stickman), and access the games' Facebook and Twitter pages. If your playing the free version, you'll also have a "Buy Now" option in the upper left corner.

When you first launch DrawaStickman EPIC you are tasked with drawing your main character and your friend who you'll eventually have to rescue. Once done, you'll go through a movement tutorial and at the end, an evil book will gobble up your friend. You'll have to dive into the book and conquer the various levels within to save your friend.

You navigate through each level collecting puzzle parts and finding the exit to make it to the next level. The level menu/map has four buttons on the lower right corner. They access a bonus level, view the story line, view your progress on solving the puzzle, and restart the intro (where you can redraw yourself and your friend).

Game play is simple in that you just tap the part of the screen where you want your stickman to go to. In the bottom right corner is your pencil and what the pencil draws varies from level to level and at times you have multiple pencils. The first few levels you're drawing fire. Fire to burn down doors, set off dynamite, and fight monsters with.

When you need to draw, tap the pencil tip, run your finger across the screen in the area you want effected and hit the check mark. You'll need to make sure your stickman is a safe distance from explosions/fire or they'll get erased.

The game does challenge your imagination at times to get through some of the levels. For example, watering flowers to attract bees that are blocking your way or water a vegetable garden to feed the rabbits and expose a puzzle piece.

DrawaStickman EPIC is a fun game that is definitely on the unique side. The game is part adventure, part puzzle and part role playing. I like how you can draw your character and if you get bored with how it looks, you can always re-draw things.  The only downside I can see in playing DrawaStickman EPIC over the past few days is that the graphics can be a little faint.  The brown ground and the lighter brown sky seems to mesh a little too much at time.  The game needs a little contrast but not to the point it's a deal breaker.

All totaled, DrawaStickman EPIC is a nice addition to the Windows Phone gaming lineup.

There is a free trial version available for DrawaStickman EPIC with the full version running $1.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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