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EA talks changes coming to Star Wars Battlefront 2 based on beta feedback

As is typical for beta tests, the recent Star Wars Battlefront 2 public beta generated quite a bit of feedback. While the overall experience was good, the test highlighted some definite concerns from players, particularly in the case of the game's handling of loot crates. Now that the beta has wrapped up, EA has taken to a blog post to detail some of the changes it is considering bringing to the game ahead of release. Additionally, the publisher has attempted to clarify its intentions for the role of loot crates in player progression.

That issue at the top of most players' minds is likely the loot crate situation. Concerns have arisen over the power of loot crates and the potential for the game to turn into a "pay-to-win" experience. In its post, EA was quick to state that the system that was represented in the beta was not complete, and it will continue to be tuned. From EA:

We know you have a lot of questions about Crates and progression, so we want to clarify a few things, as the complete system was not in the Beta and will continue to be tuned over time:

  • There are many things you can earn in the game, including weapons, attachments, credits, Star Cards, Emotes, Outfits and Victory Poses.
  • As a balance goal, we're working towards having the most powerful items in the game only earnable via in-game achievements.
  • Crates will include a mix of of Star Cards, Outfits, Emotes or Victory Poses.
  • Players earn crates by completing challenges and other gameplay milestones, or by purchasing them with in-game credits or Crystals, our premium currency.
  • If you get a duplicate Star Card in a crate, you will get crafting parts which you can then use to help upgrade the Star Card of your choice.
  • And lastly, you have to earn the right to be able to upgrade Star Cards and unlock most Weapons. You can only upgrade or unlock them if you have reached a high enough rank, which is determined by playing the game.

In terms of gameplay, EA described some general tweaks it is looking to make to specific abilities and modes. For example, it is looking at changing Strike mode to be best of three, while a new feature is in the works to encourage players that spawn in a wave to work together. The Specialist's Infiltration ability may see a nerf to make it less overpowered, and First Order Flametroopers will likely see a buff to add more firepower. Hopefully, the changes on deck, particularly around loot crates, will make for a solid release in the coming weeks.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 is expected to launch on November 17 with much more multiplayer content than its predecessor and the series' first single-player campaign. You can preorder Star Wars Battlefront 2 now starting at $59.99.

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  • None of those are changes based on feedback. Just better explanation of unchanged features.
  • I was thinking the same thing.
  • Same here. EA on the defense. Looks like they will completely kill another franchise with their worthless business practices... Just like SimCity.
  • haha - can't believe they copped such negatives reviews of their loot box system and they're response was to defend and further explain rather than amend and confirm it will be cosmetic only.
  • changes...based on beta shitstorm. I Love this Game but EA is going to kill it with his greed 
  • L-L-L-Loot box breaker!!!!!! LOCK OUT!!!!  
  • I had a blast playing the beta. Definitely plan on buying this game.
  • I never got past the User Agreement screen, so I don't know. I'll have to wait for the demo.
  • Here is all I got out of this:
    Players earn crates by completing challenges and other gameplay milestones, or by purchasing them with in-game credits or Crystals, our premium currency.
    Yeah, they have turned it into a freaking cookie cutter style phone game.  
  • Find those responsible for BF1 UI, the least friendly and most anti social yet apparently "multiplayer" UI. kill them all for setting gaming back 30 years.   Get good head hunters. Target the developers of Steam.  It works, people like it and it isnt percieved as evil or creepy. Hire them. . Somehow the new DLC made BF1 bearable but they killed any sense of community. Find those responsible for the map designed in Battlefront.  Kill them.   Get completely new people that are not completely retarded and have a good grounding in  PC gaming. Employ them, have them design maps and levels. Profit. Not because they are "PC developers" but because, you arent stupid.  Like EA, you on board a company like DICE, which made their name in state of the art PC gaming then porting to PC, not the other way around. When you do it the other way around, you disappoint everyone.