EE launches new Euro Pass to let you use 4G abroad from just £3 per day

EE has announced a new Euro Pass for customers who wish to take advantage of unlimited calls, texts and data allowances abroad. From just £3 a day, you'll be able to call and text all your friends while lying on the beach, accompanied by up to 100MB of 4G per day. This new add-on is available in 39 European destinations.

A £4 charge per day is in place for those who are not on 4GEE Extra plans. If you happen to be on said tariffs, the charge will be cut to £3 per day. It's not a bad deal, though we're all eagerly awaiting the next few years when data roaming charges will be abolished altogether across Europe. Should you go above your 100MB allowance for that day, you'll be locked to slower speeds but will have 400MB of data on top of the 100MB already used up.

EE states that you'll be unable to go over your allowance, meaning you should return back home without fear of receiving a nasty bill. To get started, you need to text EUROPASS (4GEE Extra plan holders) or EURODATA to 150 and the charge will be deducted automatically while abroad and when you use your mobile phone.

As always, we do recommend you either pop in-store to chat to EE about roaming abroad if you remain unsure exactly what will be charged to your account. For more details online, visit the EE website (opens in new tab).

EE, the UK's most advanced digital communications company, today launched 'Euro Pass', offering customers the option of unlimited calls and texts, and a data allowance (with 4G where available) each day when abroad in Europe – for just £4 a day.

Available to EE Pay Monthly, SIM Only and small business customers, with Euro Pass there is now no need to get separate talk, text and data add-ons when heading across the Channel. Customers on 4GEE Extra plans who already benefit from unlimited calls and texts in 39 Europe Zone destinations* can now add the Euro Data Pass to get 100MB of data for just £3 a day.

With Euro Pass, customers get unlimited calls and texts to standard UK and Europe Zone numbers so customers can call home to let their parents know they arrived safely as well as book a table at a local restaurant for the evening.

With both Euro Pass and Euro Data Pass, if a customer needs more than their 100MB full-speed allowance, they will receive 400MB at no extra charge for browsing, messaging and using social media at a slower speed. Alternatively they can choose from one of EE's great value roaming data add-ons. The customer is always in control and they can't run over their allowance, so they'll never get an unexpected bill.

What's more, EE's new passes are all on top of customers' home allowances, meaning the minutes, texts and data used abroad don't come out of their UK monthly plan allowance or incur out of bundle charges.

EE customers can opt-in any time - in the UK before they travel or when they're abroad – by texting EUROPASS or EURODATA to 150. Once it's added to their account, customers only pay on days they use their phone in EE's Europe Zone, so there's no need to take it off when they come home.

The new passes add to EE's range of roaming offers for Europe and the Rest of the World. With EE's roaming data add-ons you only ever pay for what you choose – there are no run on rates and no unexpected data roaming charges. This summer, EE has also introduced new data add-ons outside Europe starting from £5.

In addition to EE's Euro Pass for consumers and small business customers, EE offers 4G roaming in over 45 destinations worldwide. EE also offers 4G roaming in a growing list of countries to corporate customers as well, providing superfast data speeds overseas with excellent value and cost control thanks to new EE Business Data Traveller plans. For more information on roaming for corporate customers, please visit

For more information on using an EE phone abroad and all of EE's add-ons and standard roaming rates around the world, visit or for small business customers.

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  • I still cant get my head around how Three has unlimited 4G and EE has miserable amounts priced more than my kidney on black-market.
  • Well EE has to pay for ther superior customer service in the EE stores that tell you to call their bloody hotline to fix just about anything
  • So true. And so sad.
  • To be fair, their UK data network is miles ahead of the rest. They know it, and thats why they charge for it. BT could ruin them soon :) . O2 + Three might challenge EE. 100Mb is pitiful though, it should be 3 quid per day and use your UK allowance.  
  • True, but you get a lot more for your money with Three. Not as fast as EE, but fast enough. At least, where I live...
  • Oh, just now being introduced? Even infamous Vodafone had a "euro option" more than a year ago and for £2.50. Anyway, I hope this triggers a snowball effect that makes other providers offer better "euro option".
  • Well the provider can suck it up in 2017 with any roaming charges in Europe.. about time .. should have been introduced years ago
  • Damn right!
  • Three has had Euro pass with unlimited data for years and years and years. Now its just free in the major countries.
  • Same on Vodafone Ireland, 2.99 euro and 500 MB per day, came in handy over in sunny beach!!
  • Should this not be free
  • Rogers' "Roam Like Home" continues to inspire imitators in Canada (Telus' "Easy Roam") and now elsewhere (this new product from EE). Unless there's a similar offering that precedes Roam Like Home that I'm unaware of. Roaming packages are as old as the hills, but the idea of offering more and charging by the day originated with Roam Like Home to the best of my knowledge.
  • Three Feel Like Home and don't pay a penny more for roaming (granted the country list is restricted but includes France, Spain and even the US)
  • And in the countries is doesnt have, you can still purchase a euro pass, like EE's, but unlimited data.
  • One of the reasons why I joined Three and the fact I'd get unlimited 4g data {albeit slower} and save £132 over the year. If I was to stick to my old tariff on O2 which was £26 with a paltry 1gb 4g data, the only difference is unlimited minutes (only get 200 on three, still plenty for me).
  • Why should I pay £28 per week for data only when I'm on holiday? This is an insult dressed up with a fanfare! Do EE really think they customers are this stupid?
  • Don't then. Nobody's putting a gun to your head. The offer is there if you want it. Thing is you WON'T be allowed to accidentally roam on data there. It's capped and you have to have a data addon to surf the net when roaming on EE. No bill shock on EE. Free eu roaming calls and texts on EE extra plans. But still everyone slams EE. They can't win because they are the biggest and best network. Don't take my word for it. Look at the results of Root metrics performance tests. An independent body. EE consistently top their tests.
  • Rootmetrics is not best measure and EE only win because of the amount of low spectrum they have , look at the awards three have won best network by Yougov for the last few years. To be fair both are great networks and are streets ahead of Vodfone and 02 (soon to be 3)
  • I just came back from Holland today, ended up paying £15 for 250MB of data over 2 days!. Such a waste of money!