Elop believes a Surface Windows Phone from Microsoft would 'stimulate' the ecosystem

All is rosy between the two chaps at the Lumia 920 announcement

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop appeared to welcome the idea of Microsoft creating its own Windows Phone in an investor call today. Elop has previously declined to acknowledge or confirm such a project was underway at Redmond, but we later covered news that Microsoft does indeed have its own Windows Phone in the works.

The response from Elop is directed at questions on whether a potential Surface phone would be viewed as competition and harm the partnership the company has with Microsoft. The CEO went onto say:

"We're encouraging of HTC and Samsung and Microsoft or whomever to have devices in the market and to be making whatever investments that helps spur the ecosystem on."

Surface phone concept by YrOnimuS

It's clear that Microsoft is currently undergoing a shift in focus to a device and services company, which is something that has been reiterated with the Surface Windows 8 tablets. Microsoft entering into the hardware side of Windows Phone would put the company in direct competition with Nokia and other OEM partners. What we could see from Microsoft is a unique experience that offers that special spark for fans of the OS.

Elop showed little concern over possible disruption to the Windows Phone ecosystem, adding further confidence in the company's Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones.

"We're very proud of the unique differentiation that we are bringing to the Windows Phone platform. It's not something that's easily replicated or reinvented or anything like that."

What Microsoft plans to achieve with such a smartphone is unclear, but with the investment it has made in Nokia, as well as the refreshed relationship with HTC, some would be taken by surprise should the company release Windows Phone 8 hardware of its own. Could we see possible customisation, or would Microsoft produce a 'pure' Windows Phone experience?

via: The Verge

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