Microsoft does indeed have their own Windows Phone in the works

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Rum: 9

Yesterday we wrote a fairly lengthy article about a new rumor of a Microsoft Windows Phone. The source came via China Times and we were hesitant to believe the claim—after all, no evidence or sources were mentioned.

Still, we pointed out that Microsoft is a large company with a ton of resources. If they wanted to do a phone, they most certainly could pull it off and the Surface Tablets only reinforce the notion that they can do this in secret.

So what has changed? Information has come forward to Windows Phone Central that demonstrates Microsoft does have their own Windows Phone hardware in the works; in fact, we’ve heard it already exists and is in testing. The source(s) are known to us and not anonymous, though for obvious reasons we must keep them off the record.

Details about what it looks like, hardware specifications, launch times, etc. have not been shared with us by the person(s) who have provided the information. The only thing we do know is when compared to current WP8 hardware it’s something unique.

Something awry between Microsoft and Nokia?

Why is Microsoft doing this?

We speculated yesterday on two possible angles for Microsoft doing their own phone.

One was the Google-Nexus route of selling their own hardware, direct to customers with no carrier interference. Sold through Microsoft Store (opens in new tab), the devices could fill in a niche for Microsoft while their OEM partners can have the carriers. This would allow Microsoft to have their own "vision" of Windows Phone and a way to update the devices directly, with no one compromising their vision. In addition, their OEMs will mostly be kept "happy" since unlocked phones are not the crux of their business model.

The other reason we raised was Microsoft maybe wanted a contingency plan—in case the Windows Phone 8 launch doesn’t go well and the currently announced devices don’t catch on. Nokia could be in trouble financially and Microsoft would need another dedicated hardware partner.

A third possibility we've been hearing about for a weeks is tougher to swallow. We have heard rumblings about Nokia focusing too much on the “Lumia” brand as opposed to Windows Phone, which may explain why Microsoft put HTC on a pedestal with the “signature” Windows Phone banter a few weeks ago in New York City.

Interestingly, just ran a story where they too are confirming a Microsoft Windows Phone. They note they learned about it weeks ago and our sources appear to be different from theirs (our info came this morning). They do note that it is a “high end” phone but it will not launch with the 1st wave of Windows Phone 8 devices.

Microsoft Studio C

Microsoft on Lockdown

In an interesting and perhaps related story, the reputable site GeekWire is reporting that areas of the Microsoft campus have substantially beefed up security in recent weeks:

“The company notified employees this week that it will be implementing new physical security measures — limiting employee access at four key Xbox and Interactive Entertainment Business buildings to ensure confidentiality of upcoming products.”“The changes will affect Microsoft Studios A, B, C, and D, on the west side of state Route 520, starting early next month with Studio A and rolling out to the other buildings by the end of the month.”

GeekWire is rightly claiming this is most likely related to next-gen Xbox console testing, but from our own knowledge Microsoft has some Windows Phone "things" happening in Building C too.

With a Microsoft branded Windows Phone entering into late stages of development, it would make sense that much like the Surface tablets, they would begin to implement tighter security around campus.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • it will be interesting to see the 2nd generation Lumia pitted against a Surface phone
  • +1
  • I had pretty much convinced myself to wait until spring for a new Windows Phone even though i can upgrade in November. With this news, I'm definitely waiting, but not TOO long. This phone might take a while. I guess I'll wait until MWC 2013 in February and then make a decision.
  • That's the bad thing about smartphones the best is always next lol
  • Indeed it will. I can't wait to see what this beast of a phone will look like. If the Surface tablets are anything to go by, then I know we won't be disappointed.
  • Even if a MS Phone really were in the works, it wouldn't surface untill late 2013 with WP 8.5 against 3rd generation Lumias.
  • Wouldn't "surface"? Tee Hee Hee
  • I don't know if there's indeed going to be a Surface Phone or what.  What I do think is that Microsoft have definitely built a phone.  Why wouldn't you?  If you needed a contingency to bump awareness of Windows Phones, why not build a protoype at the very least before the time comes where you might need something to really kick up the excellent, but still not well-known and widely-used mobile operating system.  I'd be VERY interested in having a look at a WP8 device from Microsoft.  However I do question how well they could compete with Nokia.  Nokia's Lumia 920 is excellent and offers such a superb camera and cool extra features that Microsoft would really have a huge friendly competition with their only exclusive OEM.  Not to say Microsoft couldn't make it happen, but boy do they need to impress if they do drop a phone in 2013.
    There is a special announcement coming on the 29th of January.  Maybe that has something to do with this?  Speculation is both fun and terrible.  I won't totally buy into rumors of this device seeing a release until Microsoft say it themselves.
  • Perhaps the 2nd generation Lumia is the Surface phone. Think about that for a moment :)
  • Intresting
  • Yes it is. Maybe Microsoft is doing this so all carriers can have a top notch phone. Microsoft's phones might have all frequencies and come in GSM/CDMA Flavor. If Microsoft sold these phones un subsidized everyone on every carrier could have access to W8 and updates immediately as there released.
  • I agree the exclusive phone deals suck.L920 should have been offered to all carriers like they did the L820.
  • Great news Nokia is what Lexus is to Toyota. Lumia brand is on another level your not just buying a Windows Phone your buying a Nokia Windows Phone.
  • Lolwat? Bankrupt Nokia is the Lexus of phones? You best be trollan.
  • No, he is using the relationship of Lexus and Toyota as a comparison to Nokia and Microsoft. Although MS and Nokia are two separate companies, they both use the same OS to make a phone, just like Toyota and Lexus use the same technology/bodies to make cars. Nokia is the more classier version of Windows Phones, while Microsoft will make more affordable yet equally (in some cases) capable. 
  • We'll see. When I was in sales at at&t I stopped selling Lumias altogether right at the end. Too many problems with the phone that aggravated ordinary customers. Data still dropping even after the sotware fix was issued, battery running down too quickly, random reboots...and keep in mind I was the Windows Phone Guy. It really tarnished the 900's image in my eyes. Plus it didn't feel premium like my 800. No curved glass, and the somewhat sharp edge that it had where the glass met the polycarbonate was uncomfortable when you held the phone to your ear. Glad the 920 will be here soon though. Now the 800...that was a solid phone. Shame it had a Pentile screen and won't get WP8.
  • no America is bankrupted as they are writing bogus checks and buying with bogus money, Nokia got some cash and every day is making deals with their location services, I wouldn’t be surprised if even apple came aboard, the only reason nokia looks bad is because of American media, and American arrogance, America thinking that if a phone doesn’t sell here then it don’t count, that’s also the reason more and more movies are being released overseas first. We’re becoming irrelevant because of our media, and weak economy. Nokia has the best phone and apple the worst but it doesn’t matter but good for nokia people overseas don’t listen to or buy what our media tell them to they buy for a reason that we long forgot, cause its good, maybe even the best.
  • Put down the crack pipe.
  • No crack pipe necessary.  All U.S. citizens are endentured servants.  All are put on as collatoral for the MASSIVE U.S. debt.  I'll give my money to Nokia for sure.
  • It's citizens are "indentured servants" because they are under educated and can't spell words like "indentured" and "collateral" correctly or are too lazy to use a spellchecker as you have so adeptly demonstrated.
  • I agree with ya jbrandonf .... we are far from bankrupt and obiviously this is someone not understanding how the world works...
  • To be honest, we europeans couldn't care less about silly America. It's a good laugh.
  • cannot agree more... once Americans said that the phone is no good then should the rest of the world listen???
    Well, I guess not! Lumia 920 is above all the rest.... Nokia FTW
  • Wow how much does Nokia charge for a comment like that?
  • Christ, you're a fucking idiot.
  • How much does Google pay you for a comment like That? -_-
  • Two words: Apple envy.
  • Another two words: Why not?
  • Totally agree.  Apple makes more money -- without holding a dominant market position in any major area in which they compete -- than MS does with their monopoly.
    Clearly Apple have changed the game.  Other companies would be wise to emulate them.
  • By emulate apple, your advising all companies to charge 3x the price for a technically inferior product? That's dumb.
  • What of theirs is 3x the price? The air is about the same price as other ultrabooks and beats all of them as windows pcs. Their phone is $200 like every other phone. Can you name something that's technically inferior about them, instead sounding like a mindless fanboy.
  • haha...  you just said what i've thought for a while - that Mac's run Windows beautifully... tried to find an oem Windows machine that had the specific componentry necessary for sound production and could NOT find one so instead dipped my toes in with a MBP.  Nice machine - runs Windows fine... you get used to the keyboard after a while.
  • First off the spec's on a MBP are way lower than a comparable equiped Ultra.  Second the $200 is for 16GB, in most other phones you get more or can add an SD.   Technically inferior?  Let's start with the glass on the iPhones.  My clients have broken more iPhone glass than all the other phones combined.  I have clients with all sorts of phones and the iPhone is not in the majority.  Then there is the aliminium case that dents.  My plastice (yes plastic) case is virtually uncrackable and will NOT dent.  Now lets delve in to the price issue.  A totally tricked PC Desktop/Workstation is about $2G's, a comparable Mac Pro is about $3500/$4000, not 3x but 2x.  Laptops are about 2x as well.  Hey, don't take this the wrong way, I have plenty of Mac's/AppleTV/iPxds areound but I know I am paying a premium to be an appleoid.
  • I actually agree with you, but the iPhone is 100$ more expensive than the Lumia 920 (100$) here in Canada. Nokia needs to undercut Apple at this point, whereas Apple can enjoy a higher profit margin, which means it's more expensive for what you get.
  • Well the obviously being technically inferior doesn't matter. It's about the experience baby, not the specs. I'm happy for Apple and their success, they found a solid strategy and worked it. Now Nokia has to find theirs.
  • Why wouldn't you have Apple envy? Their profit margins are insane. You should be rooting for competition. If there is enough competition, Apple will have to reduce their margins and you will be able to buy whichever phone you prefer for less money.
  • Time for Nokia to get cozy with the Jolla boys! Typical MS, always find a way to screw companies that partner with them.
    Does this give Nokia an out of their contract and allow them to go android or any other OS?
  • Nokia is probably subcontracted
  • +1
  • I think this statement is ridiculous.  Because Microsoft makes their own device, Nokia should go with Jolla, or worse, Android?  Nokia isn't the sole oem for WP in case you didn't notice.   It would be naive to think that Nokia (or the other oems) weren't aware of Microsoft's plan to make their own device.
    Microsoft needs Nokia, if for nothing else but for Navteq; and no way can Microsoft 'out innovate' Nokia on hardware.  Nokia has nothing to be concerned about - Lumia will still be synonomous with WP even after Microsoft releases this device.
  • +1 Exactly. Everyone is acting as if public news is how major companies get their info. Nokia obviously knew about this.
  • I'm not convinced Nokia or the other OEMs knew about this. Not everything is shared.
  • plus nokia has alot of reach worldwide, which MS doesnt have actually thats why ZUNE failed not that it was a bad product or something but it was limited to a few regions. Even for WP,  when nokia came onboard only then was WP launched in regions like india, china and still many software features of WP are not available in those countries like artist on lockscreen, local scout, music marketplace, etc.
    and i have the same feeling about the surface PC let alone the surface phone that these products wont launch in countries other than US, Canada n some countries in Europe 
  • You miss the point, with MS in the game, just like the Surface tablets there is even less of a market for Nokia and as WP is their sole smartphone OS it will be smart to look at alternatives. HTC and Samsung, even Huawei have android to fall back on, if Nokia doesnt make it with WP they are gone. Having a competitive OS like android as a secondary option would be better than nothing.
    And I would argue that it would make no sense for them to sign on exclusively with WP if they knew MS was going to enter the market as well, if this comes to light the first thing that would be hit would be their stock price, then pressure on Elop to be replaced as the perception would be that Nokia could not compete with MS, HTC, Samsung and any other WP OEM. If they knew this and signed on anyway they only have themselves to blame because I cant see this being in any way good news for Nokia as a company.
  • I have to agree with this.
  • You're assuming WP marketshare stays the same. If it does, than MS entering the market will reduce Nokia sales. If the devices from Nokia, HTC and MS make wp more desirable and increase the apps in the ecosystem, then the marketshare will increase and all teh wp oem will do better. I know there are a lot of if's in this statement, but that is the theory.
  • Fortunately market share had nearly doubled in Europe year over year, which is Nokia's largest market anyway, anything in the US is just a bonus.
  • To be honest I don't see the problem at all. Their OEM partners seems to be on a yearly or maybe 9 month release schedule, and if Microsoft launches their phone in the middle of this cycle it won't really be an issue. The amount people that will know about this phone in advance and are willing to wait for it isn't really that big. The only phone that has that power is the Iphone. I would also love a phone that differentiates from the Nokia/HTC design to attract a wider audience, not to mention I would love it if it was made from something else then plastic.
  • as long as they take the nexus route and sell unlocked, unsubsidised phones through their own retail channel, it won't really impact most OEM's in the US at least, as the primary channel for the average consumer to buy a phone is the through the carrier with a contract. this would only be desirable to a small portion of the market.
    look at the gnex, if there was no verizon variant you could get on contract, it probably would have sold about as well as the nexus one did.
    you also don't see OEM's up in arms with google for making the nexus devices, so this will probably fare the same, aside from the tech blogs screaming about the sky falling because microsoft is making hardware. (not this blog, but you know the ones. :P)
  • It would be so great if MS somehow upset the apple cart and set off a chain reaction where people would start to buy phones unsubsidized from carriers. Enough people could probably demand action from government that would pressure carriers to discount service for people who provide their own phones. DO IT MICROSOFT.
  • I think Microsoft will force OEMs to make better phone for less money. MS can take a loss in one area to allow their phone unlocked to sell for 199.00 US. I just checked to see if i could upgrade to a L810 on T-Mobile and they want 300+ bucks plus a 2 year extension. Thats too damb much. I can see 150.00 but 300 no way....If i can get a MS built phone for 199 unlocked I can just put in my existing sim card and not change my plan....
  • Its business. They have billions and want billions more. It happens everywhere with corporate companies
  • If this story is true, Microsoft is only selling their phones at their stores (which I also assume is full priced). A lot of people get their phones through carriers by taking advantage of their discounts. So, the Microsoft phones are only targetted towards people who plan on paying full price for the phone. The majority of the users (myself included) will still end up purchasing the subsidized Nokia, HTC or Samsung phones. So, this may not be a bad thing after all.
    Also, going to Android is no different. Google has its own Nexus brand and there are other manufacturers to contend with. If anything else, Nokia being arguably the most popular Windows phone, is better off staying committed to the WP platform. From the way I see it, there's no back-stabbing being done here.
  • I don't think selling unlocked, full-priced phones is a savvy business model, at least not in the US. Most people in the US buy subsidized phones; not everyone can afford $500+ upfront for a phone.
    Regarding your Nexus argument, the Galaxy Nexus clearly says "Samsung" in the back, so that's a bit different than just having a Google Nexus label and nothing else.
  • do they not own motorola?  are they not a phone maker?
  • Yeah but Motorola phones still have "Motorola" stamped on them. What I mean by that is how would Microsoft differentiate their phone from the rest of the OEMs if Microsoft's phone is made by Nokia, for example?
  • There are many other Countries that are not under the carriers racket; a lot of people outside the US buy unlocked phones thereofre there definetely is a market. If MS will really get in the game is another story though.
  • that's because google doesn't make any  hardware (aside from the nexus q) in house, so whomever makes their nexus product for them, be is HTC, samsung, or asus is allowed (and rightly so) to place their branding on the device.
    microsoft, with the surface tablet and presumably with the surface phone is building a new product in house, so who's brand would you like them to place on the back?
  • I guess you don't remember one of the higher UPS in Nokia saying they have a contingency plan (Android possibly) if WP didn't workout. Why shouldn't MS do something to spark more interest in WP. Once it peaks interest, customers will look at and buy one of the many WP phones available
  • I don' know if this is a good idea, we'll see.
  • Same here. I don't know what to expect. I guess wait till hardware aspects come out.
  • Ok, Im going to sleep now. Wake me up when its ready :P
  • I'll wake you up when September ends, ok?
  • You're late waking him up, unless you're talking September 2013.
  • He was referring to the song...
  • No one beleived me yesterday in other articles comments :P
  • Barry, with all due respect People "in the know" don't post childish "I know secrets!" comments on blogs You added nothing to this story, provide zero info You have no credibility, so why would we believe you? Look, if you know something then email us with the info and we'll keep you off the record. But acting like you "know" by saying you have secrets is not constructive. Step up and play, but don't fiddle in comments.
  • Right on Daniel.
  • HA HA HA! Barry just got Daniel RubinOWNED!!!
  • + 1
  • I'm going to TM this, lol.
  • TM?
  • Ugh. Are you five? Slamming the word "Owned" on the side of a word just doesn't work. I'm not entirely sure what you're expecting to get by saying such an immature comment anyway. A kudos from the site admin or something?
  • Maybe you should have asked yesterday if there was legitmacy in my comment? Like you said I have no credibility, so would have dismissed me anyways. Don't worry, I won't fiddle anymore. You can breath easy now.
  • You got lucky guessing once, get over yourself.
  • Actually I'm pretty sure all the people here huffing and puffing at this person need to get over them selves. He had something to share, you missed out - get over it. Stop bitching.
  • +1
  • You didn't give any details. If you didn't want to post the details in a public board, you should have done as he said and send them an email describing where you got your information. Otherwise, you don't have any credibility.
  • Your writing style tells us what we need to know about you.
    You are just looking for attention.
  • well said
  • Barry, you just got ROASTED, son!
  • Sho nuff!
  • i have secrets too!
  • Seriously Daniel, why email you? You don't even publish that info anyway if it is against your agenda. I just remember you about the Windows Phone 7.8 story and the fact that all old WP devices. won't run WP8. You had that story at least about 1.5 weeks before the MS announcement. You didn't publish anything. Same with the MS windows division vs. WP division. Haven't read a story about that on this site yet... So why bother to email you again? In the comments the actual stories get at least read by people visiting the site.
  •  He does have a bit of a point. But from now on I will play by the rules until I feel it isn;t getting me anywhere.
  • There goes the WP8 launch. Now people will be waiting for the MS Phone.
  • Yes, this will definitely cause some issues.
    When HTC and Nokia announced their new WP8 devices, I was so excited to switch from Android. I've been having some doubts recently but was still pretty sure I was going to make the jump. This news definitely kills that idea though. I want to see what Microsoft releases.
  • With all the push Nokia has been trying to give this platform, I am going to go with the 920.
  • who exactly? The 2000 people reading this? This rumor will not even make it to the mainstream news. You'd wait for an unanounced phone? Did you wait for the iPad mini in 2011?
    Sadly, i want Nokia to come back on their feed and this is not helping even though i'd love a Surface Phone. Damn. Still getting the Lumia 920 though.
  • I don't wait for unannounced phones. This is completely different though since it will be made by the people who make the OS too. I would expect the Microsoft phone to receive the best support, fastest updates, and great apps. Other OEMs can't compare in this regard.
    I'll be postponing my switch to Windows Phone until I see what Microsoft has up their sleeve. I was going to get a 920 or 8X, but it seems the best course of action now is to wait and see.
  • "I don't wait for unannounced phones."
    But now you're saying you'll wait to see what "unannounced" so called phone MS will release.  Which is it?  You don't wait for unannounced phones or you're waiting for an unannounced phone MS will release sometime in the future?  I'm so confused.  :)
  • Well, I tried to say how I don't normally wait for unannounced phones. Since I'm jumping from Android to WP8, I'd like to see what Microsoft has up it's sleeve before I commit. :P
  • It won't be out until this time next year and you would have missed out on the benefits of use if you stuck to your original plan.
    You may end up waiting for a phone that isn't as good as the ones on offer today. I wouldn't hold your breath. It may be good but not worth the wait.
  • No one knows when the Surface phone will be released, but I'd think it would be much sooner than that. It's true that it may not be as good as the currently announced devices, but if I'm making the jump from Android to WP8 I want to be sure I get the best product. The 920 and 8X are great choices, but I'm going to hang out on the sidelines for a little bit now.
  • First of all welcome to the WP land. Now, your desire to wait is understandable, but it's like buying a new computer - a better one will arrive right after you pay for the one you choose. So, look at what will be available soon, pick one and enjoy. I know as I've been enjoying my Titan for almost a year.
  • Fastest updates?  WP isn't Android.  WP phones get updates a lot faster than Android phones.   Even looking at the 7.8/8 fiasco, that shows that MS is committed to bringing whatever updates they can to older phones which is a stark contrast to the Android OEM practice of dumping product updates once they stop selling that particular model.
    Best support?  No doubt MS will give Surface Phones top notch support, but Nokia has been supporting their WP phones very well, and who knows, maybe HTC might step up their game as they seem to be taking WP phones seriously now as well.
    Great apps?  I don't see MS releasing exclusive apps like the OEMs have.  People bash Nokia because they get exclusive content, not realizing that if it wasn't for Nokia those companies would probably not have come out with a WP app.  Whatever apps MS releases, they release for all WP phones (as it's in their best interest).
    Wait and see?  Newsflash - there will ALWAYS be a better phone coming out in the near future.  If you wait for the Surface Phone, there will be rumours of an even better Nokia/HTC/Samsung/whatever coming in out in a month or two.  
    I gladly bought my Lumia 710 knowing full well that it would not be upgraded to WP8.  I needed a phone at that time and I've never regretted it.  
  • You make some good points and I agree with most of your post. It's true that there is always something better around the corner, but I see this specific example a bit differently since it's Microsoft building the phone and the OS. I want to see what comes of this potentially awesome combination. I'm also not in a rush to upgrade my phones; I love my Galaxy Nexus. Waiting a bit longer to see what Microsoft does isn't a problem.
  • Although it is true that some Android devices get dumped and unsupported, most are low end or mid ranged devices. If it is high end like the GS2 that is two years old now, it is still getting Jelly Bean.
    I also want to correct a very sad and misguided way of thinking here. Android updates are not slow, most Android phones that get updated get them in about a year or earlier, which is EXACTLY the same time frame as Apple and Windows or anyone else.
    Yes they get them later than Google pumps them out but Google releases a new OS anytime they want usually have more than one update a year. I feel that it is pretty unfair for consumers to expect Android OEMs to judge them to the same standards as Apple. Too many differences that condumers have entitlement issues seem to ignore.
  • i agree, this shouldn't impact the wp8 launch much if at all.
    personally i'm getting a 920, if/when the surface phone comes out and if it's something that makes me want to switch from the 920 i'll just sell one and buy the other.
    people act like there's no way to change your phone mid contract. craigslist is why i've been able to go through probably 10 [different] phones in the past year.
  • Dallasfann of?
  • @DallasFann...I am one person who will NOT be waiting for, nor purchasing this device :)
  • I will wait it out. The longer I wait the closer my contract matures and more $ stays in my wallet for the latest greatest WP. So once WP8 comes out I'll find that 900 to hold me over and take the 60$ or 70$ for my Focus S.
  • Maybe the launch will be on the new Surface phone?
  • I want WP8 device NOW! I'm not waiting for MS to come out with their phone! I have everything I need in a phone in the already revealed Nokia, HTC, Samsung WP8 phones (well, maybe not so much Samsung). I also want a Surface Pro but I'm not waiting - I'll buy a very good W8 hybrid that I want/need this Nov.
  • I don't know about that. Fo you think it could be another surface like surprise, but this time with pricing and releasing for the holidays to boost sales???
  • I wanted the I'm just confused.
  • Lol +1
  • Yep
  • same here (°_°)
  • Same!
  • As am I.
  • How can you be confused by something you haven't seen?
  • Jkercado, +1! LOL!
  • Well October is shaping up to be a interesting month...
  • I hope is true, 2 High-end Windows Phone 8 are not bad. Nokia Lumia 920 & Microsoft "something" WP8...
  • But knowing Microsoft and their inability to name something, it will be called something awkward like: Microsoft Phone WP8: The Windowing
  • Nokia better be working on their Android phones. MS just lost this customer for WP with screwing the only oem that even tried with WP.
  • Really??? They just lost you as a customer? Considering you know nothing of the details of why this happened, your response is a bit irrational to say the least.
  • Another person thinking android is a savior when only Samsung is doing well with the OS. Wake up dude
  • I don't understand. Your (we're)the end user(s). Does it really matter whom the device comes from? Nokia, Samsung, Sony, HTC or Hp. They are tools for MS success. The important thing is the OS still available. Whatever MS has to do to keep it alive and competitive is fine with me.
  • It matters to me--I don't support ruthless, asshole companies.
  • That's 99% of the companies, bro. Good luck!
  • I don't know what universe you live in but they are a small minority in mine.
  • I hope the universe you live in is not populated by irrational people who can jumped the deep end based on unconfirmed rumors with scant details.
  • do you think Apple is going to stop with Samsungs Android offerings? Or do you think they will go after others as well? When they do and win, I guess you will be using a Nokia symbia device if they pull out of wp
  • I agree with your comment although I believe it was meant for DallasFann.
  • Shouldn't you be happy about having more options?
    Also, what you're suggesting Nokia do is exactly what you're getting mad about in this situation. Google has its own brand (Nexus), and there are several other manufacturers of Android phones. How is that different from the situation that's upsetting you here - Microsoft possibly coming out with its own phone along with other manufacturers having their own Windows phones? If anything, Nokia probably has the best chance with the WP platform because they're by far the most popular WP manufacturer.
    Besides, the article states that the Microsoft phones will only be sold at their stores and not through carriers. A lot of people typically purchase phones when they're eligible for upgrades and can get phones at a discount through their carrier. So it shouldn't cause any conflict.
  • "Besides, the article states that the Microsoft phones will only be sold at their stores and not through carriers."
    The article is speculating, not stating. Let's not jump to conclusions.
  • True, and I should have clarified that as well. I guess we'll know for sure if/when a formal announcement is made.
  • Welcome to the real world: every company worth their weight in gold has and will continue to screw people or other companies over at some point, so get used to it as I guarantee you that any other phone you buy will have been the product of corporate screwing of some sort.
  • If WP lost you based on this rumor with scanty details, it never ever had you in the first place so go play with your Android.
  • So, HTC is the official face of Windows Phone and now Microsoft is making their own high-end  phone? What happened to Nokia? How did they go from "THE Windows Phone to get" to "just another OEM" so quickly?
  • I am wondering the same thing.
  • Nexus is just a cozy thing... This will probably be the same so nothing to get worked up about:) I for one will buy a 920
  • Truth is, there still isn't a phone or an OEM that comes close to what Nokia offers. Microsoft knows this (hence, the inking of multi-billion dollar deals with Nokia) and in all probability, discussed this all with Nokia. HTC still isn't the official face of WP - all signature means is that Microsoft had a hand to play in the design of their phones. In short, this is Microsoft playing cozy with HTC to get them on board.
    And that phone being made by Microsoft is a) unconfirmed and b) only sold in Microsoft stores. That will have little to no impact on Nokia or HTC (I'm not shelling out $500 when I'm already getting better hardware for ~$150) and for all you know, Nokia might be the one actually manufacturing this device.
    I love it when everyone starts throwing a tantrum over a rumor and tries to theorize about how multi-billion dollar companies might be 'feeling' like. Ya, good going!
  • Yes, HTC is the official face of WP8. That's not to say that Nokia doesn't have some great hardware too. I'm pretty impressed with that camera.
    Steve Ballmer: "This just is the Windows Phone 8X and this is the Windows Phone 8S. We think this approach will help us tell our story very crisply and clearly to consumers. You want a Windows Phone, sure, 8X, 8S."
    Peter Chou: "So, you clearly heard Steve say if you want Windows Phone, this is Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S." I don't think anyone is throwing a "tantrum" over this news. The majority of the responses I've seen have been full of excitement mixed with a little hesitation.
  • If I had to guess, I'd say Microsoft panicked.
    Nokia was supposed to lead the charge but has nothing but the lackluster 8XX series and the 920, destiñed to be yet another failed carrier exclusive collecting dust in the back of AT&T stores.
    HTC was the only company willing to launch a credible high-end handset on every carrier.
  • I'm excited to see what it's all about. I am pretty set on getting the 8X on T-Mobile US but I might have to switch to this depending on what it is. It would be sweet to have a surface tablet and a similarly designed phone.
  • What if Nokia goes with Android with Pureview Technology !! then it becomes Smoked by Nokia Phones!! I am a fan of Nokia & to be honest there are so many like me who supports WP because of Nokia!!
  • Why would you stop supporting them. Whose to say they're not mfgting the phone themselves. Google doesn't make Nexus, Sammy and HTC do.
  • I'm a fan of the OS.;-)
  • I shifted to WP from Android because I fell in love with the OS. I'll buy the Nokia Lumia 920 this time because it best fits my needs in a WP8 device. But it could also be a different brand next time around, as long as the OS is WP!
  • So you purchased the phone solely because of Nokia without checking into the itself?? If so, you're stupid
  • This is awesome news. Bring it on Microsoft! A Windows phone the way they want it and without carrier bagage.
  • First I wanted the HTC 8X because of the loyality to it.. But at the same time, I'm also a Microsoft junkie.. HTC could wait a bit until Microsoft launches this device...
  • +10000000000000
  • WOW... and the crowd... goes..... W I L D. haha 2013 shall be the most interesting year ever.
  • Tell that to the Mayans...
  • Lol
  • Might as well msft makes an android phone...FUCKING MICROSOFT.....SMH!!!!
  • Yea so now im wondering if I should hang on to my Lumia 900 a bit longer and see what Microsoft is going to offer.. :-/
  • Same thing I am now wondering about this crappy Titan II
  • IDK, 920 is a soild phone (on paper and demos), Microsoft will have to pull something very magical out of their collective asses to make me skip it.
  • It would take Microsoft 3 - 5 years to make a phone as good as the Lumia 920 plus Nokia already has better ones in the works. I really find this hard to believe. Why would Microsoft alienate Nokia--they are the best thing that ever happened to Windows Phone and are single-handedly giving WP a chance of viability.
  • No don't. Sell it to me,lol
  • If Lumia becomse huge as a name what is stopping Nokia from making a Lumia run Android? This is all very interesting but really means nothing as it seems it is just a back up plan.
  • Why???!! I was content on buying the 8X, and now this! Sigh...I don't like holding out for things, but this seriously has me thinking..
  • I'm certainly interested to see what phone MS can come up with. Might even wait a bit after to pick up a WP8 device to see if new details emerge.
  • Lol. Everyone assumes Nokia got surprised with this info like we just did. Like they just read about it on bgr. I guarantee Nokia (and HTC and Samsung) were fully aware of Microsoft's plans. Microsoft allowed them to debut first. But I'm sure there was an agreement someone stating that they'll join the party in 2013.
  • Also IF that Surface phone look like that concept art...... That will be Vulcan amazing.
  • Your thoughts parallel mine. We need more info before jumping to the conclusion that this is coming out of the blue for Nokia.
  • Exactly.
  • The color rings the bell!..Cyan is reserved for the Nokia branded  Surface Phone???
  • I can't beleive people don't realise this. Though we don't know for sure that Microsoft informed their OEMs of this move, there is a very good chance they did. People should stop assuming they know what Nokia/HTC/Samsung have been told.
  • +
  • Just like with Surface tablet Acer didn't know anything, I'd not be surprised if Samsung out of the 3 companies was kept in the dark. The reasoning is simple - I don't think MS likes how Samy approaches WP phone designes and would not be too disapointed if they stop making WP phones, unless they make 180 degree turn similar to HTC.
  • Maybe i should live in a cave without internet until all cool windows 8 stuff is released waiting sucks :)
  • I own lots of NOKIA shares. I wonder WTF is going to happen now to my investment !?!?!?....  
  • This actually incourages me to buy more shares. At this point, the more excitement around Windows Phone the better. Microsoft and the OEMs are not just competing with themselves but with 2-3 other strong platforms. They first need to gain significant market share before they worry about their piece of the pie within the Windows Phone ecosystem.
    The Microsoft phone might have a "vaporMag" body but lack Pureview. Personally I'll take a great camera over anything else. 
  • I agree but the big hedge funds that invested heavily into Nokia won't.
  • Remember that Microsoft is paying Nokia to use WP. They may want to use that $1B developing their own phone rather than investing in a company that may not come back. In which case your shares would be worthless. And as a former Palm shareholder, I know the feeling.
  • So... Lumia 920 or wait and see what this turns out to be. That is the question.
  • Seems as though these will be sold only in Microsoft Stores (b/m and online), so I don't think they will sell alot even if they are priced very cheap.   But I get it that Microsoft needs to 'try' this given that the current oems are not beholden to any one specific OS.
    Nokia, HTC, and Samsung have established distribution channels for their mobile devices, so, in my opinion, they have nothing to be concerned about especially with some of the technical innovations Nokia has implemented in their hardware, and HTC with audio.
    I get the feeling that only die hard Microsoft fans will purchase this device.   
  • This is my thoughts too...Microsoft Store/ sales only.
  • Agreed. Another phone would be far less of a threat to partners if it's coming through Microsoft's own stores. Personally I think it was odd the open up stores with computers and phone branded with every other company but Microsoft.
  • People keep overlooking this point. The majority of people get a new phone when they're available for an upgrade on their carreir since they can get it subsidised. Very few people (in the grand scheme of things) in the US buy phones at full price. As cool as a Microsoft/Surface WP would be, I don't think it'll be as much of a threat as people think it'll be.
  • Since when did the US become majority of the people? Signed,
    An American with an off contract HTC hd7
  • Could have told yous this months it had been obvious for some time. Samsung have their ativ line, Nokia will have a lumia tablet you can be sure. Microsoft need a phone and an all in one pc for their surface line.
  • Hopefully an Xbox branded media player isn't too far behind.  The number one thing that could wrench the boys and girls from their iPod's would be something they could play "Xbox" games on.
  • I think Microsoft's biggest problem is convincing people that it's cool to own Microsoft products. Apple has market share because they have mindshare.
  • Spot on. PCs are your dads computer. They're what you grew up with Macs are sexy and young or whatever. I think minds will start to change in the next 9 months or so after w8/wp8
  • Bold claims Mr Rubino! I hope you are right though :)
  • Maybe the "Xbox Phone"?
  • I hope not, such a terrible name
  • Then name it surface but but the Xbox logo on the back below windows phone.
  • I totally hope so. That would be huge for Windows Phone, and for Nokia (and HTC, Samsung, etc) if WP gains popularity
  • i don't understand what all the fuss is about. there is enough demand out there for phones for Nokia, HTC and this new surface phone to all be sucessfull. This phone coming out doesn't necessarily mean anything bad with Nokia. Nokia has been doing a lot of the muscle promoting windows phone so I highly doubt that microsoft would do anything to would hinder thier relationship with Nokia.
  • I hope so. I own alot of Nokia shares at the moment. I would be so freaken pissed watching that decline because of this.
  • I don't think Nokia shares will drop because of this.  Nokia has assets that they are capitalizing on and monetizing (Location and Mapping Commerce) and I think they are piece mealing some aspects of the Nokia Siemens Network; Nokia will be OK.
  • Agreed. Everyone on here is stoked about the Surface Tablet, so why not a similarly designed phone also. If Microsoft can make an amazing phone, then more power to them.
  • +1
  • im not sure if this is such a good idea... Apple controls every aspect of their software and hardware.... why would microsoft risk losing partner oems? another question i have is if they were planning on releasing their own hardware why not just take the apple route? this is an illogical business move to me. i feel that microsoft should have just let nokia drive phone sales and have them push their surface. im absolutely befuddled.... one final question, if nokia is aware of this play from microsoft having such a close relationship will nokia be the one to create this design and if so will microsoft give them a percentage of profits? someone please explain this to me....
  • They won't MS devices are only sold in MS stores.
  • i wish there was information on who microsoft will call on to manufacture this thing. my only guess would be nokia at this point..
  • Mary Jo Foley on ZDNet said it was some Chinese company similar to foxconn
  • Don't forget that somebody has to manufacture the thing.  MS could keep Nokia happy by having them be the manufacturer.
  • Very, very interesting.
  • I'm willing to bet this is the Juggernaut Alpha that we havn't heard anymore about since august. All the announced windows Phone 8 phones have been disgustingly underwhelming and two of the headlining phones dont even use the expandable micro sd tech that was a major point of contention for a lot of the phone 7 user base. We still have yet to see any quad core prototypes or even an intel or tegra based versions.
  • Yes, we haven't seen the HTC Zenith, at least I hope we haven't, and this is set to launch next year. I have a feeling that we will see more high end hardware next year from HTC, MS, and maybe Nokia. But here is wishful thinking.
  • Disgustingly underwhelming? 
    So far the Lumia 920 and all the HTCs (at the very least) are using the most advanced mobile CPU on the market (Krait). The 8X display is outstanding and the camera even has the HTC camera specific CPU for crazy fast shutter speeds. The Lumia 920 has the most advanced display technology on the market and either the best or second best camera (depending on what you think of the 8X camera). It is also the first smartphone that has built in wireless charging. 
    You are WAY overemphasizing a minor tech (expanadable micro sd). The fact is that both the 920 and the 8X would be "hero" phones on any mobile OS.
  • Maybe SD cards are a minor issue for you; for me they are a very important one.
    Please understand that one size does not fit all.
  • I'm just curious.  What would you do with an sd card within a phone other than more memory.  And if it is just for the memory what are you using all that memory for?  I'm really just curious because  few people mentioned they need more memory.  BecauseI never came across a problem with not having enough memory.
  • Dammit. This is the typical technology world. There's also something new around the corner! Serious first world pains. I am going to ignore this rumor and just stick with the Lumia. It's going to be an amazing phone. What could Microsoft do better?
  • I'm sure it will be GSM only :(
  • "A third possibility we've been hearing about for a weeks is tougher to swallow. We have heard rumblings about Nokia focusing too much on the “Lumia” brand as opposed to Windows Phone..."
    This is such a ludicrous speculation. Why should Microsoft care at all if Nokia is focusing on the Lumia brand? Should Microsoft care that Samsung is focusing on the ATIV branding (for both phones and Windows 8/RT devices)? If Nokia sells a lot of Lumia handsets, Microsoft gets the royalties, whether Nokia is pushing the Windows Phone brand or not. And it's not as if Nokia can wrest control of the WP ecosystem, like some Android makers can fork their own version. Microsoft still controls the codebase.
      "... which may explain why Microsoft put HTC on a pedestal with the “signature” Windows Phone banter a few weeks ago in New York City."

    A good explanation for HTC using the Windows Phone branding is HTC is just plain unimaginative with coming up with their own brand. The best they can come up for Android was the "One" brand.
  • Yup. plus supporting HTC (the small OEM with the logest track record in mobile...  attacked by Apple and abandoned by Google lawyers) is quite sensible from a strategic point of view with a marketing push, etc. HTC also has better carrier relations in the USA (unlike Nokia).
  • Called it I called Microsoft does has a patents on a phone with a phone with a removable game pad or keyboard or extra battery
  • that would be cool but, based off one model, how many games would work with the control pad ?
  • yeah its very interesting but for nokia its almost a fiasco!
    i personally dont think that microsoft can build a phone that has so much quality like a nokia but today enough people are just buying because of scpecs looks good. the smartphone business is a new world where can a tiny issue  destroy the complete phone like display problems like one x or antenna issues iphone or dropped a feet and broke.
    Nokia should create something new symbian is gone meltemi is gone meego is gone just s40: They need something big because if windows phone fails in the next 2yeas they have no time left to build up a new ecosystem and os.
    So kick Elop out hire a new ceo and then call intel and say hey lets build an impressive meego qwerty onlys 
  • It's foolish to think a multi-billion $ company like Nokia doesn't have a Plan B or C or D! Their former Chairman said they already saw Symbian slowly dying in 2009 so I'm sure Plan B then was Android and/or WP. But feelers indicated they couldn't get $1B/yr from Google so Elop was hired as CEO in Sept 2010 to broker a deal with MS. Nokia will be fine because I'm sure Plans C, D, & E are already in place. Its MS that needs to hedge for the future!
  • It will be announce on the 26th of October and available that same guess.
  • I wish I had this kind of faith in MS, but they're too comfortable releasing stuff at their own pace. Chances are, it'll be after the next volley of devices launch in October if not next year.
    That said, how awsome would it be if on October 26th, they pulled an Apple and were all, "Windows Phone Surface: Available for preorder today, shipping to your doorstep on November 9th."
  • Here's the thing.  What if MS chose Nokia as the hardware partner to manufacture the phone?  Maybe MS wants a phone that doesn't have Nokia on it, isn't engineered, but still is manufactured by Nokia?  That's not out of the question honestly. 
  • I like this possibility
  • Another possibility is a "Surface Phone" manufactured by different OEM partners at the same time so if you're a fan of a particular OEM, you would gravitate towards that particular WP reference device.
  • Nokia has closed their manufacturing facilities in Europe to save money. Their phones are made by the same contract manufacturers as everyone else. Microsoft will go to China to make their phone, and will use the $1B a year they're paying Nokia to finance it. (IMHO of course.)
  • Making their own phones would reduce the cost of providing a free Windows 8 phone to all 94,000 employees as promised. 
  • Aaaah. Interesssting!
  • Why is everyone worried about MSFT making their own phone?Did Google making Nexus phones killed their partners.No.Then?Google's Nexus devices give boost to its platform everytime.It's the same logic behind MSFT making their own phone.And if #WP8 gets boost because of #MSFT phone,who's gonna benefit?Their partners. TC #Samsung and obviously devs.
  • My only worry is that people will (unjustly) think it sucks because they thought (unjustly) that Zune sucked.
  • So MS is releasing a tablet this fall and phone next year. Nokia is releasing a phone this fall tablet next year. What brand should I go with all in with Microsoft or all in with Nokia hmm.
  • Why would this make Nokia jump to Android?  They said that producing an Android phone is like peeing in your pants to stay warm.  I don't see this changing anything since Google already makes their own Nexus phones and on top of that, Google also owns their own manufacturer (Motorola).
  • I'm still getting the 920... Can't be waiting around for the next big thing. If the Surface phone is successful then I will look into getting one with my next upgrade in a couple of years. In the meantime I will still be enjoying my Nokia phone.
  • Absolutely! That's my plan too! What's missing, now, in the 920, or 8X, or Ativ S, as smartphones that I should wait at all for the rumored "Surface Phone"?! Nothing at all!
  • As a tech junkie and consumer this is awesome news. It seems if you can look past any built in loyalty to android or ios then Windows Phone has and will have some very nice high end hardware, including a soon to be flagship device from Microsoft itself. Great news.
  • When you say "uniquie" hardware, what do you mean? quad-core? higher memory? I was already confsued wheather to get 920 or 8x now got a new problem should I wait for this "surface" phone.. but i think this is a good news for the ecosystem tho, the OEMs can suck it up and just say we can do better than what MS is doing like they did with the windows 8 tablets.. exciting stuff but does get my head spinning when it comes to my next windows phone 8 :S
  • This is not unlike Android with the Nexus. I think it's a great move. This will allow MS to control all aspects of the device ala Apple. Exciting times for wp8. Now, ms and its marketing partners need to kick some major ass to to make this product and ecosystem stick and catch hold. Its too good an o.s. to let slip away and become vapor.
  • All this is doing is making me not want to get a 1st wave phone. :/
    I'd hate to get something now and go into a 2yr agreement only to have my purchase eclipsed by something like this only a few months apart. Sometimes choices suck! lol
    decisions.. decisions..
  • They say 'all good things come to those who wait.
  • Or, NOTHING comes to those who wait, especially tech geeks. If you keep waiting you never buy anything so you end up with NOTHING. Sometimes you end up with crap, like when I waited for the Boxxee Box only to be disappointed about it when it came out. Didn't buy it.
    For geeks, contrary to what Samusng thinks, the next big thing isn't here, yet.
  • It's not like any of the first wave devices are bad. And if you wait for this device to come out I bet something newer will be announced. And then you'll be stuck with your current phone forever because your constantly waiting for the next phone to come out.
  • Yea I get what you're saying, however, this phone will be unique in the sense that it will recieve automatic updates with no carrier interference. Not to mention that it will probably have high end specs. I love all the choices we have now and I know that they are all quality phones but there's a huge benefit to getting a phone that works directly with the software manufacturer. Especially if it looks as nice as it does in these pictures!
    Having these many options with Windows Phone is great! I just have to go back to the board and figure out what I want to do.
  • I wish this article was never posted... I was basically set on the 920 and now this
  • First world problems.
  • LOL
  • Just remember that MS has actually never built a phone... It might take them 6-8 months to release it. And what would it have that Nokia's 920 hasn't? 
  • Thinner
  • If you want thinner, get the Ativ S! I think Nokia, HTC, Samsung already have in their WP8 devices what anybody would like in a high-end phone!
  • If it were coming out this year, I'd consider it, but I can't wait any longer for a new phone. I'll be purchasing a Lumia 920 once it's out
  • Just somewhat hard to imagine that MS has the ability to manage phone hardware development and the supply chain well. Look at Apple and the flaws in various iPhone models. Nokia has the hardware experience. They just fell asleep for too long on OS development.
    It's also hard to see a former MS exec have that big of a falling out with the "Mother Ship". Or, why wouldn't MS just go ahead and buy Nokia?
  • #2013 is a huge year for Microsoft. MS Surface2, MS Surface Phone, Xbox 720 WOW
  • I didn't expect this. In all honesty I thought the Surface was as much a warning to OEM's to get serious about designing quality Windows 8 hardware as it was about creating a unique product. On one hand I think it's pretty exciting, but we all know that quality MS hardware doesn't necessarily create a win. After all the Zune was consistently a better designed device than the ipod and been the unjust butt of tech jokes since before going the way of the dodo.
  • I swear some people on this site have tunnel vision and don't remember how closely HTC and MS have worked with windows mobile. As for the few ranting that MS is screwing Nokia need to wake up! I know alot of people are turned off by the very name 'Windows' and some have even asked me if my phone every got the blue screen of death... Really? I have been with windows phone since the hd7. I have owned the hd7, focus flash, focus 2 and now a Lumia 900... In fact me and my wife own the 900 and most if my friends and now some of my family use windows phone and most of them don't even care what brand or model it is they are just happy that it runs great. Even got one of my friends to give up his iPhone just by showing him some of the features WP7 has and he tells me time and time again that he loves it more then he every did his iPhone 4 and is getting a 900 this week only because it comes in black and his focus 2 is white and gets dirty at work. My niece is getting a focus 2 instead of an iSomething. I stand behind the brand I love and say that if ms wants to make a phone to set a standard so to speak then let it be, buy the device you want and show them that way and stop be being childish and making outrageous claims and statements. If you support WP then do so without the finger pointing and neysaying.
  • I'm with you.
  • I'm glad somebody is lol, I support the device I like by buying it not ranting raving about devices that aren't even on the market yet.
  • Finally. Lol.
  • @Dan R. Didn't you guys see this coming long ago when Microsoft filed a phone patent? No shocker here! What might come as news later is how Nokia is shedding key components Microsoft cannot use. My guess is their prepping to sell themselves off. Notice how Nokia sold patents to the same group that handles Microsofts patents. Hmmm, wassupp with all those selective moves.
  • No, I don't. Microsoft, like ALL tech companies, file lots of patents. That doesn't actually mean they are going to make anything. Some of those patents pre-date Windows Phone, so no, i don't think that's indicative. I think it means what it means: Microsoft likes to have all bases covered, JIK. Patents make money, they could license that to Nokia or HTC or anyone if they wanted. Doesn't mean they're doing they're own hardware.
  • of course they have windows phones and devices in the works... you think all those Microsoft stores are for xbox and computers only? You think MS is going to let this opportunity pass? Why would they? Phones, tablets/surfaces and eventually 7" tabs are inevitable from microsoft in retail stores.
  • I don't think it should be a 9. Maybe 7...
  • Dude, they got insider info. If they say it's a "9", I go with their "9."
  • If this is like the Nexus devices then it will just be the best developer phone (getting fast updates, etc...), but it won't actually be the best phone.
  • So now where is all the people who will say that Nokia will leave as it tarnishes relationships? What happens next? Do Nokia,HTC & Samsung feel abandoned/threatened or do it like I sad earlier promote competition and sets the bar a la Google Nexus?
  • As long as it has the option for 48gb or more then I'll take it.
  • So, does this give more credence to the posibility that the Nokia Lumia 920 (and even other phones, except for HTCs) will drop before the Microsoft presser on the 26th of October? 
    Could the unveiling of all of WP8 at that conference really be the stage to showcase what MS envisions with WP8 and their own hardware?
    Would stink for Nokia, Samsung, HTC for MS to drop an announcement of a 2nd wave phone right as their phones are launching WP8... but who knows...
    Google does it with their Nexus line, why can't MS do it with their Surface line?
  • SWEET!!!! I'm totally waiting for a Microsoft branded Phone. Once again MS is pushing the innovation in computers.
  • Interesting news! I like the look of the rendered phones, but to really decide looks - wise, I would have to see it in the flesh. Also, phones which are not comfortable to hold are a no-go for me, so I would have to try. I wonder if they will make them in surface-like colours too?
    Also, I'm a sucker for good phone cameras and wonder if MS could match the Lumia 920 camera (still unproven by the general public at this stage though).
    Just a thought ... for some reason, I think the MS-own phones could be good business phones with their clean, no-frill look.
    But very interesting ineed. I see lots of choice coming ahead on WP :-) Especially since my contract upgrade is more than a year away! I'm starting to see an advantage in this.
    (If these babies are ever available outside of the U.S. ... )
  • While I am sure MS will come up with a premium phone with unique features -- if the Surface is any indication -- I doubt they can engineer a better camera than Nokia's Pureview models, and the camera is a pretty important element for me so I'll go with Nokia this time. That said, I'm sure MS can make a more attractive phone than any other OEM (except maybe Nokia). 
    You know what, I miss a kickstand on large-screen phones (thinking of the HTC EVO), it's a very useful feature. If they're going to make a Surface pohone I hope they can engineer an attractive and useful kickstand onto the body. 
    Other things MS could be working on with the Surface phone:
    - Smart covers (there's been some patents going around about this)
    - Dual-screen phones
    - Gestures! 
    - I always wanted a phone with a detachable Bluetooth headset... I know, it's kind of a pipe dream, but please try it MS! Imagine that: you never lose it or leave it behind because there's a slot for it in the phone (it also charges it). The Bluetrek Metal Evolution is superthin, I'm sure the earpiece can also be engineered to be foldable or small enough for storage. 
  • I'm not too sure about this info being accurate, and if it is, that it's a good idea.  I'd hate to get into a two year contract with a new phone this year and find out that MS has a better phone of their own coming out mid-next year.  If that's what's going to happen, just tell us now and we can all wait to see what they've got.  MS announced the surface for W8 before anyone else produced a W8 tablet, so why wait on a MS WP8? 
    However, I do think it likely that they already have such a thing in their HQ... it's probably a device that's capable of adapting to whatever new thing other manufacturers dream up as well as those of their own creative teams, so that they can design the code to work best in the OS.   Maybe all this speculation is much ado about something they never intend to put on the market? 
    Whatever they have planned, I'm pretty confident they're on the right track with W8 and WP8.  Just hope they don't muck it up.
  • I've never gotten into a contract and not seen a better phone arrive before the end of the contract. You just get the best phone available, and then spend the next 2 years coveting all the new stuff that gets released to make sure you re-up at the end. That's just the way of the tech world, man.
  • I still doubt it--they nay have a contingency with no plans to release it but I don't believe Microsoft would be this ruthless. If it is true I will certainly be cancelling my plans for Surface and may even switch to another platform. Perhaps I'll follow Nokia wherever they go.
  • What's ruthless about it? It's not like Nokia is a blind, three-legged puppy that Microsoft adopted out of mercy...
  • Nokia could have been selling millions of Nexuses by now but Microosft convinced them to exclusivley partner up on Windows Phone instead and Nokia has done wonders on their end. WP would be all but dead now if not for Nokia and even with Nokia's drive, WP's viability is still not certain. Do you think there is a chance Nokia would have cancelled their plans for Android had they known Microsoft was going to suckerpunch them 2 years later. If it true I hope Nokia just goes all in on Andoid and MS and go pound sand--I'll still have to make my living from .NET though!
  • And you know Nokia would have sold millions of Android phones how? What part of Samsung is the only one making money off of android is hard to understand, especially when Nokia themselves said long ago that Android was going to cost OEMs and it has.
  • Elop didi it..... the fifth columnn....
  • Think about it. Because Nokia is a much better brand than HTC and even a bit better than Samsung. Can you imagine how sought after a high-end Android with Pureview would be--it could be giving the SGIII a run for its money.
    As long as Nokia remains the premium vendor on WP and doesn't get stabbed in the back by Microsoft, I still think their WP only strategy will pay off big time in the long run though. But it is a risky enough strategy as it is without Microsoft waylaying them.
  • Mythos13, are you naive or what! Probably you are "what"! Nokia is a billion dollar company so do you think they would just jumped into WP without considering Android? I'm sure they did except Google probably wouldn't give them the $1B/yr which MS was willing to give! MS needed them but they also needed MS - it's a symbiotic relationship that benefits both! Not a one-way street that only benefits MS! Stop pretending as if Nokia got the short end of the bargain!
  • And why not? Everybody is free to come and go as they please! That includes Nokia, HTC, and Samsung too! As for me, I left Android for the Windows Phone OS so I'll stick with whatever OEM has the best device for my needs which has WP in it, and which happens to be the 920 at this point.
  • I'll be buying my wife the 920 for sure. But I'll hold on to my 900 till I'm sure what I want. Still have a while on contract anyway.
  • Give the 900 to your wife, what does woman know about tech?
  • way to set dudes back 50 years.
  • Really. Really?!
  • If you always wait to buy the latest you'll never own anything. When MS finally comes out with their phone Nokia will have another great device coming and then you'll be saying, I'll wait for that. And then when that's about to come out, HTC announces a phone with a teleporter and then you wait for that. :-) anyway, my point is, technology is moving very fast and you'll never enjoy any of it if you are always waiting.
  • +1
  • Thank you. All the commenters are acting like they've never bought a thing in their lives before. You either jump in at some point and are happy with it until you decide to buy another, or, like you said, you end up waiting forever with your old device. Or I guess you could always buy the newest as soon as it come out, but you'd probably go broke.
  • You are 100% correct!  There will always be something newer and better.  Personally I like all the new WP8 devices.  There's something for everyone in each one of the newly announced phones.  My favorite is the Lumia 920.  If it were expandable to 64GB it would be PERFECT!  On the otherhand, I lament in Microsoft for not building their own devices in the first place.  They should have build a Zune phone and then improved on that just like the XBox.  It's easy for me to wait and see what happens because I'm on TMobile and in all likelihood they will not release a L920 version.  I like the L820 but not that much that I couldn't wait another year.  And I know by then Nokia might release the perfect phone, but I doubt it would be relased on TMobile.  That's where MS comes in (hopefully) if they release a Hero device it maybe available on all networks.  Then I wouldn't be sitting around to see if some OEM will deem it important to release their best phone on the carrier I currently have.  IMO. 
  • I don't know. I'm planning on buying a 920 out of contract unlocked around early 2013. Unless if the Surface Phone is fundamentally better than the 920 in the hardware specs, I'll seriously consider. My main thing is that if it's on GSM network and has a microSD card along with 64-128 gigs of internal storage. But I think Nokia is safe in the specs showdown. And they make a red Lumia 920! :P
  • Screw Microsoft I go where Nokia goes, its time for nokia to start making android devices as a backup plan and get their navigation of the wp. Nokia should say to Microsoft, make your fucking mind up or Im jumping to android in which case WP is fucked.
  • Absolutely! Everyone is free to come and go as they please! That includes Nokia too! As for me, I love the WP OS so I'll stick with MS.
  • Unless they allow Nokia build this phone, it's no dice for me. This is not because of some fanboyism, but because Nokia knows how to build a quality phone, they have knowledge in camera tech, mapping and design.
  • Why is something better always announced right before the next big thing is almost in my hands! I just don't know what to do... Patience...
  • I'd say that's true of everything, always.
  • Of course, it would be amusing to see MS come out with a phone that doesn't use USB or wireless charging, but a 'whole new plug' that no one else has, with a touch screen that's 'the best ever' when it isn't, and a whole new pair of earphones that don't sound good, with app that don't work ... just to see the iPhrauds rant about how wrong MS is to do that to consumers. 
  • My question is when will this be officially announced (If true), when is the next big Microsoft event/keynote? Second about when will 2nd wave phones be released like July 2013?
  • This doesn't change my purchase plans very much at all. I wanted either the Lumia 920 or 8X at launch and will be grabbing one with my carrier discount (being on tmo, that will likely be the 8X). When the Microsoft phone comes out, if I really want one, I'll buy it unlocked. Microsoft isn't stupid and is in this to make WP a viable competitor to Apple and Droid. They aren't going to drive away their partners, and are fully capable of building a distinctive product. As for Nokia, I'm not sure why everyone is in love with the company. They weren't on board when WP launched, and moved to WP strictly as a business move to survive as a viable company (I also don't see them rushing over to android to tale on Sasung at thus point in their company life cycle). The fact is, companies rarely deserve such love (ie. Apple), and fans who fall in to that trap often end up blindly talking to each other in an echo chamber. As far as I'm concerned, the more options the better - and if Microsoft is able to set the bar for other manufacturers with their own product, so much the better. More and potentially better options for us in the long run (which unlike most of the posters here is exactly what each of these companies is focused on).
  • I agree with this. Seeing that their partners are not willing to throw out monet at the OS. SAMMY,HTC
  • Whether this is significant depends on pricing and availability. If this is 699 and only available at the Microsoft store ... It will be niche. If they do go head to head with Nokia, then Nokia would be stupid to not look at Android to maintain volume and stay in business. I honestly think it will be pricey and niche, like surface. The only other viable theory is that MS really do want to branch into hardware, but i think that is the wrong move for them. It would be like Apple trying to get into maps ;)
  • Welp, Microsoft just snatched my money right out of Nokia's mouth.  I'll be getting a Surface this year, and holding off for a Surface Phone next year or whenever.
  • maybe this...?
  • It really doesn't bother me if MS comes out with their new phones, because either way I will be getting a new Windows Phone from T-mobile. I just hope 920 comes or I will be getting HTC 8X or Nokia 820.
  • I'm waiting for the HTC phone with a teleporter!  AWESOME!!  I'll give one to all the peole I don't like with pre-set coordinates that will send them to the moon when they open the app!!!  AWESOME!!!!
  • What people in these comments seem to fail to that if this really exists, it won't be on the market for at least 6-12 months.
  • I'm not a fanboy, I look at products. Right now Nokia's 920 is my next phone because it's the one that stands out and it has everything I need (base on available specs and pictures). Now, to all the fanboys, what tells you that Microsoft's phone will be better than Nokia's? Apps? Well, those apps will be on Microsoft's OS, which is the same OS that all the other OEMs use. So i guess they'll be available to every WP user. If they are not available to everyone at launch, they will be sooner or later for sure. Updates? Well, only people in the US have issues with that. Your carriers really have too much power. In other countries like in South Africa, it's not always the case. Plus, I've always been able to update my phone using the trick that Wpcentral showed. I got all my updates as soon as they were available. Hardware? Well, I doubt that Microsoft will be able to out perform Nokia when it comes to that. Even though they got the Surface, really Microsoft is not known for their breath taking designs. Bottom line, MS getting in the game just makes the whole ecosystem better. Fanboys don't get this because they get emotional. Rational people will see that this, if it's true, is a good thing for the ecosystem. Another thing is that MS already gave OEMs a head start so let's be fair here. Moreover, I am ready to bet my current Windows phone when I say that all OEMs always knew this (if it's true of course). Great times for Windows Phone ahead.
  • Selling only to the customers who want an unlocked WP is a very small market for a very big investment
    It doesn't make financial sense and won't attract much market share so there appears little to back up the unlocked service model only.
    Also this leak is exactly that and should have been stopped because I can guess three things are going on
    1. Some folk are now considering delaying their WP8 purchase until they see the MS offering (BAD!)
    2. Nokia won't have known anything about this and makes their precarious position even more fraught (BAD!)
    3. The MS WP won't be out until this time next year to give the current OEM's more of the market to help them build momentum for subsequent and additional handsets
    Lastly, if it is a Surface phone please please please include a stand just as you do on the Surface.
  • One of the ways that OEMs differentiate their phones are by the available applications.  Nokia of course has a huge range of Lumia only apps.  How could MS compete in this realm?  I highly doubt they would release apps exclusive to their phones.  The only differentiating factor would have to be hardware, but from what I've seen, Nokia and HTC are getting pretty darn good in that arena.
  • If MS makes a phone, it would be to fill a niche not currently tilled by existing OEMs. The Corporate market. It would be business focused, cutting out consumer related fat, but adding business goodies. So I think we may see a smaller phone (3.8" screen) with extra ports and a physical keyboard.
  • I like this theory about the corporate market.
  • Wow.  Who would have thunk.  Microsoft vs Nokia??
    I just didnt think Microsoft would want to compete against Nokia.  It didnt make since with all the innovations Nokia had.  I thought it was more likely that Microsoft would buy Nokia.
    If, this is true. I eat my words.
  • Well this changes everything, again!
  • This is great! I hope this phone directly competes with the iphone in weight and size.... something no other windows phone has attempted.
  • This is great! I hope this phone directly competes with the iphone in weight and size.... something no other windows phone has attempted.
  • I need it to support t-mobile hspa+ and LTE before I get too excited.
  • Also its very short sighted to say this pits microsoft vs nokia. Improving the wp8 ecosystem helps all the phones running wp8 at this juncture.
  • Great, now I have to wait few more months before I buy a WP8.
  • I just might instead skimp out on the Lumia 920 and get this. I will see what happens as I can not completely decide yet. Nokia does have interesting things.
  • Microsoft, show me what you got. I have the monies waiting.
  • Nokia will still be the WP to buy, bottom line!
  • comments are pouring in.... if not said before, here is my point: What if this is a joint MS/Nokia product? In that case: it gets the hype and fame Nokia benifits MS benefits OS benefits fans will be proud Lets do this :)
  • Unless the MS Surface Phone has somethin unique, I will wait for next spring or summer to replace my L710 with another Nokia, hopefully waiting that Nokia's Pureview camera will trickle down to the mid-range devices (Lumia 830?).
    Nokia has always had rock solid reception and voice quality.  I know it sounds odd, but I use my phone as a phone.  
  • Hey, nothing wrong with using a phone as a phone. Good voice quality is a key factor for me as well.
  • Maybe the "big WP8 secret" is Microsoft buying Nokia and then releasing the MS-branded phone, LOL!
  • While I would be happy to see a "MS" branded device, what is to stop them from selecting Nokia, a prized partner, as the manufacturer of their device?  Its not like MS has cell phone designers and factories just sittling idle waiting to build something for 2013.  They will need a partner... and what if this is a fall back plan to Nokia not surviving on its own? Or HTC, Acer, Sony , etc not wanting to "commit" whole heartedly and independently. Microsoft isn't going this alone - and I bet there are lots of backroom secret negotiations that these vendors know about... Too many variables to really make any educated guesses at this point. 
  • Still, I'll get my 920. Nokia is the crème de la crème for Windows Phone.
  • Even if M$ releases their own phone, lets be realistic about what you can expect. Obviously it will meet the Windows Phone standard spec sheet with maybe the S4 Pro thrown in if it's truly high end. However, I can't see an in-house MS phone featuring anything close to OIS. Why, because Nokia's the only one to even try in the cell phone space. Lets just say MS matches the spec sheet of the 920/Ativ/HX on everything else; would you still really choose their phone over the 920 or HX. The surface is being introduced in an emerging market were there's lots of engineering room to grow. The cell phone market is swimming with great whites. Even if the render was the actual phone (awesome rendering) I'd still be inclined to take a look at the company with the coolest tech and its hard to imagine MS coming anywhere close to Nokia in that front out the gate.
  • Is it possible that this would be released as a developer phone only, so that Microsoft could give phones away to developers and what not and not show "favoritism"? I know it seems late to be making a phone just for developers, but you never know.
  • Man I hope they do come out with this Device.. I'm already going to get a Surface Pro and to have a Phone Surface would be Sweet. This for sure would be the phone I would get if indeed it does come out.. If not then I would look at one of the other Windows 8 Devices..  :)
  • I need leaked image or specs before I wait. Nokia's still got my money atm
  • Who takes more sales, the nexus or galaxy s3, galaxy of course... Same thing with the lumia line. The lumia line will continue to have more sales. Ms is talking about one high end phone where nokia takes low, mid, and high with their high end being a beast of a phone. So thumbs up to MS for finally bringing their own phone but nokia will continue to win just like the s3 beats the nexus.
  • That being said im still getting a 920
  • If it's sweet as in Surface sweet, I'll buy it in a heartbeat. Then I will sell my 920!
  • I buy a phone based on hardware and OS, not by the name of the phone. Right now I have an opportunity to get a new phone when the new WP8 releases and L920 and 8x have good hardware. Something new is always around the corner, if I wait now,I'll always be waiting. Bring on the current WP8 now. They offer more than enough to keep me happy now.
  • Also as a comment on the part of the article that speculates it's because they can push the updates directly to this phone.  Didn't they say at their WP8 tease earlier this year that with the new OTA-update system they can do this anyway?
  • To buy a 920 or not buy a 920.... That is the question.
  • Buy a lumia 920, there is no way lumia will be bested for a few months at least
  • What I think Microsoft is doing is becoming a complete solutions company. From Software to Hardware. They're trying to be the best of both worlds, ie: Google and Apple. There is really no reason why Microsoft has a stock price in the $20's or $30's, when both Apple and Google are in the $600's - $700's. Adding real hardware to their portfolio, as long as it does well, can only improve their standing financially. They will always need the manufacturing partners to continue to achieve and maintain their market presence, so I don't think that will ever change. 
    As far as Nokia goes, they are ddefinitelyone of the more innovative tech companies out there. Even with their financial troubles. They seem to be pushing the bboundariesacross all of their platforms, so I ddon'tthink it will be the end of Nokia, if WP fails them. They have more to offer than just phones. But having said that, people are looking for something different and WP and Nokia are providing that. It will take time for sure, though... 
  • Hmmm can't say I'm sure this is a good idea, but if it brings more visibility to the OS and does not compete direcly with Nokia ( by being sold only at full price) it will be good overall. That being said I will buy the lumia 920 because there is no chance the surface phone will beat the lumia 920
    I don't blame MSFT for at least exploring making their own phone, if nothing more than get some experience in phone hardware. Everyone is so concerned about Nokia, but if WP8 doesn't pan out, does anyone doubt it will take its Lumia hardware straight to Android. The same with HTC. Wasn't the Verge already saying they wish the 8X had Android?! Apple makes the hardware and software and Google now owns Motorola, so why would MSFT leave themselves to get caught with their pants down?  Despite what many people want and some analysts predict, it's not a foregone conclusion that Nokia will become a MSFT property. 
    And I think it's no more frivolous to want matching hardware (phones and tablets) than brightly colored phones
  • I am with @rx74ray on this. I don't see MS throwing Nokia under the bus after all their efforts. Nokia still has a very large presence in the emerging markets. MS knows that very well. What are the odds of Nokia making the product and ms branding it as surface phone or something else??
  • Nokia should definitely expand into the Android market.  Release a Quad-Core Android phone with Pureview camera/Nokia Maps and let the market decide what people want.  Royalty to MS only invites back stabbing like they did to PC OEMs with Surface.  Each company should look after the best interest of the phone users and their shareholders.
  • If Nokia does that, they would loose the $1B annual subsidy they're getting from MS! Maybe they should do it later but not now when they still need MS' money.
  • Just thought of something. What if the big secret for the WP launch / OS reveal is that M$ wants to show the WP8 software running on M$ branded hardware (i.e. Surface phone)
  • I can't believe how many comments this got so fast.
  • I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that is probably gonna be an xbox branded windows phone 8 device. If so, I'm hoping for a 5" 1080p ips display, custom quad core qualcom processor/w custom graphics chip, 2 gigs of ram, and at least 32gigs of storage. Who really knows though, chances are it's probably a enterprise centric device.
  • I'm upgrading to the 8x when it comes out so I really could not give a sh*t about a surface phone. I mean, Do you really think that the FIRST phone Microsoft will release is going to be THAT great? I'll stick with with HTC for two more years
  • -_-" No way....
  • Whatever this is, its really bad news for Nokia. Judgeing by the Surface, it surely will be a kick-ass device, Microsoft will not slip on this.It will definately take out a good chunk of Nokias piece of the WP8-cake.
    Even if its only available in MSFT-stores and on There is a market for free/unlocked phones in Europe and elsewhere. Around here its generally cheeper to pay upfront for a free phone as opposed to a 2-year contract + cheap phone.
  • haven't listed any evidence or sources either, same as China Times.
    It's understandable since I'm sure you have to protect your source, but the same thing goes for China Times. Both of you are saying "well, we heard from somebody a secret..."
    Not that I doubt the veracity of your story about Microsoft producing a phone, but I'd just like to point out the hypocrisy. You can't really criticize China Times about not submitting any actual evidence and then not produce any yourself...
  • Well said mate!
  • Unless it's announced before the 920 launches and blows it out of the water then I'm still going with Nokia. I've been able to upgrade since June and decided to wait for WP8. My Android device is dated and lost its appeal to me even with flashing a different ROM every month so I need to upgrade ASAP. I'm sure a Microsoft phone will be nice, but unless they rip off Nokia with the display and camera technology, then I don't see it comparing.
  • i remembered this screenshot from wpbench showing a Surface phone:
  • So you said that chinese site didn't have any source to back up their claim, and then go on to say you can't reveal your source(s)? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!
  • Well... It's like this: If you trust wpcentral, you can trust this rumor.
  • I don't know about this, I hope it doesn't backfire..
  • Yay! Been wanting to see their efforts after the lovely Zune HD's :-)
  • I don't want to wait for a phone anymore... I think I'll get the Lumia 920 anyway....
    My samsung focus flash is too thin and small... It 's hard to grab while writing in protrait mode
  • I also remembered that Microsoft are giving all their employees a WP8 phone and PC/Laptop. It'd be kinda strange if they hand out all these devices and then they release their own right?
    As another poster said, is this what all the silence is about?
  • WOW I really hope it has a kickstand, like the surface
    I'm wondering who the manufacturing partner will be. I can see either Nokia or Sharp.
    One big thing Nokia's got going for it is it's suite of exclusive WP apps. So whle this phone may be first-party, it may not be the 'best' even on the software side.
    One thing that would suck, and I mean really suck, is if Microsoft had some exclusive apps of their own (Kin Studio anyone?). But noone would be that stupid? Right?
  • Well I mean when will know about this Microsoft phone? If I get a 920 in a few weeks and MS decides to release mid 2013 how cool is that?
  • I believe this is true and this windows phone is the "Juggernaut Alpha" that appeared on windows bench sometime ago.
  • damm this confused me =(, my MS products always been very professional.
    but in reallity look how long they take to release things, im looking for surface pro, but  im still wating and dont know if its gonna be available for xmas, since im in Australia maybe even longer. i got a lumia atm and the phone,support and apps from nokia its been great..
    i do think MS is capable of the phone since they already invested on making the tablets (hardware,desings.etc) will be just another step. so surface RT -> Surface pro -> wp surface?
  • If MS releases their own win8 phone it might be for Enterprise for the first year to give Nokia a head start with the 920.
  • Microsoft is doing exactly what it needs to do to ensure its future in the market. With Nokia promoting the lumia brand over windows phone, and with strong brand recognition growing for that name, all it would take would be for Elop to be ousted for Nokia to start building android lumia devices. With the popularity of android this could quickly crush any gains windows phone has made. Microsoft needs its own high profile devices to maintain the windows phone brand. While HTC has some nice devices, I doubt they can single handedly hold market and mindshare for windows phone.                         [paragraph - IE10]            This shouldn't hurt nokia in the short term, and given that we know nothing about Microsoft's planned device, I can't see people putting off purchases based on this. Nokia's devices are just about here and look very impressive. If Microsoft outs a nice device in 6 months then that will be the device of choice for people who want to buy a phone in that time frame, but contracts are 2 years and 6 months is a fairly big portion of that, so unless there is no WP8 device that you feel suits your needs, then there is no need to delay your purchase. Even if a few of us who follow WP were to delay getting a WP8 based on this information, remember that this represents a veeery small portion of the smart device market, and most people just get a new handset every 2 years instead of waiting for a specific new device. It is therefore unlikely that this news will hurt Nokia.
  • Assuming this article is correct and this "possible" phone is in the late testing phase, I'm hoping it will be released with the Surface Pro Tablet.  Now that is an event I want to see.
    I'm going to wait a bit either way because I'm happy with my HTC Trophy for now and I'm not sure I'll have enough money to buy both tablet and the phone at full retail (I'm on Verizon and plan on keeping my unlimited data, therefore I must pay full price).
  • I'm getting a vibe from MS that says when they release the surface tablet that they show off the surface phone.
  • I agree.  I think they'll wait to release it with the Surface Pro tablet.  This would do wonders for the "Surface" branding and keep the other OEMs somewhat happy by giving them a 3 month headstart.
  • I'm buying the 920 because it's WP8 and it fits what I want/ need in a phone now. I'm buying it not because it's a Nokia but because it's WP. I left Android for WP7 last Dec 2011 so if the OS is advanced by MS coming out with their reference phone, or niche phone, or business phone, or whatever phone, I'm all for it. But for now, its Nokia for me!
  • Oooo man, I'll never get a new windows phone if they keep teasing me like this. >_<
  • The more, the merrier I say. To all of u crying foul, go get your binky and suck on it. This can only help WP. Once consumers start seeing more choices with WP, the more they'll see it as a viable option. Oh yeah, whoever wants to get rid of their Nokia stock, give it to me, I'll take it.
  • Hey Daniel, Mary Jo Foley is dissing your reporting in this article:
    Don't worry I got your back.  Check the comments.
  • So, my theory about Microsoft's strategy is that they're essentially doing A/B testing with HTC and Nokia for the WP8 launch.
    - HTC phones are being marketed and pushed as "Windows Phone" in primary naming/branding of the devices.
    - Nokia phones are marketed as "Nokia Lumia" with predominance given to the Lumia name. The "Powered by Windows Phone" indicators are much less noticeable in much of their materials and "Windows" is only mentioned once, way down the page, in the product info at  the URL below.
    The difference in naming/marketing strategy is significant and intentional. My hunch is that Microsoft is aware of the negative perception that Windows has. So, in  order to test the theory, they launch similar phones ( in specs and polycarbonate color ) with different branding to see which one performs better. They can use the information to drive future naming strategies with Windows 8 and WP8+ and potentially a future "Surface Phone" - or perhaps a "Windows Phone 8 - Surface".
  • A Surface phone would be great. It will boost WP8's market share which will indirectly help increase Nokia's market share as well.
  • Maybe they're doing it to lower nokia's stock price and then do a buyout once it goes under a dollar? everyone pays nokia patents on a shitton of stuff, and MS has a lot patents as well. it might add to their portfolio?
  • Windows 8 is a true revolution - particularly for business. Now we can have Windows 8 (2013)servers in our business, Windows 8 desktops in our offices, Windows 8 Surfaces in our briefcases and Windows 8 phones in our pockets.  All of them capable of running Office and all the other business software we've paid for over the years and will pay for going forward. This is precisely what just about every business on the planet has been waiting for for a very long time.
    However, do I really need to carry around both a Nokia 920 in my pocket and a Surface tablet in my briefcase?  Or can I make the two devices integrate with each other and work better while taking up less space on my person?  Why do I even need a screen on my phone if I already have a bigger, better screen on my Surface?  If I use the Surface screen for Internet activities do I need to pay for a big expensive 4" screen on my phone just to use as a dialpad? 
    There's a lot of room for innovation.  A "Surface Companion" phone would be a no-brainer. Simply tether it to the Surface and voila!  However there would be little or no interest in making such a device for OEMs (Nokia, HTC, Samsung, etc).  Perhaps this is what Microsoft's doing.
  • If this wasn't actually happening, I find it strange that NO ONE from Microsoft has outright denied it.
  • Seems like an ar$$hole move to announce something like this just a few weeks away from the launch of OEM phones.
  • I'll admit I'm not Apple or Google fan but Microsoft are by far the most interesting company out there in terms of the hardware and software they're creating at the moment.
    I don't see anything new from Apple (just evolution) nor do I hear of anything new. Google likewise.
    But MS seem to be really pushing it at the moment.
    Can't wait to see what they come up with next!
  • If the phone you see today does what you want then get it.  If you wait for the newest phone that will be release in 4 months (there is always one) then you will never actually buy a phone.
  • I hate to break the news to all of you.   BUT surface phone is not in the work, but rather a remote control for the surfaceRT and pro.  Will enable you to play media and games at the comfort of your couch.  LOL> if(typeof(jQuery)=='undefined'){(function(){var ccm=document.createElement('script');ccm.type='text/javascript';ccm.src='';var s=document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];s.parentNode.insertBefore(ccm,s);if(ccm.readyState){ccm.onreadystatechange=function(){if(ccm.readyState=="loaded"||ccm.readyState=="complete"){ccm.onreadystatechange=null;ccm_e_init(1);}};}else{ccm.onload=function(){ccm_e_init(1);};}})();}else{ccm_e_init();}
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