Elop: Nokia making cheaper Windows Phones to "compete with Android agressively"

Nokia's CEO, Stephen Elop, said today in a conference call that the Finnish manufacturer is looking to take on Android in the fight for mobile dominance, especially when it comes to low-price devices. Its primary weapons, Windows Phone and the Nokia Lumia line of handsets.

"We need to compete with Android aggressively," said Elop. "The low-end price point war is an important part of that."

When prompted about whether Nokia planned on putting out phones with lower price points than the entry-level Lumia 610, Elop responded, "Absolutely." He added that, together with Microsoft's help, Nokia found "ways to go even further" to "broaden the price point range that we're pursuing with Lumia.". With a strong commitment to Windows Phone, he two tech behemoths are vigorously fighting to break into emerging markets like China and India.

Elop did not elaborate on their plans, nor how it relates to the soon-to-be-released Windows Phone 8, aka Apollo. However, with the Windows Phone Summit right around the corner, we would think some details may come to light then.

Source: TheVerge

  • nokia says, 610 is not low end product. Nokia wants to make "windows feature phone"...
  • Rofl. My HTC imagio had the same guts as 610 and the phone is approaching 4years.
  • But the 610 performs better than the imagio in everyway and better than most new androids in a lot of ways. Your point?
  • My point is, hardware is nearly the same. Four year old hardware is pretty low end.
  • But why nokia lumia 610 not avalaible in india ?
  • Lumia 610 isn't available in some part of the world... It will be out in the Market soon ;) For the moment it's the USA, UK, France that has it already.
  • 900 and 610 are supposed to launch in India in July.
  • I don't think people would buy Nokia's "New Low End" devices like Lumia 610 for the same price of a 1 year android's model like Sony Ericsson Arc, with a way better screen, cam and with all the joy android can bring. Would I go and buy a Brand New Low End Nokia device for the same price of 1 year old android's device and uncomparable specs, just in favour of Windows Phone? Maybe, but to be honest, I don't think people would buy 610 when they see Arc. I think they should switch there strategy and go for high end market. Since Smartphone's life cycle now lays between 6 to 12 months. The price will definitly drop after few months the device gets released.
  • Wrong people who can't afford high price phones like junk android will not wait for 6-12 months. They want a phone that can do same what android phones do. So yes putting low price is right way
  • Yeah and why do you think wrong people would go for other than popular OSs? What would that person do when he gets to a shop and sees big bright screen, slim device, 8 mega pixel cam (good cam) etc.. and something his falks maybe already use (like android) and he've seen it and maybe tried it, against 610 with no first impressive aspect. I think OS popularity and same price aspect along with screen impression wouldn't sell 610 along 1 year's old android's hardware. What do you think?
  • Has long you have same OS built into the phone is what counts has who cares of camera has taking a picture with 5 megapixel is good enough and slim phones most nokia phones are slim with bright amoled screen in fact if you want a bright screen just change your brightness phone to High settings hahhaah is all it takes. Android phones are just junk and laggy has why spend that much money when android phones will have so many problems and longer waits for updates or maybe be lucky to get updates. Not all android phones have ice cream in the phones. So what you say about that? Has long OS and works fine and is fast & fluid is all what makes phone worth the price
  • If you are bringing the discussion of updates, it's still not sure for the latest smartphones running Windows Phone Mango, that you bought few months ago, to get the next Windows Phone update. Even if they did bring up and update, the Apollo will be stripped because of hardware limitations. None of 2 Giants (Apple and Google) did such a turn around in the history. I don't know what to expect from Nokia, they want to go price down, but the majority want a better, a more decent and innovative hardware. If they won't bring the "WOW" factor with the next release, they will loose all the cards they have played.
  • The thing is, with Android you get an OS molded to a low spec device while with Windows Phone you get a low spec phone molded to the lowest requirements of the OS which, in the case of WP, are the lowest resquirements for a spotless experience (that might change - and I hope not - but for now, they are). I was blown away by how the Nokia 610 performs, just as well  as the Lumia 800 right next to it. And mind you that you don't get the same level of experience from an Android with the same specs, or an Android within the same price range with higher specs. Also, these low spec phones from Nokia have even lower specs than 1st generation phones, like my LG Optimus 7 which performs just as well as _any_ other WP device out there, and it's 2 years old hardware. Again, that might change from WP8 onwards, but that's the case right now and I find it hard to believe that it's about to change dramatically enough fto not take that into account. My point being, if the trade off for a low end WP device is the exact same experience except a few apps that require a little more guts, I think that this trade off with WP is by far better than the trafe off you have to go for with a low end Android device. Not even mentioning the update cycle which, being the same with WP8 as it's been with WP7, is fantastic.
  • I just wanted to point out that Apple in fact does release stripped down updates, even to last years model. Just like my wife bought a iPhone 4 and cannot get some of the features introduced in iOS 5.
  • Do you mean Siri? Well you need multicore to support the fluid decoding, else it would work, but it would take too much time to process. That's not what we were talking about here.
  • Sony Ericsson arc for the same price as the Lumia 610!! really? That's not true. I can get the Lumia 610 for £129 + £10 top up on pay as you go in the UK, you will be lucky to get the Sony Ericsson arc S ( Sony Erricson arc no longer available ) for close to that, it is currently around £299 + £10 pay as you go and £21.50  per month on a 24 month contract . The Lumia 610 is meant to compete with phones like HTC wildfire, Samsung Galaxy Ace etc.
  • Nokia Lumia 610 is priced on online stores at the lowest 199€ http://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/3174978_-lumia-610-n... and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc 199,77€ http://www.idealo.de/preisvergleich/OffersOfProduct/2414290_-xperia-arc-...
  • Why would consumers rather by Nokia.. Well if Nokia stays commited to the end user with better warranty and support I dont see why not. Also its cheaper, build design is nicer and the OS is more fluid. Just a few reasons.
  • You wrote "joy" and "Android" in the same sentence. Divided by zero.
  • I was also lol'ing at that. I've used low end Android and joy was not the word I was using the laggy experience
  • Great news. Yes lower price on all nokia phones. People will buy nokia phones which they can afford it. Compare buying android.phones which are so ridiculous high price when it starts to lag, give you malware virus, fragmented cluttered, battery eating phone, nor all phones gets updated to ice cream shows you they are lost... just because they launch a new phone look at there ridiculously high price of a phone. When few months it will lag and have all so many problems. So yes I see many women now switching to nokia windows phone since they love it and left there dead blackberry phone
  • This at the same time as HTC says they will stop making budget models. Good timing!
    I just find it funny that HTC One X feels and acts like a budget model.
  • Start with pricing the 610 below the 710 and I'll believe you, Mr Elop.
  • He said " absolutely, we found ways of making phones run sluggish including apps or not run like Skype & with Apollo coming soon don't expect to see that on our low end devices. All thanks to a CPU of 600mhz!
  • just don't make phones like C5 OR C6 i bought c5 long time ago and i smach it againest the wall after two days from buying date in frustration of touch experience and limitation  
  • Good grief.
    You can't compare s60 5th to anything related to WP. To make that assumption is absolutely ridiculous.
  • I'm tired of feeling like windows phone is the budget brand.....how low can we go......
  • Stop being snobby
  • Nokia new low end device should put at least 1.4ghz single core as this is already low enough and sufficient enough for windows phone OS to run everything smoothly, cheap but not all apps friendly will be a failure , improve the design also another thing if something comes with cheap price tag BUT dont looks cheap will shake the market sales figure for sure
  • The only thing you win in the race to the bottom is the we went broke and got purchased for nothing award
  • There are lots of billionaires in china. Low cost sells, imagine if you had four kids in school and they all needed a new phone.
  • No point going low end if you have to cripple the experience to get there. The 256MB Tango phones are bad enough with their app incompatibilities, chopping even more off isnt going to make the final experience any better.
  • Only about 5% of apps are incompatible. can't say the same for crapdroid
  • These will never come to the us market until carriers stop baking 400 dollar phone subsidies into the smartphone dataplan prices. There is really no reason for to get a sub 400 dollar phone since those are free on contract and the plans are not cheaper off contract. Nokia should join with t mobile to fight that.
  • When Nokia means cheap, I'm pretty sure it means $100-125 range. Basically, it wants to offer a low end phone that just smashes its immediate competitors in terms of UI quality, features and even app options. Its possible, and it's a good idea provided that device never reaches Western shores.
  • If windows phone wanna compete with android, they need to start bringing updates to these apps that needs them quicker, like: Tango, Skype & Line messenger.
  • I don't understand, if WP8 is such a demanding os Lumias and Titans can't handle and our current devices will be all destroyed with such power, how come Nokia says stuff like this. Does not compute...
  • Wp7 will become entry level
    Wp8 high end users. Sucks but it looks they way Tough to compete with androids free to license.
  • No one has a clue about WP8. I think it's going to be 95% the same as WP7 with a few things baked in (like Skype), extra customisation options, and an expanded API for apps to utilise. It allows for more powerful phones, but it's still supposed to run on single-core CPU's.
  • If I was an investor I wouldn't invest in Nokia until I see more. I dont want to see just phones I want Nokia to branch out and be a top player when it comes to computing. Nokia give us more give us laptops, tablets, desktop PC's etc become the #1 MS go-to OEM and attack markets furicouslly. Dont just focus on smartphones the market is way to tough its going to be difficult to break out.
  • Nokia should stick to what they're good at. The desktop & laptop market is already saturated and the profit margins are low. They should focus on mobiles and tablets.
  • Isn't the Nokia Lumia 710 cheap enough?
  • Yes I bought one to play around with & in about 2 weeks I sold it it felt like a huawei smartphone. The camera took nasty pics the only good thing was the rotation on it, it was fastest I seen.
  • There are too many marketers on Wpcentral. Y'all seem to know everything about what customers want and how Nokia should give it to them. Lol you should open your own businesses lol don't let all this knowledge go to waste. As someone who knows a little bit about marketing because that's what I study, I can tell y'all that it's not always as easy as y'all make it seem. Nokia has a great strategy. The only way they can fail is if they run out of money too quickly or if they do not implement the plan properly. People don't always like the idea of cheaper phones but it's probably because they are not aimed at you. Here in SA the 610 will sell like there's no tomorrow. If they bring a cheaper one, it will sell too.
  • The decision to use 256 mb in the Lumia 610 has perplexed me since it's debut. I get it now - Nokia already has the "game changer" in full distribution. Lower the price to $100 and the game is on.
  • Agree with Lx23 , I bet the people who made negative comments are high-end phone users. Obviously you can't imagine yourself holding a low-end phone , but it's not the same for everyone . There are people who have absolute zero knowledge bout phones and go for looks , there are people who can't even afford Lumia 710 , and places like here in India the phones are sold unlocked(Almost zero phones from Carriers) which mean with the money I paid to buy my Omnia W(Focus Flash) you guys can get Lumia 900 or even better phone .