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Although we always liked the emoticon button on Windows Phone 7, we never liked how it kept it in ASCII form, not when other IM/SMS apps on other platforms do the conversion to a little graphic for you.

Luckily in Mango, this changes. We'll chalk it up to "not having enough time" for the original OS, but at least now when you enter in an emoticon, it gets translated to its graphic equivalent, adding a much needed and refined look to the whole chatting world.

And yes, it's the little things that matter on the OS and Microsoft gets that. This makes us happy.

via: PocketNow

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  • I like the plain text emoteicons :(
  • me too!
  • I like them, too.These new Emoticons look disgusting!I really hope that one can switch them on and off. They should implement the Kiss-Smiley (:*) or does no-one there have a girlfriend? ;)
  • I hate the emoticons in WP7. Many are duplicated in different forms (exchanging : for =) while there are some missing which exist on other platforms. They should really just look at BBM.
  • Graphic emoticons will be nice, though I don't mind the text versions.I do wish the keyboard was moderately configurable, so that more of the ones I use don't require switching to the secondary group. A setting to include/exclude the "-" nose or "=" eyes would about cover it.
  • There better be a :3 this time!
  • =3
  • Is that also a different colour green then whats on the devices now? (lime, green)
  • I thought the ASCII ones fit better with the metro "authentically digital" philosophy