Engadget gets a look at the Sprint HTC Arrive (7 Pro)

Looks like the lucky folks at Engadget got a sneak peak at Sprint's first Windows Phone, the HTC Arrive (aka 7 Pro). They took a few snazzy shots and even did a quick video demonstrating copy and paste on the device.

Of course C&P is there because it's tied into the NoDo update, which also brings CDMA support to the OS. While the copy and paste demo is nice, unfortunately they did not film the device in landscape, meaning those mysterious Xbox LIVE shots in the horizontal zone cannot be confirmed/disconfirmed just yet. So close, yet so far.

Source: Engadget

Daniel Rubino

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  • Got my 7 pro a month ago (Germany) and I am absolutely loving it! the slide out keyboard is brilliant :)
  • Sad that the Engadget dude didn't spend a bit of time to figure out how to paste again.Just to get the story straight: You CAN in fact, multiple paste. Just swipe to the right on that word suggestion bar, and the paste icon comes back.
  • I just wish they filmed the settings to see if they added any new things including custom ringtones. I just really hope there are a few surprises in the update that haven't been disclosed yet.