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US Cellular brings 8107 Windows Phone update to HTC 7 Pro

In a first for a US carrier, US Cellular has reportedly begun distributing the 8107 OS update to the HTC 7 Pro (aka Arrive) owners. We've had numerous reports come in from readers that they started receiving the update within the last 48 hours with more reports coming in.

That's both exciting and frustrating as US Cellular is the "sixth largest" carrier here in the States, serving up CDMA coverage to 6.1 million subscribers. Sprint too has the the HTC 7 Pro (aka Arrive) with CDMA bands meaning this update could, theoretically, be ready to roll out there--should Sprint choose to do so. Likewise, it's a bit funny to see the small carrier outshining the likes of AT&T, who has eight Windows Phones (if counting Venue Pro) and yet has not rolled out this update nor the previous 7740 just yet.

Still, with at least one US carrier now pushing this out, it gives some hope to Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and of course Sprint. But we're not betting anything here just yet.

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HTC 7 Pro at Expansys for £229

It seems as though other websites and companies are offering the same deal as with regards to the HTC 7 Pro, which is now going for just £229 at Expansys (with free delivery). If you wanted to get your hands on the QWERTY sporting device, now's your chance with more than one location slashing the price.

Source: Expansys, thanks J45PER for the tip!

HTC 7 Pro available for £229 at

This is a sweet deal, is now offering the HTC 7 Pro (sim-free and unlocked) for just £229. We're unsure as to how long this deal will last, but it should excite anyone who's waiting for price drops. The question is should you buy it or wait for devices around the launch of Mango?

Oh and free delivery (3-5 working days) is also included.


HTC 7 Pro now available on Cellular South for $199

Remember when we covered the news that Cellular South may be getting the HTC 7 Pro (read our review)? Well, now it has become reality. The "largest privately-held wireless provider in the United States" is now offering the beast of a handset for $199 on a two-year contract after a $50 mail-in reward card, pretty standard in comparison to other carriers with Windows Phone 7.

Are you with this network and are awaiting a WP7 device?

Source: Business Wire

Face off: HTC 7 Pro vs Nokia E7

Seeing as we now have a new partner--that'd be Nokia we're talking about--we figure we would start to cover a little bit more about them, since they are a rarity here in the U.S. One of the biggest sites for Noki'a OS, Symbia, is All About Symbian and they just did a real nice review comparison between the HTC 7 Pro (coming to the U.S. as the Sprint Arrive) and the Nokia E7. Both are landscape messenger devices and on the face of it, quite comparable.

But it's the details that are of interest and while we won't ruin everything, a pretty good argument is made that the E7 is much better than the 7 Pro. Now granted, All About Symbian is a little biased towards Nokia and their OS is certainly much more mature, but if you factor in just the hardware quality, well, you'll see why HTC may need to step it up a bit and perhaps why you, as a consumer, should be excited about Nokia's hardware.

The short of the matter is that the E7 has a much more solid body (aluminum shell), better screen (CBD AMOLED), slightly nicer keyboard and sharper video. We recommend folks head over there to see the side by side--you'll learn as much about the 7 Pro as you do about the E7 and Nokia's finesse with hardware.

Soruce: All About Symbian

HTC Arrive ... arrives for $199 on Sprint -- with copy/paste!

After a couple of days worth of teasing, the HTC Arrive -- aka the HTC 7 Pro -- has, erm, arrived on Sprint! It'll officially go on sale March 20 for $199.99 (after two-year contract and $100 rebate). And that's not a bad price for the tilting, sliding phone. And best of all, it'll have the cut-and-paste update on board when you pull it out of the box. Can't beat that.

Other features of note:

  • 3.6-inch touchscreen at 480x800
  • 1GHz Snapdragon processor
  • 16GB of internal memory
  • 1500mAh battery
  • 5MP camera with flash and 720p recording
  • Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR
  • Wifi b/g/n
  • And all the usual Sprint customizations and WP7 features.

Full specs and the presser are after the break, and there's more at Sprint. Who's gonna pick this one up?

Sprint search teases us to pre-order the HTC Arrive aka 7 Pro

Sure, we'll probably know way more in another few hours, but lets tease a bit more, shall we?

Evidently, if you search on for "Arrive" you get this little result above, confirming what everyone already suspected: the HTC 7 Pro is going to be the Sprint HTC Arrive. We also like the emphasis on the wording here: "the first Windows Phone from Sprint", strongly hinting that the carrier is just getting started.

We also know that we'll have to pre-order the phone, meaning tomorrow is not the release but the announcement (also pretty normal for Sprint). Anyone want to take a guess on shipping? And lets hope we don't actually have to go to a Sprint store to pre-order....

Thanks, Matthew, for the tip!

Sprint definitely confirms Windows Phone for tomorrow

Like we needed any more proof from the other day, Sprint has gone ahead and dropped the "Xbox" word in their latest tweet just moments ago.

So no Android, no HP WebOS...just sweet, sweet Windows Phone 7. Probably, most definitely the HTC 7 Pro aka the T7575 aka "Arrive".

Come back and rejoice tomorrow when the details are posted...

Update: Confirmed, Sprint announcing HTC 7 Pro this Thursday

Sprint just had another Tweet which not-so-cryptically reads:

"If you could design a brand new phone, what would it have? Ours will have a hub for gaming, music, pictures and video."

That's only one OS in the world and it ain't Android, baby! (Although technically, Samsung has been swiping "hubs" for their Galaxy SII phones...) We imagine in the next 48hrs a ton of info should be coming out regarding availability, pricing, etc. All we know is we can't wait and we'll be the first to order.

Finally, Windows Phone on CDMA.

Source: @sprint; Thanks, @bdattilo, for the heads up!

Sprint teases HTC 7 Pro for Thursday announcement?

Here's what we know:

  1. The Sprint 7 Pro ROM is finalized, ready for shipment
  2. They were waiting on the NoDo update for CDMA support
  3. We've heard that it's coming in early March from Raphael Rivera
  4. Sprint is announcing a new phone this Thursday

Call us crazy, but we think this is the big announcement for the HTC 7 Pro which many of us have been waiting on since...well October when we were first told Sprint was getting it. The slider device has an excellent keyboard, 3.6" screen and an excellent build quality (here's a review of the GSM version, which should tell you everything). Sure, this could be another Android device but we're leaning towards definitely HTC 7 Pro.

Update: Seems to be confirmed now, see this post.

Source: Sprint (Twitter)

ROM for upcoming Sprint 7 Pro leaked?

The website 911HTC, a sort of well known and more underground site, has posted what appears to be the Sprint ROM for the upcoming HTC 7 Pro. The site generally has a very good track record for these releases so we're betting on legit here. It's also not too uncommon to find ROMs of unreleased devices making their way onto the 'nets due to HTC's FTP servers, which host the ROM files (something for which they're trying to combat).

The ROM's name is: [WP7]RUU_Gold_C_Sprint_WWE_1.25.651.01_1.51.00_RELEASE.exe and what is significant is the "RELEASE" part which usually implies a finalized build.

No, there's nothing in the ROM that mentions a release date, but it is a good sign that we're inching closer to the phone making an official appearance  (something that looks to be not happening here in Barcelona).

Source: 911HTC; via WindowsPhoneHacker

HTC 7 Pro (GSM) gets reviewed: one of the best landscape keyboards, unremarkable screen

UK site ElectricPig got their hands on a GSM HTC 7 Pro, which just hit the market there. Putting it through its paces, EP concluded that the 7 Pro is "absolutely" the best Windows Phone 7 device out there, if you "prioritize email over anything else".

The review highlighted the outstanding keyboard, both in terms of flat out typing and its excellent hinge mechanism, an improvement of the "laggy" Touch Pro 2 of past. Battery life also was very good, allowing them to run it all day with WiFi, 3G and ample usage--which is great news for the device which sports 1500mah  of juice. Likewise, the camera was also received well with low noise demonstrated in photos taken (though video was not as smooth).

Some downfalls are the obvious: the LCD screen pales in comparison to AMOLED and is "unremarkable, if not its weakest aspect"--a common theme with HTC's latest LCD choices (contra CNet's findings). The other obvious criticism is size: coming in at 185g and 15.5mm thick, the device is quite chunky for the pocket, but we think it's a valued trade off with that great keyboard. Having said that, build quality was deemed "seriously sturdy, and the metal and plastic edges shrug off fingerprints".

Overall, EP seemed quite pleased with the phone, giving it rather high praises. What weakness were present (including rough landscape support in the OS) are sort of run of the mill for HTC these days. One area they need to obviously invest is in screen quality--if not AMOLED than something more impressive than their current supplier is offering. Regardless, we still can't wait till Sprint gets this bad boy, as EP notes, the 7 Pro is "the most productive Windows Phone 7 model yet". We like the sound of that.

Source: ElectricPig

UK News: Venue Pro delayed again (surprise!)...7 Pro to the rescue

If you took the under bet on the the number of times the Dell Venue Pro would get delayed, chances are you lost your money.  According to Clove, Dell has once again pushed back the release in the UK; this time until early March (we'll believe it when we see it). They have not offered any explanation of this latest delay.

In other very timely news, Clove now has the HTC 7 Pro in stock for £360.00.  They are also including a free HTC BH M300 Bluetooth headset.  So if you are tired of waiting for Dell to get their act together, and you don't fancy the Quantum, here's your chance to get a slide-out-keyboard-equipped WP7 device in the UK.

And if you're so inclined, check out Clove's video tour of the 7 Pro after the jump...

Source: Clove; via PocketNow; WMPU

HTC 7 Pro now available in Germany, coming to UK in Feb

Germany has got its hands on the HTC 7 Pro, which has flooded stores as an unlocked SIM-free device and on carrier O2 as contract. HTC Germany reports that the smartphone will be tagged at €29 ($39) on a new two year contract at €22.50 ($30) per month, or €599 ($796) on its own.

What's more, it's coming to the UK too on February 10th and you can now pre-order the phone from Clove. Price is heading north of £442.80 including VAT. Ouch.

The phone packs a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, with a 3.6-inch WVGA touchscreen offering coupled with a 5-megapixel camera, also found on other HTC WP7 handsets. Physical keyboard admirers fear not as the HTC 7 Pro comes equipped with a slide-out keyboard. Overall a fantastic purchase for any German or Brit new to WP7.

Source: PhoneSeven, Clove via; SlashGear; wmpoweruser

Sneak Peak at Sprint's HTC 7 Pro

Our friends over at Phone Scoop were able to snag a few minutes with Sprint's first Windows Phone 7 device, the HTC 7 Pro. No release information was passed on but the first impression sounded good.

The device is built by HTC, which is even more obvious when you slide open the keyboard and see the screen tilt at an angle from the sliding QWERTY, similar to the way the old HTC Touch Pro 2 tilts.

The only complaints noted by Phone Scoop was that the keyboard was a little stiff and the screen rotation was a little slow. It was noted that this was a pre-production model so I'm sure there are still a few bugs to be ironed out.

They did mention that the 7 Pro felt solidly built and compact enough to fit easily into a comfortable pair of pants. Still no mention of a release date or pricing but with the phone carrying the Sprint logo and design tweaks, we may see this sooner than later.

Regardless, it does sound like Sprint customers will be please with their first Windows Phone 7 device.

Source: Phone Scoop

Rumor: Sprint taking pre-orders for HTC 7 Pro December 8th [Updated]

Well, there's no direct evidence to support this, though we've heard rumors internally that this was coming real soon in addition to this new tidbit: MS_Nerd is reporting that Sprint will begin pre-orders for the much anticipated Sprint 7 Pro on Wednesday,  December 8th.

Notice that's exactly 30 days after AT&T and T-Mobile begin to sell their stock, so either someone is making a good connection or we see a reasonable pattern here. It also sort of jives with the FCC certification recently that suggests a 7 Pro release is getting quite close. Combined with Sprint and Microsoft being cozy recently at Sprint's Developer Conference and we think CDMA D-Day may be fast approaching.

No word on actual release date, though we can guess.

Update: BGR is reporting that this pre-order is happening, but only for Microsoft employees. That's certainly a new one on us, though perhaps it has to do with those 89,000 devices they have to give out. We also think that a public pre-order can't be to far behind this one.

Source: Twitter (@ms_nerd)

HTC 7 Pro clears FCC? CDMA release closer than thought?

Though we just saw pre-production hardware a few weeks ago in New York City, looks like HTC may have being coy with us when they didn't reveal much about the 7 Pro (including the fact it couldn't turn on). Engadget just uncovered the FCC documents showing that some "HTC CDMA Windows Phone device" has approval to be sold here in the U.S. We don't know for sure that it is the 7 Pro, but that's the best guess right now. No sign of 4G WiMax though, which could be a missed opportunity.

What's more interesting is the report from Microsoft that CDMA won't be done till early 2011, though they seemed to hedge on how early, implying that it may be closer than expected. If this is the case, perhaps we're looking for something only 3 months away which is the usual distance between FCC and when the device is in stores. Lets hope, as you CDMA folk will be surely pining for this beaut. Alternatively, this could be some other unknown CDMA Windows Phone device as well. Hmm...

Source: FCC; via Engadget

The HTC 7 Pro looking real good in promo video


HTC has added a promo video for the HTC 7 Pro to their YouTube Channel. They say good things come to those who wait and Sprint has something really nice headed their way.

The 7 Pro made a surprise appearance at the Windows Phone 7 Launch and was very impressive. While the video is only twenty-one seconds, it's long enough to remind us how unique this phone is. The slide-out QWERTY keyboard and tilting screen is reminiscent of the HTC Tilt2.

Source: YouTube; via