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UK News: Venue Pro delayed again (surprise!)...7 Pro to the rescue

If you took the under bet on the the number of times the Dell Venue Pro would get delayed, chances are you lost your money.  According to Clove, Dell has once again pushed back the release in the UK; this time until early March (we'll believe it when we see it). They have not offered any explanation of this latest delay.

In other very timely news, Clove (opens in new tab) now has the HTC 7 Pro in stock for £360.00.  They are also including a free HTC BH M300 Bluetooth headset.  So if you are tired of waiting for Dell to get their act together, and you don't fancy the Quantum, here's your chance to get a slide-out-keyboard-equipped WP7 device in the UK.

And if you're so inclined, check out Clove's video tour of the 7 Pro after the jump...

Source: Clove; via PocketNow; WMPU

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  • Sorry fellas, the Venue Pro has been out for at least a week or 2 now. I just bought one via the local Microsoft Store and it's on Dell's site too. This new batch addressed the h/w issues it had early on. I like the phone a lot but it's all last years tech so I may go back to Android.