Ever wonder how Halo's Moa meat tastes? You can now buy Pringles flavored like it

Pringles Moa Burger
Pringles Moa Burger (Image credit: Pringles via Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Walmart is selling Moa burger-flavored Pringles for a limited time.
  • Moa are a type of bird within Halo Reach.

If you're looking for a new gaming snack, you may want to make your way over to Walmart. For a limited time, the retailer is selling Moa burger-flavored Pringles. The wavy crisps — remember, Pringles technically aren't chips — are based on the birds within Halo Reach.

In Halo Reach, there were advertisements within the game for a fictional Moa burger. Apparently, the birds are lean, similar to Earth's ostriches or emus.

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The official Halo Twitter account shared the news about the Moa burger Pringles. The account states that the crisps are only available for a limited time, though it didn't specify how long they'll be available.

Even if you don't like the taste of Moa meat, the can might be a cool collector's item. The Pringles mascot, Julius Pringles, has a headset with a wraparound microphone, much like the best Xbox One headsets.

What a wonderful world we live in. When I was a kid, there were only a few flavors of Pringles. Now, you can get some wavy crisps based on Halo's Moa birds.

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  • Microsoft has the weirdest marketing strategies...
  • Don't see them in a search on Walmart's site; not in stock just yet I suppose. I'm curious to learn what these tastes like (aside from fictional Moa birds).
  • Legendary. Mythical. Deceased. Devoured. Swamped. Historical. Non-fictional.
  • I just took the time to read the article and see that Moa are not of Earth unlike emu and ostrich. In some ways that's true because they are no longer, but they once were. If the Germans - specifically those from Hamburg - had got to NZ before the islanders then a moa burger may have been a thing. Nevermind, conservation is also culturally appropriated
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