We recently called Quantum Break one of the best games yet for Xbox One and to tie it all together is this phenomenal promotion happening up in Toronto.

Reader of the site Jonathan Liu wrote in to tell us after spotting the frozen promo:

" Walking down Spadina, a street in Toronto, and stumbled upon a burger "restaurant" called Quantum Burger and discovered it was an entire fake restaurant frozen in time that is to promote Quantum Break. You can play the game right inside the facility once you've had a chance to look at the frozen action sequence."

You can see from the photo Jonathan posted above on Twitter and the Instagram embed below from Dan Berzen of what an excellent job they did replicating the frozen time-shifting elements in the game. Plus hey, we hear free tee-shirts are being given out too.

A photo posted by Dan Berzen (@themightyberz) on

Anyone in the area planning on checking it out? Share your photos in comments and use #ExploreTheBreak in social media to jump in on the fun promo.

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