Facebook adding five new emoji reactions alongside the old "Like" button

Facebook will soon allow its users to express themselves more than just a comment or hitting a "Like" button. The social network plans a global roll-out in the next few weeks of five new emoji buttons that can be used instead of "Like".

According to Bloomberg, the new Facebook Reactions will include emojis for "Love", "Sad", "Angry", "Happy" and "Wow". One other Reaction emoji that was tested in some markets — "Yay" — will not be released, as Facebook said the symbol "was not universally understood."

Chris Cox, Facebook's chief product officer, lead the team who helped create and test the new Facebook Reactions buttons, with input from Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

Within the company, there was some debate on how to add the options without making every post look crowded with things to click. The simpler Facebook is to use, the more people will use it. Zuckerberg had a solution: Just display the usual thumbs-up button under each post, but if someone on her smartphone presses down on it a little longer, the other options will reveal themselves. Cox's team went with that and added animation to clarify their meaning, making the yellow emojis bounce and change expression. The angry one turns red, looking downward in rage, for example. Once people click their responses, the posts in News Feed show a tally of how many wows, hahas, and loves each generated.

The expansion of the "like" button to support different emoji comes after years of calls from Facebook users wanting a way to express differing reactions. Your friend's dog died? There aren't really words you can say for that, but a "sad" emoji reaction might just fit the bill. Need to express solidarity with a relative that got shafted by the cable company? "Angry" will probably work better than the old "Like". And so... reaction emoji are at long last coming to Facebook.

Source: Bloomberg

John Callaham
  • So the FB App needs to get this feature. ASAP.
  • It's already there, just regionally released so far, available in Ireland for the past few months
  • The Fb app ? OUR Windows FB app ?
  • This feature already exists here in Line app.
  • The FB app on windows phone needs to sort out its comment reply's as they appear as a new comment rather than a direct reply..
  • So will the website also get this new feature?
  • Of course... This is meant for the website first. Then the apps. I have this for months by now
  • Lol. Not for Windows devices though.
  • Of course we will.... Someday, maybe, ya think?
  • Coming Soon™ for Windows
  • Yeah. Microsoft will add it to the Windows Phone app in.... a year maybe? They still haven't added hashtag support and that was added years ago.
  • Does anyone even use hashtags on Facebook aside from promotional pages trying to act relevant?
  • Hash tags are usefull for finding related posts..
  • Never seen Hashtags used seriously outside of Twitter-Universe. #hastags_are_nonsense
  • It's already there on windows phone, just regionally released so far, available in Ireland for the past few months
  • Finally we can get angry at people posting baby pictures or put a happy face on a obituary message
  • Exactly
  • As opposed to liking it.... Someone recently posted a image of them accidently getting a stable in the eye. When I checked it 230 likes... I never got that to be honest (unless these people are sadists lol).
  • Thats the problem with likes. Are you liking because you like it or are you liking it because you sympothise with them. But I dont see this as being a great addition. This just adds more drama to facebook, a place that doesnt need any more drama.
  • Well if it's the latter then you post a comment, would you not as opposed to just clicking the like button? :P. ​ ​
  • Guys can you tell me y I see a white triangle near the signal symbol ?
  • You are in Roaming...
  • Roaming but not out of state
  • I see it too. OCD I guess
  • What is OCD?
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.
  • -_-
  • Roaming
  • Your on roaming
  • And this is to do with the post how???? Use the forum fool!!!
  • I wonder how many years it will take for the facebook app on WP to get these new buttons...
  • Well there is still no hashtag supper at that was added 2 years ago I think.
  • It's already there, just regionally released so far, available in Ireland for the past few months
  • Son on Windows Phone (2016 Q4)
  • Dislike button..?
  • Nope. That will most likely never happen. My thought is it would encourage bullying and all sorts of negative things like that, and they chose not to include it for that.
  • But an angry face doesnt? I think this will add more drama to facebook and could encourage more bullying. But maybe not. Lol
  • Uh...I've had these available for months now, both on the web version of facebook as well as on the Android app. So it's more like "Facebook will finish the global roll-out".
  • Exactly, I've been seeing those emojis forever and they are terribly annoying Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool a feature we wont see until who knows when. I am out  of here as soon as I can sucker someone into buying the piece of crap 950 I have, I hate this phone more than anything. 
  • Lol!
  • Did y'all get emoji grid UI update on WhatsApp beta? WMPU has reported it.
  • It's just the emoji's list that received an UI update. Don't give people false hopes :p
  • Oops. Forgot typing "emoji" :P Fixing it......... PS: Fixed.
  • Humein update aayega , humein update aayegaa. Humein update aayegaaa.. Ek dinnnnnnn. Ohhoo man Mein hai wishwas, poora hai vishwas, humein update aayega ek din
  • Pakka aayega soon™
  • Umeed ka damn ni chorna.
    Bs aye ga aye ga ek din,
    Ye ratt lgaye jao.
  • It's already out for the desktop browser version for a few weeks now and I noticed it on the mobile version as well. I think for apps, only some of the iPhone FB app had it, so I guess this means they're rolling it out to everybody? Not sure if we will get it as our FB app isn't made by FB...
  • Well not for Windows devices.
  • Shame there is no Dislike or Disagree button.
  • This. Noone gives a **** about these stupid faces. Dislike would have been enough
  • Any bets as to when it finally comes to the Windows Phone app?
  • And still no dislike. So facebook still haven't done what the users want.
  • What does it mean to WP users?
  • For your questions regarding on when will this be coming to WM, I think you all know the answer for that. It is and will always be "soon™ "...
  • Waiting on a universal Messenger app...
  • Thank you Buzzfeed and other like-minded media sites for influencing FB, your most trafficked platform of choice... =p
  • not related to windows phone users!!!! 
  • Is this news for real?! I mean that feature is already in Browser Version in Portugal for a couple of months...!!!
  • Why this has to be a news for Windows phone users!!!
  • For Windows Phone maybe in 2020
  • Am I the only user, who has to read Facebook via browser on Windows Mobile? The app is very slow and doesn't show last news! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nope not the only one
  • I deleted the app long ago and using the browser 
  • Try the beta, works just fine there!
  • It will be a paradise for trolls
  • They need a SO WHAT emoji.
  • Great... Now grandma can show you EXACTLY how she feels about your late night shenanigans.
  • facebook's still a thing?
  • No, Zuckerberg reads this "clever" snark on ever Facebook related post. He finally ignored the data showing BILLIONS of users and decided that the "too cool for Facebook" hipsters, were right that no one uses Facebook.
  • Its for windows phone's apps or what ??
  • Are they (Microsoft) ever gonna allow cross platform apps? I'm tired of the windows app. It's seriously in need of a major update. And if not why can't we have notifications from IE on facebook.
  • Its already on the online facebook
  • Maybe its for the facebook app, that would make more sense