Facebook posts Q2 2014 earnings: $2.9 billion revenue, 1.32 billion monthly active users

Zuckerberg (Image credit: Facebook)

Facebook has just reported its Q2 2014 earnings, showing growth in revenues, income and user numbers. As for the financials, Facebook saw a 61 percent jump in revenue over Q2 2013 to $2.91 billion, with net income also jumping to $791 million, a boost of 139 percent over last year. Operating income, operating margin and EPS were all up substantially from last year.

On the user side of things, Facebook reported that it now has 1.32 billion monthly active users, up 14 percent year-over-year. Daily active users total 829 million, up 19 percent from last year. More importantly for Facebook, monthly active users on mobile hit 1.07 billion, up 31 percent in the last year, while monthly active users on mobile were up 39 percent to 654 million.

Those are pretty impressive growth numbers from a company that already has so many users, and it doesn't seem the growth will be stopping any time soon.

Source: Facebook

Andrew Martonik
  • Great earnings.
  • For what? Balloon!
  • I was expecting one of the first comments to be "people still use facebook?" Uhhh yeah!
  • People use Facebook, but their number for active users is a joke. Active accounts, yes. I have two accounts and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I use one specifically for contests, etc. The other one is the one that I use to occasionally check up on my friends.
  • Yeah. But they gotta fix that new home timeline. It's ugly imo. Looks like mobile. I want a full desktop experience if it's in desktop mode.
  • How is this related to Windows phone? Or the Windows ecosystem? This is not Facebook Central :P
  • Agreed. I thought the same thing when I read the heading. Jeez.
  • No hate against this article or Facebook but I come to WPCentral to get all Windows and Windows phone related news because I trust it won't be polluted with other unrelated news
  • Then why did you click it? (or comment?) Knowledge is power...and Facebook is used by 1 out of every 6 people in the world. My guess some are Windows Phone users through the Me! Tile. Also, some PR departments of companies request info be posted. If ya don't like it, don't read it :) no harm done on either front (or offense, just explaining).
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  • 18, why do you ask?
  • Oh, then you are just acting your age. Whew....
  • I was actually listening to 'kill everybody' by Skrillex, and thought it would be harmless fun posting it. So yeah, that's like acting my age. :P
  • If you want to, go ahead. I'm sure you're looking forward to those 40 virgin MEN!
  • I don't understand what you're trying to say.
  • He probably thinks you are a muslim.
  • Agreed. Even some of the extensive Xbox coverage is a bridge too far for a Windows Phone news site, nevermind an article dedicated to Facebook!
  • Welcome to WP(/clickbait)Central.
    If it's a story capable of generating user traffic, it'll be published!
  • Oh no, you lost full 30 seconds of your life. How can we get it back?
  • LOL
  • I think this is part of that tech news command center thing that WPCentral/Mobile Nations revealed a few months ago. They said that they now have dedicated writers that post major tech news quickly to all MN sites. I personally don't care for it, since I have other news feeds that cover the same thing and I have used WPC for Windows Mobile/Phone news for years, but I can see why they do it and kind of why someone would want it.
  • Ah this makes more sense. If this is true then I suppose that's fair, but even so, Facebook earnings are hardly a big news story... Who cares!
  • Calm down boys n girls.
  • ^^^^^^THIS
  • But this app was a paid so advertising that it would cover WP centric related articles
  • Good point!
  • Ya know right,you took the comments out of my type
  • And we still can't get an integrated app.
  • True
  • What exactly do you mean by integrated?
  • Oh I don't know.... That my best Facebook app is separate and says beta on it. It would be so cool if I could post from the Me tile. Oh wait, they took that away too.
  • agreed
  • At least somebody knows how to run a company
  • Bill Gates at 30 knew how to run a company. Eventually he lost the plot as Zuck will.
  • And also the Facebook app on windows phone is terrible.
  • SpeedT54 you must be high.
    I own an iPhone, windows phone, and android phone, and the facebook beta app on windows phone is definitely the best out of the three.
  • Hahaha. Now this is funny.
  • Very funny
  • Falven pass me the weed which you are having..On what basis u said FB beta app on WP is the best among the three??It still doesnt have the basic features..You are high not he..Lol
  • I am sure that your iphone & Android phone are not working properly.
  • you wanna make jokes , join the circus
  • I want dark theme on Facebook app!!!
  • Cool?
  • I've lost faith in humanity.
  • Most of the comments here lately have done that for me...
  • You lost faith in humanity because of one company's earnings? I wonder if you had faith in first place.
  • Eat shit zuckerberg.
  • Facebook is the best thing that ever happened to the Internet.
  • Funny, I have exactly opposite opinion. If facebook had remained just a site, it would be ok. But it flooded the internet with all these buttons and plugins with the only objective to track users and non-users, it became a nightmare.
    Anyway, I did not participate to this growth as I cancelled my account some time ago.
  • Agree. I dont use flamebook
  • Like the plague was for Europe...
  • Actually I could do without it, as well as without any of the social networks.
  • Big numbers cause huge fall! :) It would be nice to watch, how whole Facebook falls into the oblivion...
  • I like how several months ago people were predicting that Facebook was plateauing and would inevitably fail like MySpace.
  • MySpace only had a couple hundred million users at best during its peak. FB has over a billion now. FB is clearly smarter than myspace ever was. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • There were also less users on the internet at the time.
  • Didn't have internet in our pockets back then! xD
  • Plus there was nothing to actually DO on MySpace.
  • Eventually it will fail, just like anything else related to tech. Even Jeff Bezos admitted that Amazon would one day fail and be replaced by something else.
  • Is there a way to hide all general news in the WPC app/Website, when I want that kind of news I go to other sites.
  • And I wonder how many user in that monthly active are using the Facebook app on windowsphone that they are "helping and support"and keep declining to dev. Can they count it?
  • Not me!
  • Yeah since this article has nothing to do with me or my windows phone ill say something that's has nothing to do with this article. FIX THE DAMN "ME" TILE. IT HAS BECOME USELESS AND WAS A GREAT FEATURE
  • Now if only FB has their own official search engine. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • And not a single $*%& was given.
  • i guess that makes two of us
  • All is just big balloon!
  • What ?   Facebook saw a 61 percent jump in revenue over Q2 2013 to $2.91 billion Title and content ???????????????????
  • Wpcentral is better than fb. Fbis oversuing social media
  • To make it relevant to Windows Phone, I'll say this:   social networking on 8.1 sucks.   Really badly.   Now that the hubs are gone, you're forced into using one of the two terrible Facebook apps---one that's still in Beta, and the other that looks like it was designed for Symbian phones from eight years ago. Instagram, again a Beta. Sure there are third party apps available, but a newcomer to the platform, checking out a new Windows Phone out of the box, discovers a pretty janky social networking experience. Ditto for Snapchat, Twitter and Linked In, and I don't even think there's a Pheed app or a third party client on Windows Phone yet
  • I miss the hubs
  • And here I was hoping FB would go away. :P
  • Another meaningless article with fuck all to do with the platform.