Facebook revamps community guidelines, shows what the social network will take down

Changes made to the guidelines also clarify the company's position on bullying, threats of violence and even hate speech. In a new blog post, Facebook's Monika Bickert, Head of Global Policy Management, and Chris Sonderby, Deputy General Counsel, go into some detail about prohibiting harassment, threatening violence, and any hate speech against someone because of their race or religious beliefs.

The new standards are fairly light to read through too. For example, according to the new guidelines provided, Facebook will allow some degree of nudity.

"We remove photographs of people displaying genitals or focusing in on fully exposed buttocks. We also restrict some images of female breasts if they include the nipple, but we always allow photos of women actively engaged in breastfeeding or showing breasts with post-mastectomy scarring. We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures."

As always, Facebook will continue reviewing reported content to maintain freedom to share ideas, and to prevent content from being pulled due to incorrect reporting or a specific country requesting said content to be removed. If a piece of content has been reported as illegal in a region, Facebook would look to prevent people in the affected area from accessing the media in favour of flat out removal.

Facebook also touched on data requests from governments and how the company has actually witnessed a decline in submissions from the US.

"The number of government requests for account data remained relatively flat, with a slight increase to 35,051 from 34,946. There was an increase in data requests from certain governments such as India, and decline in requests from countries such as the United States and Germany."

They close by stating they will continue pushing governments to reform surveillance practices. It's a delicate balance between freedom of speech and keeping those who use Facebook safe online. You can check out the new community standards section of the Facebook website for more details.

Source: Facebook

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  • Vote up for equality !!
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  • The UK issued some strange "porn" laws too; it is just strange that naked women are often over-the-top whereas men only when they show their little wee-wee.
  • Btw, their s40 platform app could do sticker comments in recent update (-_-)
  • Oh wow we're changing the rules just because some people feel offended. Good job.
  • Apparently that's one of the worst crimes here in the US, to "offend" someone. I've seen court cases where a drunk tractor trailer driver plowed through a park and the civil case only awarded the plaintiffs in the tens of thousands ( He went to prison for over thirty years at the conclusion of the criminal case, of course) while in another where someone "said something mean" and "offended someone" the payout was in the millions. There's something wrong with this place.
  • Yeah, I've been watching the situation from Peru and really I think the leftist side of the US is getting more and more influential every day. It's really a sad thing, since it's being taken to the point where free speech is now less important than hurting someone's feelings...
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  • Community standards huh? :: I hold up my middle finger to Facebook :: Standardize this! Screw Facebook and the horse it rode in on. I've never seen a more useless tool in my life. Seven years ago I could keep up with most of my friends from college, and quite a few from before that. Email, IM, text, letters, phone calls. Then Facebook came, and that's what everyone used. Leave messages, they get ignored. Send IMs, they get ignored. All the methods of communication that worked fine before Facebook were ignored on Facebook. Call me when they update their "community standards" to make the service work as a communication tool and not a bizarre, semi-sentient billboard.
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  • So they allow posting photographs of paintings sculptures and other art. Isn't that a breach of copyright?
  • Nope. Not if the art is in public domain. If you went to a museum where they do not allow the photographs it could be taken down, but I highly doubt FB would waste it's time trying to find out. People reproduce pics of celebs all the time on there. People post those stupid MEMEs, nothing ever happens.
  • So that's why they ignored all of my reports about sexual content or violent photos with animals...
  • This is good. Facebook is (trying to, anyways) take a stand against harassment on their network, and I'm glad they understand the difference between nudity and porn. I don't use the service, but still, the changes are appreciated.