For our Windows Phone crowd, GeoHot aka George Hotz was famous for his working on jailbreaking the iPhone a few years ago and more recently for jailbreaking the Sony PS3 (and getting sued for it, no less).

In a brief post on his website, he noted his legal troubles and updates in general but ended with this curious bit:

"perhaps a more appropriate way to deal with jailbreakers

I'm going out to buy a Windows 7 phone"

The "more appropriate way" he's referring to was yesterday's meeting with ChevronWP7 and Watson's team who do take piracy seriously but also see the need for community and appropriate outreach. Plus they made a funny. Indeed, Microsoft's approach is vastly different than Apple's and certainly Sony's.

Whether or not GeoHot was serious about purchasing a Windows Phone or not remains to be seen, but hey...if so, welcome George to the good side.

Update: And Brandon Watson as usual brings the welcome to George:

Source: GeoHot; via: Windows Pone 7 Central