Fight back-to-school boredom with these gaming essentials

Gaming Hero
Gaming Hero (Image credit: Shutterstock)

Back-to-school boredom is a real danger. Keep yourself sane from the incoming deluge of assignments with a healthy array of gaming essentials. Adorama has everything you need to kit out your residence room: PCs, monitors, desks, chairs, and plenty more. Let's dive into some of the best gaming products you can pick up at Adorama.

Plenty more gaming goodies at Adorama

Adorama is well and truly your one-stop shop for gaming gear throughout the school year. Take a gander at their full catalog before hitting the books in September. Don't forget that Adorama has a discount program built specifically for college students who are content creators. Also, be sure to follow AdoramaXP on Twitch, where they put Adorama gaming gear through its paces.

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