Fight - Nokia taunts Samsung over new anti-Apple 'Genius' ad

Best smartphone in the world or the greatest?

Ah, it’s Sunday so let’s get the smartphone jousting out of the way for this week.

Recently Samsung has taken to the printing press to drive home the fact that the Galaxy S3 is arguably more equipped than the latest iPhone set to hit store shelves within weeks. The ad, brilliant in its simplicity simply says “It doesn’t take a Genius” with a picture of both phones and the self-selected listing of hardware specs.

The jab was at Apple’s expense, teasing them about their ‘Genius bar’ nomenclature and it clearly demonstrates Samsung’s intent to not lay down, even after being accused and found guilty of copying Cupertino.

Nokia Tweet

Not to waste a good moment of controversy, Nokia evidently decided to interject their selves into the fray by sending out a tweet:

“Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn't take a genius.”

That last part was obviously poking at Samsung, noting that while the S3 may be a good phone, Nokia thinks the Lumia 920 is even better.

While a Tweet sent out will hardly make any waves as compared to a full-page print ad, it will be interesting to see how Nokia positions themselves against the competition once the real ads start to hit the airwaves (and magazines).

Is it a good thing that Nokia is so brazen in their taunts? Do they have the goods to back it up?

We think so and while this week looks to be HTC’s moment to shine, we have yet to hear anything from them regarding their competition.

Source: Twitter; via Android Central

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • That Samsung ad is brilliant.
  • Nokia's comment is even more brilliant.
    I lol'd
  • It's like the L920 laughing in both Apple and Samsung's faces......
  • Yep this could get more people to our ecosystem
  • +1^999999999
  • *smartass-mode on* +1^999999999 = 1*1*1*1*1* (and so on) = 1 :) *smartass-mode off* hrhr
  • WOW :D
  • Samsung got the balls that Microsoft and Nokia lacks.
  • Samsung doesn't have a choice. It's just come off of a humiliating copyright fiasco against Apple.
  • That is the same Samsung marketing stunt that they have been using for years. "our phone can does more than yours" like a cheap politician, why don't they just focus on what their phone can do really well.
  • and their current airing national tv ads say what exactly?
  • I like it... L920 wins!
  • +1
  • -1 the Samsung is easily the better phone. Larger screen, thinner, lighter, removable battery, micro SD slot and larger battery. Cameras is still debatable since its not a real pureview
  • I think Nokia decides what Pureview is, saying it's not "real Pureview" is a bit of a stretch. Unless you work for Nokia. And as to whether the Samsung is easily better, I guess sales will tell.
  • +1
  • Sales don't tell if something is better only popular
  • Exactly. Its only ever Android twerps in WP threads posting hate. Never iPhone or BB owners, just young stupid Android lovers. I wish they would just leave, and let the adults talk :)
  • Glad we got that cleared up. So the iPhone is not necessarily better, just more popular.
  • Thinner lighter phones get dropped more. Larger batteries only matter more if you get more use out of the phone. Real pureview or not, it is the better camera. Screen size is a preference. SD card, really? This day in age I have a hard time justifying an sd card in a phone. Especially since I will only have it for about two years.
  • Forgot to add that Samsungs android phones have garbage reliability. Easily the most common brand we have returned.
  • Apparently what u are saying is garbage...troll
  • I wanted an microSD slot :( I would use 45GB easily.
  • Me I just need an "internet phone". I still preffer blasting Audiophile CDs on my Stereo and watch blu-ray on my 40 inch (for now ;)) LED connected to my harman AVR.
    Am not going to watch movies on those puny/little Cellphone screens.
  • On the Nokia site under memory it states 32Gb + 7Gb from SkyDrive. I have had SkyDrive since the free 20Gb and have purchased 50Gb more. So would the new windows phone be like dropbox where anything on SkyDrive will act as if it's local storage? If so then for me, 32Gb + 75Gb will be a total of 107Gb on my 920 ;)
    Lets hope this will happen.
  • Yes, because size/weight/battery/storage are the only worthy features to compare...
  • Its hard to justify one phone over another because different people have different needs and preferences. Buying a phone is kirnda like buying a car,you might see comercial for a new car and say to yourself "MAN I HAVE TO OWN THAT CAR ASAP!!!!" But when you go down to the dealership for a test drive once you get in you realise the seets don't feel right,the gauges don't look right,,the stereo is in an awkward place and when you drive it,,,,it just doesn't FEEL right. That's how phones are you might see a youtube review and love it but until you actually hold it in your hands and "test drive" it you just don't know.
  • Very true.
  • PureView is the tech not the sensor. So it's very much real and better. MicroSD is good for a small % of people. Learn to manage your data better and keep it in the cloud. The lumia is a far more exciting looking device. It turns heads. GS3 looks like q glorified iPhone. :P
  • Haha it does?...if u are are serious
    Then you are a moron.
  • You say it's good for a small %, and I say it's good for 98.9% and that 90% of people demand a microSD. See? It's very easy to make up figures without any facts.
  • This might come as a shock to you, but some people use there phones as music players.  Even more shocking, is some buildings act as a Faraday cage so a signal strong enough to stream music is not possible.  Give me a microSD slot so I can listen to music all day without having to stream. 
  • yes and no, I upgraded to a SGS3 (from WP7.5) since it is capable of so much more (usb otg, Bluetooth mouse keyboard, pc access to files, audio out docking, Tekken etc). however the phone and operating system itself is completely uninspiring. its a great boring phone. ( my brief objective aanalysis at www dot newskinrecords dot com ) On the other hand, Microsoft needs to allow dual boot of WP8 and Windows RT on their phones before I consider returning to WP. heck these phones are a ****load more expensive than tablets and have the resolutions required so just allow WinRT already!
  • So you play Tekken on your phone?
  • yeah, ps3 controller is natively supported as well... ah the little things in life. that being said, the WP emulators are some of the finest out there, especially purple cherry (my favorite for getting 100000+ scores on tetris)
  • Isn't challenging people on an Arcade Machine better than playing these kind of games on a phone?
    JOYSTICK! ^_^
  • I live in woop woop , no one is going to play me :-( yep android is pretty boring....
  • aww too bad. :) here in Manila, kids pack the Arcades and dish out alot of "coins" to Challege Tekken players.
    I know there are games that are better played on a phone, but Fighting Games such as this is better played outside, meet friends, take their money and get 15 straight wins. ^_^
  • it could have the best specs in the world it comes with android and that means it loses to both wp and ios... you can't underachieve that kind of crap
  • You talk about the lack of some primitive, common stuff and forget about a host of other advanced tech the Lumia has.
    I think others would find wireless charging, sensitive touch and OIS on the Lumia much more important than sd card support.
  • The 920 camera is better the verge already proved that point, the battery argument is out since since we do not have the details but WP has proven to have good battery life with most of its phones. By the specs the Nokia screen is the best, also brighter and the screen size is all a matter of preference. Samsung is thinner and lighter, which is funny to hear from an android user, since every time someone mentions that the iPhone 5 is thinner and loads lighter than a S3 they say it is not a big deal and that Apple is playing catch up????
  • Agreed Samsung is better..
  • LMAO Larger screen: Right. I assume you have a tablet in your pocket since it's damn important to go over 4.5".  Thinner: I never got the drive on thinner phones. It's hard as hell to hold, not to mention when you're taking a photo.  Lighter: Is actually decreasing the value of a phone (esp for the price you're paying). And, yea the cheap plastic material is the same ones you find in ToysRus. The ATIV is plastic too, just with a "aluminum" sticker.   Removable Battery: Never had a problem with this. At all. You change your battery every month? MicroSD: 32GB is more than enough to stuff in a phone. What do you do walking around with all that data.  Larger Battery: Well, i'd say go for the larger one for sure. On defense though, with the LARGER screen you like more, it drains more out of your LARGER battery. Android takes a lot of shit to run smooth so battery stamina is actually lower than most phones.  Camera: PureView is not about mpx count so I'm not sure what your point is. S3 rode the wave of iP4s being boring + Nokia still on the rise. Increase screen size, add better internals. boom. sales sales sales. despite it being one of the ugliest smartphones I've ever seen. 
    Nokia is rising faster than ever and Samsung is scared. Proof? The S4 is already rumoured for a Feb- Mar 2013 launch. Less than 1 year after the S3. with a 5" screen (ROFL). Samsung is one of the companies with ZERO pride in their design. 
  • Yep sales will determine it all. Uh just know Samsung is the #1 phone seller. With the ATIV all the customers new to W8 will be all over this beast. Especially if Samsung uses their android strategy and get this phone on all carriers. It's a shame and a downfall on Nokia to only give the 920 to ATT
  • TBone Head, when will you get it into your childish brain, sales does not= technical superiority.
    Your so imamture, so caught up on this "war". Get over yourself.
    There are plenty of things on the 920 that look better on the Lumia. And only a couple of things that are subjectively better, like CPU, or "lightness" - neither in my book makes a phone superior - as WP on lower hardware will likely still run quicker.
    * Better camera (And after reviews we will have no doubt, I'm sure)
    * Better OS. Hmm mmmkay?
    * Screen you can use with gloves on
    * Better materials / body
    If you like Android, go get yourself one. Stop telling everywhere the Sammy is better, when it clearly isn't.
  • Very interesting poll over at Wired:
    "Apple iPhone 5 versus the competition - which will you buy?"
    The cool thing about this little poll over there is that the Nokia 920 won by a large margin, iPhone 5 was next and then it was down to Android quite a ways down below.  I hope Nokia sells a ton of WP 8 handsets....this was a nice snapshot of tech nerd smart phone interests.
  • Those polls are self-selecting. Only fans of particular systems take them, and all it tells you is whose fans are most numerous on a particular website. The Sprint WP7 phone got rave reviews, but they dropped it anyway. Anyone can take a poll, only real consumers buy phones.
  • Yes! That's the way to do it. Nokia keeping themselves in the news cycle.
  • This. Cause a bit of a stir online where it's free, move to tv/print/radio/paid internet ads once the devices ship.
  • See the Lumia 920 version of this, pretty cool
  • Cool but we need one with the 3 phones.
  • Lumia 920 should do an ad owning both phones, s3 and iphone5. The specs and the innovation is far better.
  • OK, who is putting the lumia on this ad? If no one volunteers we'll have to draw sticks or something.
  • look no further
  • we need one with all 3 phones.
  • Awesome ad. Nokia definitely needs to be more agressive and publicly compare the 920 to other phones, I think they have a winner with the 920. Hurry up and bring it to UK.
  • Nokia, shut up and release the L920 pronto. Me wants!!!!!!!!!!
  • So a phone that isn't even out yet is better than a phone that's been out for months? You don't say...
  • Well, GS3 has been out for months and it's claiming to be better than a phone not out yet...seems fair.
  • I would concur with their claim, too. I know which one I'd buy if WP was off the table.
  • @daniel Hmmm so using that logic; then my 72 VW beetle is better than the next lamborgini to come out...Yes?
  • Yes... in the real world, reality beats fantasy. Your VW runs rings around a non-existent car
  • That's not even close to a fair comparison. Maybe if you were comparing a '72 ferrari to an announced Lamborghini. We are talking about high end smartphones, not old feature phones vs high end.
  • It was Sammy that claimed the SIII is better than iPhone 5, basically saying a phone that has been out is better than a phone that's not out yet.
    It is quite fair for Nokia to replace the iPhone with 920 and compare, because neither of these two are released yet.
  • The Galaxy S III supports removable MicroSD cards and the Lumia 920 does NOT - "It doesn't take a Genius" to figure out the Galaxy S III is a better phone than the Lumia 920 for that reason alone! Having the option to increase your storage space by having your phone support removable MicroSD cards is important to some people (like those who have a LARGE music collection they want to put on their phone so they can listen to their music in their car WITHOUT having to have a separate, dedicated music player!), and I can't believe Nokia was stupid enough to leave out a KEY, new feature of Windows Phone 8 from their "flagship" device! What were they thinking?!!
  • That's a shit reason. I think 90% of the people would not fill 32gb. If you are the 10% maybe you wanna get an mp3 specific for that.
  • I like how you think. +1 to this.
  • Why should we? It's like justifying having a shit camera, or no camera on a phone and saying "I don't need one, so you don't either. Go an buy a camera to carry around". My phone is my MP3 player - I want to fill it with music and videos and have a few other microSD cards on hand for when I travel. I shouldn't have to rely on cloud storage for something so basic.
  • You didn't get the point. You are among the 10%. Don't get an mp3 player, go get another phone if sd cards are that important to you. Just realize only because YOU need them, doesn't mean everyone else needs them too.
  • LMAO @ for that reason alone like that's the final say
  • You're in the minority!
  • I think we need a vote on how important it is to everyone. A huge number of people are asking for the same thing
  • Well you obviously are no genius at all, to think that the S3 is a better phone by reason only that it has micro sd when the L920 has 32gb. Here's the list:
    1. Best screen
    2. Best camera
    3. Supersensitive touch
    4. Design
    5. Microsofts unbeatable ecosystem: Zune, SkyDrive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Music, XBox Smartglass, Office, Outlook, Deep integration with social networks like facebook and twitter, XBox Live, Skype Integration etc.
    6. NFC
    7. Wireless Charging with JBL Speakers or with Wireless charging stations
  • +1
  • I didn't know about the jbl speakers thing... Now THAT is a winning home stereo solution!
  • Shut up fanboy
  • I just love your one liner. So mindless.
  • +1000!
  • and a big one for me,
    8. Haac rich recording.
  • They were thinking removable storage while nice won´t be necessary for the vast majority of people since it already comes with 32 gb plus 7 gb on skydrive. There were thinking that it´s not worth compromising the awesome design of the phone over. And guess what, they were right
  • It's the lamest reason ever. Chuck a slot in with a cover and no one will notice the precious design was ever sullied.
  • Why don't you use skydrive?
  • What's faster, provides the most storage and flexibility?
    1) Downloading a maximum 25 GB (or 7 GB for newbies) from your SkyDrive but only at 3G speeds (4G soon) or WiFi instead, but only if you're in range of a network.
    2) A microSD card (say 64GB) that you put in and have immediate access to anywhere in the world, at any time, any place, with or without carrier signal or WiFi.
  • @schlubadub 
    I totally agree with your coments. However, I happem to love the Nokia and may end up getting one anyways. I actually pay for space on SkyDrive and have 45GB. I am not about to put music on it. I was hoping for removable storage on the Nokia, so I could maybe not need to take my 120GB Zune with me. Me and all other people need to decide what is more important in a phone.
    I wish people would stop saying that the cloud is an option. It is not. I have an unlimited plan and it still is not. I have about 250GB music. (I rip my CDs at lossless on my computer and refuse to by compressed music), but do compress on my phone). There are many places you cannot use the cloud. It is nice to have a lot of music with me, because I do not know what I or my friends will want to listen to at any given moment. I am someone who likes choice. Not having an SD card is one area that the Nokia does not let you have a choice. I still think, on paper, it appears to be the best phone out ther for me. However until I hold it and see what other people think about it (ones that actually use it), I will reserve my judgement. 
  • I thought expandable memory via micro SD was to become a staple of the WP8, since it was such a big deal to some people since the first Gen WP devices. Though those that would need more storage are in the minority, there is absolutely no reason not to include something so simple. It would make it the most feature rich phone to exist. The OS supports it now, so why not?
  • To make it simple, why don't you just get the Ativ S? You don't have to get a Nokia if it doesn't fit your needs.
  • +1.  It really is a very simple decision for people to make.
  • Maybe a deal breaker for you. Go ahead and get an Ativ then (since you are on a WP site) but it is really a non-issue for me. Even with a few movies, games, TV shows (along with pictures and music) I can barely top 20 GB on my Focus so 32 GB is way more than I need. And I suspect it is the same way for most people (actually, it is). I would agree if this was 16 but 32 is good enough. Also, having more than 32 GB isn't a requirement for a flagship device - they're focusing on things that matter to the majority of people instead.
  • +1
  • This is a great ad 
  • Only problem is there is currently no way to switch to Lumia so yes it does not take a genius to see how absurd their tweet is.
  • Except for the 900, though not what the tweet is referring to but still a Lumia.
  • Come on Lumia fans, let's keep the vote count up, let's show Nokia that they need to stock and distribute this phone properly world wide (and fast please, I want my Christmas present this year...)
  • I love how Nokia is being on the offensive now.
  • I'm ready to see what HTC has to offer...they've been pretty quiet lately.
  • Their boastful/cocky approach is really drawing alot of attention to Nokia which is great because they have the hardware/software to back it up now. Its crazy how many people are partial to the L920 on neutral websites and youtube when compared to the Iphone 5 and flagship android phones. It definitely seems like this could be the turning point for Nokia and Microsoft.
  • Ha ha ha LOVE IT!
    Now Nokia need to get a release date out now WP8 is RTM...
    Looking at specs of all 3, the Lumia on Hardware alone is the winner (not biased to WP)
  • Annoys me when Nokia does that kind of crap. Its like talk shit with nothing to show for it. Sure you previewed the product but where is it. Tout but prove it in peoples hands, mock others in tweets. People get into trouble using Facebook and twitter.
  • Its interesting that they're targeting Samsung who will have a phone that surpasses everything on the market at the first of the year. That's just the android hardware upgrade schedule. Where as apple will be inadequate for the next 10 months. Of course apple fanatics aren't switching no mater how much you show them they've been had so perhaps Samsung is a better target
  • That's because these iSheeeep keep says Windows is shite and dying...
  • ...oops, don't mock others...
  • Lol that's one of the reason I love Nokia.
  • What ever happened to that "Nokia Army" thing?
    I'd love to get a tshirt that was military camp looking that said Nokia Army on it and where it to my gym!
  • Funny Nokia very funny
  • JESUS says Nokia come out of the tomb. Rise.. :-)
  • Its put up or shut up time. Nokia worked their ass off and over achieved in their Lumia 920, clearly topping the iPhone and Sammy. You're a fool not to let toot your own horn. If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will either. Good for Nokia and by extension good for Windows Phone. We will smoke you on hardware and we will smoke you on OS. What "genius" wants to play now? Step up.
  • Word!
  • Ultimately, it will be a choice for consumers. For those who want expandable storage, the ATIV might be the best option. I've run a usable 22gigs in my original Focus, due to the microSD slot and i have not used all my memory. So for me, 32gb will be just fine. The only music i need on my phone is, what i listen to, while working out. Outside of that, i stream it. As for movies, i dont keep what I've finished watching, on my phone. I will download it again to my phone, if i would like to watch something on my phone at some future date.
  • Yes, most people won't need more than 32 but I'm one of those that used all of my 38.1Gb of usable space on my focus. I would love 64GB variant or microSD slot.
  • Im stuck with this damn trophy until Verizon grows a due in 2 months and need the 920...not sure what my options are for Verizon at that time, but I can't switch to ATT because south NJ has booty service for them....and just for the record, innovation is everything now a a few months my surface tab, Xbox and phone will all be one via xbox glass and win is a great company, but you can't keep releasing the same updated crap and feeding it to your customers...its like COD, but with hardware...NOKIA needs to continue there advertising...this phone is that cats pajamas...Rammeog out!
  • Hopefully Verizon will get the 920 for its customers (I'm on AT&T).
    Also, I want some booty service from south Jersey. Or don't I?
  • I say lets have a poll with how many people need/want a Lumia 920 with expandable microSD or more internal storage (64GB). I don't think most will need it but I just want to get a number on it.
  • SkyDrive works fine with my trophy....and the booty service in south jersey is def 920 with whatever it comes with...just huge Verizon something
  • Give
  • Nokia shouldn't get too flippant. Unlike L920, Galaxy S III has been shipping for months. Less trash talking, more product shipping, please.
  • It doesn't take a genius to realize iPhone didn't have anything new to offer the only thing that will keep them moving is the name & all the retarded fans that will throw there money to apple. Nokia needs to invest hard in advertising the 920 so people could see what an innovation is.
  • I love Nokia and Windows Phone. But it doesnt take a Genius to get iPhone 5 now than wait for a long time until  Nokia to release Lumia 920. Big Fail there Nokia and MS!!! Booo
  • Please!  Do you really think that people who want a Lumia 920 are going to go out and buy a iPhone 5 just because the iPhone 5 will be in stores on Friday?
    I'll answer that for you - NO!  People who want a Lumia 920 are NOT going to buy an iPhone 5, Friday or anytime in between; they are going to wait a few more weeks for the Lumia 920.  No, they won't like the wait, but they have no choice, especially given that WP8 hasn't even been revealed yet.
  • Maybe not a person that really wants a nokia,,,but maybe somebody that's on the fence and hasn't really made up there mind yet,,,they might go with the longphone especially if they have an update burning a hole in there pocket and need a new phone.
  • They should do a drop test... Lets see who stays alive!!!
  • Good start by Nokia but I can't shake the feeling that they are making a mistake not coming up with better marketing terms than "super sensitive scree" or "screen you can use with gloves". I imagine that if the iPhone5 had these features first that Apple would have designed a really catchy marketing name for it, and easily convey in a simple marketing message that they invented a technology that is a game changer in smartphone use, one that the average user can't live without. "Screen you can use with gloves" just doesn't seem to do it. Looking at various iphone5 vs 920 comparisons around the web, this features is the one most often missing from the 920's cited spec list, so Nokia is already losing som