Fight - Nokia taunts Samsung over new anti-Apple 'Genius' ad

Best smartphone in the world or the greatest?

Ah, it’s Sunday so let’s get the smartphone jousting out of the way for this week.

Recently Samsung has taken to the printing press to drive home the fact that the Galaxy S3 is arguably more equipped than the latest iPhone set to hit store shelves within weeks. The ad, brilliant in its simplicity simply says “It doesn’t take a Genius” with a picture of both phones and the self-selected listing of hardware specs.

The jab was at Apple’s expense, teasing them about their ‘Genius bar’ nomenclature and it clearly demonstrates Samsung’s intent to not lay down, even after being accused and found guilty of copying Cupertino.

Nokia Tweet

Not to waste a good moment of controversy, Nokia evidently decided to interject their selves into the fray by sending out a tweet:

“Lumia 920: Wireless charging, amazing camera, screen you can use with gloves on and much more. No, it doesn't take a genius.”

That last part was obviously poking at Samsung, noting that while the S3 may be a good phone, Nokia thinks the Lumia 920 is even better.

While a Tweet sent out will hardly make any waves as compared to a full-page print ad, it will be interesting to see how Nokia positions themselves against the competition once the real ads start to hit the airwaves (and magazines).

Is it a good thing that Nokia is so brazen in their taunts? Do they have the goods to back it up?

We think so and while this week looks to be HTC’s moment to shine, we have yet to hear anything from them regarding their competition.

Source: Twitter; via Android Central

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