Finland leads the Windows Phone pack with highest web traffic usage

According to data from StatCounter, Windows Phone is doing relatively well in Finland by capturing 8% of the smartphone web traffic, thanks to Nokia. The Finnish manufacturer is working hard at promoting not only the Lumia line of smartphones, but the Windows Phone platform too, and on a global scale. It's good to see brand support in its home country remain strong.

Unfortunately, the picture for the rest of the world is rather bleak. Microsoft's OS has only 0.53% of the worldwide mobile web traffic. The country sat in second place, behind Finland, is Iceland at 2.3%. Even though it's quite a considerable gap between the two spots, it's interesting to see Iceland near the top instead of the UK or other markets that have witnessed heavy marketing.

From first-to-tenth in terms of web traffic ranking for Windows Phone: Finland, Iceland, Martinique, Faroe Islands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, and Spain. While web traffic doesn't equal sales or true market share, it's an indicator of where Windows Phone is performing well. IDC has recently put Windows Phone (combined with Windows Mobile) marketshare at just 2.2%.

Nokia is set to hold the Nokia World conference this year in Helsinki, Finland.

Source: Pingdom

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • It could be, at least in part, attributed to a ton of testing done by Nokia itself
  • U beat me to it. I am pretty sure that is the reason. It just makes sense. Hope that changes in the coming months though. I am loving my lumia 900.
  • For me I dont have lumia 900. I love my HTC arrive with querty key board which is great use for business phone. Also same OS wp 7.5 mango with 16gig storage. Love it has no problems at all still fast & fluid. So it dont matter what wp anyone have has long it has mango built into it and better processor and storage
  • That was random...
  • "The country sat in second place, behind Finland, is Iceland at 2.3%."
    This sounds like something a first grader would write.
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  • btw is the 900 a good music phone. how does it sound wth the head phones. Any good?
  • With the Monster headphones it sounds pretty good.
  • Its good.. I was surprise when I got my 900....i thought I will miss my HTC sound enhancer but men the lumia with Zune rocks.. You can't go wrong bro..
  • I don't think web traffic is a good indication. Many windows phone users prefer doing web browsing and streaming on their computers. Plus windows phone OS is much more efficient where people aren't constantly glued to the screens...
  • Agreed. Web traffic needs to be weighted according to user behavior per OS. Unfortunately, obtaining the improved metrics would likely prove difficult.