Firefox snags a new look and healthy speed boost in major update

Firefox snags a new look and healthy speed boost in major update

Called Firefox Quantum, this release is the culmination of months of work, including a recent beta test, meant to make Firefox speedier and more attractive. Out of the gate, the most obvious changes you'll notice is the browser's new look. Firefox Quantum definitely looks quite a bit sleeker, but it also includes a unified search bar, customizable toolbar, and built-in Pocket integration.

Under the hood is where Mozilla says Firefox Quantum really shines, however. According to Mozilla, the latest Firefox update packs hundreds of performance improvements that all add up to making Quantum two time faster than before. More crucially, Mozilla claims that Firefox Quantum uses 30 percent less memory than Chrome, which is already notorious for its liberal consumption of RAM. A large part of what contributes to Firefox's improved memory consumption comes down to the way it now handles tabs. According to Mozilla, Firefox will now more effectively prioritize the tab you're currently using ahead of tabs running in the background.

Other, smaller tweaks include adjustments to the UI to make sure it's usable with both touch and a mouse pointer, smoother animations, and a Library, where you can quickly access things like bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads and more.

Firefox Quantum is available to download now for free on desktop. Similar updates will follow for Android and iOS.

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