First photos taken with the Nokia 800 Lumia found online

Just a few more days before we get to see the Nokia 800/Lumia/SeaRay in person, but until then, you can take a gander at some photos taken by that device. We know that phone will feature an 8MP camera with an F/2.2 Carl Zeiss lens, the same as found on the Nokia N9.

Overall the quality seems solid enough but without seeing the full size version, it's of course hard to tell. Then again, Nokia optics have rarely failed to impress. We'll see more Wednesday of course when WPCentral will be live from Nokia World in London.

Source: Flickr; via The Nokia Blog; Thanks, Mark G., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Those are really average photos.
  • @Winterfang...Surely you weren't expecting N8 quality photos, were you :)Nonetheless, there are preliminary photos taken with the N9, and they are arguably on par with other 8MP cameras. At this point, there have been only a handful of side by side reviews of the N9's camera vs. other 8MP cameras (there's one from Matthew Miller at ZDNet, but his N8 photos are bad, so I take his review with a grain of salt).The good thing is, that Damien Dinning (the tech guy behind the N9's camera) is 'aware' of some of the comparison's and criticism's of the N9's camera, and it sounds like he is looking to implement improvements, although he hasn't confirmed it; so hopefully, any improvements made to the N9's camera will translate over to the Nokia 800.
  • These seem exactly like the photos from the N9 that were compared to the N8 by Nokia themselves. They even stated that the N8's huge sensor would produce better photos, which it does, but they tried to suggest that the N9 would be great for its size. When I saw those and these the same thing goes through my mind, that there is some sort of weird hazing, that makes it look foggy. Especially with high contrast photos. I can't say I'm too impressed either, but I'll hold my final decisions for Nokia World, to see if they have anything else up their sleeve.
  • I can't judge the resolution from my monitor but the color saturation and contrast look excellent to me. Looking forward to testing a device myself.
  • Better quality:
  • Looks good to me! :)
  • Photo Quality Looks good to me as well. Better than any other device I've seen including the iphone 4. I guess WinterFang is a photographer who this a cell phone should have the same quality as a top tier dedicated camera (quite silly if you ask me).
  • Dynamic range actually looks pretty decent, at least at that size! Can't wait for the 26th!!