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First Tech Federal credit union releases Windows Phone app

The First Tech Federal credit union has released an app for Windows Phone. Enabling consumers to remain in control of deposits wherever they may be, the app matches other mobile banking solutions in terms of features and available functionality. The highly rated app will be a great addition to the arsenal of apps on Windows Phones owned by those who hold accounts.

First Tech Federal boasts the ability for users to check account balances and view transaction history. As with other mobile banking apps, the development team has implemented functionality for the transfer of funds to take place between First Tech accounts. Deposits can be made with Mobile e-deposit and bills can also be paid while on the move.

First Tech Federal

Should you be located in an unknown location, one can search for a nearby branch and the app will also display the opening hours and contact information. ATMs can be located with green markers on an interactive map (over 28,000 ATMs are reportedly available to members). It's quite the user experience.

You can download the First Tech Federal app from the Windows Phone Store. Thanks, Chaks, for the tip!

QR: First Tech

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  • Where's Daniel...? ;)
  • I know right...anything else is just noise right now.
  • Welcome aboard FTFCU
  • Makes sense. It's the credit union for Microsoft employees.
  • Good for them to support Microsoft's employees, big audience.
  • Not just them. It's for Pacific Northwest tech employees. Just saying because it's the CU for Microsoft that it makes sense they would get a WP app.
  • Yup, lots of people here use FTCU including me, so this is *great* news.
  • Still waiting for a Navy Federal Credit Union app. Sent off a request for it, but I won't hold my breath.
  • You might as well develop it yourself. Regardless of your dev prowess I'm sure you'd get it to market much faster.
  • Which would immediately be followed by a C&D request by them while they "continue to evaluate the mobile market." Translation: a snowball's chance in hell of it coming to WP.
  • +1 for Navy Federal. Love the bank, but they do lag sometimes. Wish the could get rid of the Java requirement for check deposit. At least the I could use my Surface RT.
  • I am waiting for my local DCU to release one. I have along with others blasted their online question about the mobile app and they have started replying they are looking into it.
  • Just need TD Bank and my apps are set. That and for my lady to stop complaining about no td app on her new Lumia 920.
  • Looks like Samsung ativ s coming to sprint.
  • YAY!  That is all.
  • I'm hoping for Alliant Credit Union i ask about it and they said they are working on it (sure they are )!