First U.S. customer to buy Windows Phone 7: Richard Mungeer

Though we don't know how Microsoft exactly calculated this guy to be the first (perhaps at the Microsoft flagship store?) but evidently Richard Mungeer is the first official person to buy a Windows Phone 7 device , replacing his iPhone (snicker). Anyways, a big congrats to him and welcome to the team!

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Source: Twitter (@windowsphone)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Not only do we not know 'how Microsoft exactly calculated' the first purchaser, neither do we know that he actually traded in an iPhone. Other than tech blogs, the media isn't exactly rushing to get full WP7 launch coverage in todays news -- they had to come up with something on their own. As usual, Microsoft should be more concerned about being yesterdays news:
  • That's only the case because there's no flood to get phones at specific shops, just think if it was limited to MS only retails stores and you couldn't order it online? I bet you'd see huge lines like we saw for Kinext a few days ago in NYC. The fact is, you won't see super long lines because the choice of where to buy one is so great. I ordered the Dell online today, and I know lots of people ordered online as well, there's just not that big of a need to rush to some retail store on day 1. One things for sure though, it'll make lots of news when sales numbers hit, you can bet on that.
  • So you're accusing Microsoft of lying based on what grounds? Benjimen, I know you love commenting here with that CNN story, which means you're boarderline trolling, but seriously...please stop. It's getting old.
  • Well said. Seems the expected success of WP7 is really getting to a lot of people.
  • Indeed!!!!
  • I picked up my Samsung Focus this morning in Austin, TX at the local AT&T store. They only had one Focus for sale when the doors opened. There didn't appear to be anyone else there that was specifically interested in WP7 devices. I'm still glad that I got there early (~1 hr before opening). The few people that have seen it are stunned by the display & general quality of the phone. I'm replacing an iPhone 3G and Zune HD. -e.B
  • well guys i am not fake nor was i planted but my friend just sent me this link and I was the first to buy a Windows phone and it is such a great device and really fun to play with. What I love mostly is that it’s so unlike anything else out there and packed with new ideas.
  • Welcome, Mungeer to WPCentral. And congrats on your purchase, hope you stick around! Drop me an email daniel.rubino AT wpcentral DOT com if you get a chance.
  • Congrats dude. Which did you get can't really tell from the photo or article? -e.B
  • I went with the focus, dont get me wrong i know iphone is great and that droid has good stuff going for it but MS really has something new to bring the the table.
  • The Focus is easily the best of all the new WP7 devices. Easily. Good choice.
  • I agree, as a music aficionado, my Zune HD was more important to me than the iPhone was. I've been looking forward to only having to keep up with one device for what seems like forever. I was also surprised to see that the Focus came with a really nice set of in-ear buds/mic. -e.B
  • Picked up the HD7 at 10est. I gave up the Nexus One for this phone and I am definitely loving it right now.
  • I just got my Focus a few hours ago. I would have like to get to the AT&T store prior to work, but I had a morning meeting. Anyway, I apparently got the last phone in the store I went to in south Tampa, FL. It sounds like each store only got a few of each phone. The AT&T rep complimented the phone and the training that came along with it (he had actually used the phone). Intersting tidbit, the first person to sell three WP devies gets one for free. I guess one of the other guys had aleady sold two before I got there. Pretty happy with the phone overall, but I can't take it to work so it is sitting outside in the car :-( I set up hotmail/live and gmail, but they are both slow to populate. Downloaded a few free apps (FB, Netflix, Shazam) but never got to try them. I initiated a trial for The Harvest, but have to find WiFi or a Zune before I can get that downloaded. Overall a great first impression. Oh and there is a warning sticker to back up your phone prior to inserting a memory card.
  • Haven't really done much with my Focus yet. I have to wait until the UPS man drops off my 32GB microSD card, since installing it will reset the phone. Luckily, I went ahead and ordered it last week from NewEgg. It's out for delivery right now. -e.B
  • anyone else in the US getting redirected to when searching inside of IE, not from the home screen? this is happening on my HD7.
  • Ya, I'm too going trough google if searching from the title page. I felt it like an easter egg, trying to appease ppl. I was the first one to get one on my store, by 2pm. They wondered why I wanted to exchange a G2 (which I disliked) for an HD7, given the flop that the HD2 was - evidently they had NO clue that they were different things, and this is a corporate TMO store. Nice people though. When I ask how many ppl had bought one, they say that I was the only one to have even asked for one, and they were to retrieve mine from a sealed box on the I ask them whats my prize for being the first purchaser in their store... haha cracked them up. This was in an affluent area of Houston. Seems they do not care about WP7 in some stores.
  • i wanna be the first to let everyone know richard mungeer returned his windows phone for the new iphone . (sorry rick but apple paid me to rat you out ahahahah )