Fortnite officially receives Microsoft DirectX 12 support

Fortniter chapter 2
Fortniter chapter 2 (Image credit: Epic Games)

What you need to know

  • The latest Fortnite update has given PC players the option to enable Microsoft DirectX 12.
  • Epic Games claims this will result in higher and steadier frame rates.
  • In the future, Epic plans on adding more features to Fortnite thanks to DirectX 12.

Fortnite players on PC are getting a bit of an upgrade this week, as the latest update, the v11.20 update, for the game will allow players to play Fortnite using Microsoft DirectX 12. In a statement put out alongside the update, Epic Games announced the move. Ever since earlier this year, players have essentially been having to play on DirectX 11, as it's been a requirement for meeting the minimum specs in order to get on the game. Going forward, however, players can now choose to play using DirectX 12, and the benefits might be worth it.

According to Epic, PC players using DirectX 12 and high-end GPUs may experience a "higher and steadier frame rate." This is due in part to DirectX 12's ability to deliver better CPU performance, something that could come in handy while competing in Fortnite at any level. Epic also noted that in the future, they are planning to add other features to the game that are made possible through DirectX 12, and players who opt into DirectX 12will see some of these features before they are added.

Players interested in testing out the game using DirectX 12can hop into Fortnite now, and provide feedback to Epic after playing some games. For those who might have had issues with Fortnite's frame rates or performance in the past, this might just be the fix you need.

Anthony J Nash

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