The end of the Fortnite Battle Royale Season 3 Battle Pass is almost upon us, and with just four days of that remaining, Epic Games has officially announced the new season.

The cryptic teaser seems to suggest some kind of superhero theme, and given everyone who bought the Season 3 Battle Pass was rewarded with an outfit immediately, perhaps we'll be getting that this time around.

And if you look really closely the graphic looks a lot like the comet or meteor or whatever it actually is that is currently visible in the sky over the map. Combined with the recent appearance of emergency sirens and Llama broadcast messages on TV screens across the map, and the "brace for impact" slogan on the Fortnite website, could we finally be about to see what's going to happen?

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Will Tilted Towers be wiped out completely? Or is it all just a wild conspiracy theory? Either way, Epic is doing a great job of keeping the community on tenterhooks and it looks like we're a matter of days from finding out.

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