From the Forums: Apollo will make previous generations obsolete?

Welcome to the first From the Forums for this current week. In this series, we bring you the latest and greatest threads from the Windows Phone Central community forums. If you've been hiding under a rock for the past couple of days then this is the perfect opportunity to get back up-to-date with everything that's being discussed.

It's been a busy weekend over on our forums, which isn't unusual at all. To start us off we have thecaringkind, who published an in-depth post detailing his opinion on articles he has read on the web. 

"I am amazed by the sheer amount of folks who claim to have love for WP castigating the operating system and basically stating that its time is done. Nokia desperately wants to hold on to the early Lumia adopters so they smartly will provide continued updates and support for the platform for the next 18 months after Apollo's release. During that time, I am quite sure that all of those folks like myself who love WP now are not suddenly going to lose their minds and decide that what they have now is crap just because something a little newer is available."

We can certainly agree with points made in the "WP8 will make older WP's obsolete...REALLY?!" thread, and thecaringkid has received a fair number of 'likes' and 'thanks' from other members displaying support. While Windows Phone 7.x certainly isn't perfect, or anywhere close, it's fully functional and is much more efficient than competitor platforms - as shown in results from both Smoked by Windows Phone and Dare to Live challenges.

Do you believe Windows Phone 8 will make previous generation hardware and Windows Phone 7.x obsolete, or are you content with the functional use of current devices?

Why some just can't wait for Windows Phone 8

Lumia 900 Cyan

Forum member thecaringkind is back again with our second hot thread, "Why I didn't wait for WP8". The post covers the purchase of a cyan Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone 7.8 just around the corner. Instead of waiting for Apollo and hardware that's pumped out of supporting OEM factories, thecaringkind decided to get in early. Why?

"I sit here thinking of the spanking new Cyan Nokia Lumia 900 being set aside for delivery to me by the middle of next week and I cannot help but to smile. I was able to come up with a masterstroke of a plan to break free from my current carrier, (Verizon), so that I can finally be re-united with the best mobile phone operating system on the planet today."

That's the excitement and attitude we like to read about, especially when negativity surrounding the no-Apollo-upgrade is thrown out the window. If you're looking at purchasing a Windows Phone, will you be looking at Apollo, or is Windows Phone 7.x enough for your needs? Be sure to head on over to the thread to voice your opinion.

Poll: Are you getting Surface? MS Surface that is.

With the Microsoft Surface announced and building hype, not to mention Windows 8 on the horizon, there's a fairly large question that needs to be answered - are you getting one? 12Danny123 created a poll on our forums asking exactly that, "Are you getting a MS surface or any other W8 tablet or laptop?".

If you're waiting for the Surface, going with another Windows 8 tablet, or are simply planning to purchase a desktop / laptop? We can reveal that a large majority of votes are going to the Surface. Will it live up to the hype though?

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