From the Forums: Is the Apple patent victory beneficial for Windows Phone, and should all good apps be paid?

August is closing to an end, and we're all gearing up for the imminent rumours, announcements and discussion that will take place over the next number of weeks in the lead up to Windows Phone 8. As we prepare for a hopefully eventful September, let's take a quick look at popular threads from the weekend on the Windows Phone Central forums.

We covered the result of Apple's patent lawsuit against Samsung, which left the latter with a charge of just over $1 billion - not bad, eh? We asked the question in our From the Editor's Desk, "What does this mean for Windows Phone?", with the possibility of Microsoft actually benefiting from the court conclusion. While the battle between companies over patents is far from over, it'll at least make Windows Phone a more appealing platform to support since measures are in place to protect OEM partners.

12Danny123 speedily created a thread on the forum, asking for input from other members. It quickly exploded into a number of replies with some insightful posts.

Hey guys was the samsung vs apple trial good for wp? I think yes. IT'S A TOTAL GAME CHANGER. Now Samsung will now Wp8 an attractive OS. then the other OEM will follow. this will A slow down of android phones and more Windows phone 8 devices. Also with Samsung paying Apple and MS for android and the risk of making android phones, the risk increases for apple to sue. so now Samsung and the other OEM have no choice but to develop Windows phones. this is a good move.

There is reason to be excited about the potential boost Windows Phone could receive from the court result, but that's still a long way off, and we're yet to see Windows Phone 8. What do you think? Do you believe Windows Phone can benefit from Samsung (and other Android OEMs) losing out to Apple? Head on over to the "was the apple win good for wp? I think yes" thread to voice your opinion.

Should 'good' apps be paid only?

What are your thoughts on paid apps? Do you find the low price tags justify what consumers receive? A thread was started which asks that very question. Forum user Jimski responded with an insightful post that goes into detail why he feels strongly against those who actively complain about spending less than $2 on useful apps.

"So it frustrates me to see people complain about spending $0.99 or $1.29 for a good, well supported app. Less than the cost of a candy bar that will be gone forever in about 3 minutes. I like free as much as anybody. But the reality is that in order for a developer to put his heart and soul into developing a great app, and then continuing to support it, he/she needs more than a thank you. USA Today doesn't need to charge for their app. But if you want to see indie developers excel be prepared to put up a couple bucks."

While a large number of apps do have a low price points, it's generally less than the cost of a coffee or even a chocolate bar. Be sure to add your $0.02 in the "Should good apps ONLY be paid?" thread. 

Miscellaneous: Would a Samsung Galaxy S3 Windows Phone be successful?

White Samsung WP8

Samzer has created a thread to shine light on Samsung's potential to push new and innovative Windows Phone hardware out. The manufacturer has played a major role in making the platform what it is today by continuing to release and support a number of devices. Since Nokia has joined the band, all eyes have been focused on the Finnish manufacturer thanks to marketing efforts, but we shouldn't forget the other OEMs who have been with Microsoft since birth.

"I'm more than certain when they release this rumored device, A GS3 like WP8 device, this phone will completely outsell any other windows phone 8 device. It will dominate any other WP8 device without question. Nokia may "feel" better to a lot the Sammy haters, but make no mistake, Sammy's handsets are built extremely well and with the same materials (polycarbonate). But with removable battery and storage."

What do you make of Samsung's chances to take control of the Windows Phone ecosystem? Has Nokia done enough to comfortably hold the number one spot? Which manufacturer are you closely following in the run up to Windows Phone 8? Let us know in the comments and in the "A Galaxy S3 Windows Phone will dominate" thread.

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  • Personally I like HTC. They are well built phones. But right now, almost anything could replace my trophy, as long as it's WP. Not that I don't like my phone, just ready for something new.
  • +1
  • +2
  • Im looking in this order.
    1. Nokia
    2. Samsung
    3. HTC
  • +1
  • ++1
  • It's great to see 2 or more manufacturers competing for dominance. The real winner will be the consumer.
  • Don't let the pirates to take the place in WP!
  • i personally dont find paying for apps that are well supported a bad thing. and yes i believe that the samsung apple case will demonstrate to samsung as well as other oems that android is not cheaper than supporting wp8 hopefully they will put a little more effort behind the platform
    for me its also
    1. nokia
    2. sammy
    3. HTC
  • I would rather have an a paid app updated periodically than a free one that is hindered by in-the-way ads and rarely updated. I also like the tiered idea Jay and Dan spoke about in the podcast. I don't always want all the features because I simply don't need them. But honestly my ideal app would be a la carte, pick and choose certain features for a nominal fee each on top of the base price, bit not sure if it's feasible in WP7 ot even WP8. And as far as Samsung built phones, I still believe they are half in half out. Even with a SIII, it would not compare with even a mid range Nokia due to the support and design they lack. I'm all in on Nokia just they are with Windows Phone.
  • I'm not sure if the Apple victory will directly benefit WP8 (it could, but we'll only know for sure in the coming months). It does imply that manufacturers cannot simply borrow hardware and software ideas from others, and puts a greater emphasis to innovate and strive for originality. But, whether it ends up hurting Android sales and benefitting WP8 is too early to call. Either way, WP8 still has a steep uphill climb in terms of adoption rate, and I simply don't see that getting better with this ruling.
  • To the guy's point on Samsung aren't some of not all wp8 phones going to support removable storage? Plus you need to factor in Nokia's commitment to developing apps for its phones in a way no other WP maker has so far. That being said I like Samsung phones, but am not sure he should be so confident about it outselling all competitors. Most ppl who really want a gs3 will probably have one by the time wp8 drops.
  • 1.surface
    3.wp8.5/9 I really think that it's only gonna get better... The reason I'm not jumping wp8 is because my lumia is perfect for what I need and use everyday
    .wp8 doesn't bring anything that I need.. W/surface will bring a lot to my life..
    Samsung vs apple is just the beginning of steve jobs WILL
  • This is just the beginning of Steve Jobs' dream to destroy Android.
  • Windows Phone is better than Android!
  • +1 of course, without a doubt .
  • +1 say that to my Indonesian youngster whom got Android loveblind!
  • We shall rule all os's within 5 years
  • I'm still on first Gen focus.. Running strong! Might go Nokia depending on the lineup
  • Depends on what Verizon gets... but, I would look at a Sammy... I would lean to HTC or Nokia first tho but, depends on who puts out a high end "Bad-A$$" phone.