From the Editor’s Desk – The Apple-Samsung fallout, Nokia’s new devices and more

As we kick off another Monday in what looks to be the calm before the storm, another slow week punctuated by bursts of breaking news. Yes, it's the last week of August as summer winds down.

And although we missed last night’s deadline for this post (sorry, we finally went to go see Batman, which was after our all-night horror movie marathon on Saturday), it’s still time for this week’s Editor’s rant and ramblings.


The positive aspects of negative thinking

We’re of course still dealing with the ramifications of the Apple-Samsung court decision. Here at Windows Phone Central we’ve been a bit quiet on the matter for a few reasons. For one, the decision about a permanent injunction against Samsung won’t be decided until September 20th. Two, Samsung will appeal the case and three, no one really knows if this will benefit Microsoft and Nokia.

That last part of course is what everyone is “reporting” on today, which of course translates to speculation. Don’t get us wrong, the decision for Apple here against Samsung certainly looks promising but Android has a lot of momentum these days and stopping that or slowing it down will be difficult. The court case also did not touch upon the top-selling Galaxy S3 from Samsung as that does not appear to violate any Apple patents. So what does it mean when such a momentous court decision doesn’t affect the one device that is currently selling gangbusters?

Samsung knew they were in trouble with the Galaxy S series, which is why they changed it ever so slightly as to avoid Apple’s grasp.  The S3 is still a threat to Windows Phone and Samsung can reposition themselves along those lines.

Interestingly, even if the reality of the situation does not yield to Microsoft’s favor, the tech media is playing up the story so much for Microsoft and Nokia that it may just cause a shift in people’s perception. In other words, Windows Phone is getting a lot of great coverage now because it is a solid, realistic alternative to Android that has little to no legal risk to it. We're okay with that spin.

In the end, this court case may be just be the PR boost that Windows Phone 8 needs as it jumps from the racing gates in a few weeks. But it remains to be seen if OEMs will actually shift their strategy. Like with most things in technology, they will follow where the crowd and hypes goes.

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Bring it on (Nokia Edition)

With just over a week before Nokia is expected to reveal numerous new phones, things are heating up around here.

News is starting to solidify around the notion that Nokia will announce two, maybe three phones next week including two for AT&T and one for T-Mobile.  AT&T are expected to get the high-end ‘Phi’ phone featuring a giant 4.7” HD display an dual cores in addition to the ‘Arrow’, which is a mid-range phone.

That mid-range phone is also expected to land on T-Mobile and eventually Verizon later this year.

The question is, will you folks be excited? We’re already hearing rumblings that the Lumia 800/900 design is getting old for some of you and you want something more “dramatic” to come from the company. We’ll toss a poll up shortly to get your feelings on the matter. We’re actually okay with such a move for now only because we really like the 900 so much.

Either way, we’ll be there live on September 5th to cover the event and hopefully get some hands-on time with the new devices, so make sure you call-out sick that day to join in the fun.

The Horror

Odds and ends

Regarding the site, we have Rich Edmonds back and hopefully rested from his 23rd vacation of the year. That means we’re back up to full staff this week, working hard on bringing news stories and original content to you folks.

We do have some upgrades coming in the forums in a few weeks—that’s in the planning phases now along with some site and app updates. Needless to say, it’ll be an exciting September for many reasons.

Speaking of oddities, to answer the question that I keep getting on Twitter: yes, I now have a Mac device, specifically a MacBook Air.

I’ll wait for you to stop cringing then I’ll explain.

First and perhaps more pertinently, I have not “switched” from a PC.

Long story short, I was given this device through my job and as a technology geek, I never turn away shiny new gizmos (would you?). I know very little about Apple OSX—in fact, virtually nothing—which is why I’m using it off and on with my Lenovo T420S.  But I recoil when people say “well, that means you’re a Mac user now”. No, I’ve been using PCs for 20 years and a Mac for about 4 weeks.

Regardless, I think it’s my job in technology to be familiar with competitor’s hardware and software. It’s the same reason I have a Galaxy Nexus next to my Windows Phone—so I can do my job better by not writing in a vacuum.

So if you were expecting me to be a purist because of ideological reasons, you’ve come to the wrong site. I’ll use whatever someone puts in front of me but in the end, I’m still a PC (and Windows Phone) user by choice.

Maybe next week I’ll share some of my Pros/Cons I see with OSX Mountain Lion and the MacBook Air hardware.

Trust me, it's far from bunnies and rainbows.

Oh and Batman? Really liked it. Bane was delightfuly evil. Although I did find myself agreeing with him a little too often...

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I for one am not excited for a mid-range Nokia phone that will be headed to T-Mo. If Nokia doesn't send a high end device to T-Mo, I'll be going with Samsung or HTC.
  • I love T-mo but hate trying to love a low to midrange device. I may have to switch to AT&T (shudder)..
  • Same here,,,I've been with. T-mo for 5 years now but if they don't get Phi like device I'm jumping ship.
  • I wouldn't jump ship over a phone. Had same thought initially but it's not worth it. If your carrier gives you great service, stay with it. There's always alternatives besides the phi...
  • You have a good point,but right now Nokia is my OEM of choice for WP8 so if T-mo doesn't offer something worthwhile id leave for one,,,then again I heard "Metro" PCS is going to be joining the WP8 party this year so who knows,,,maybe a budget phone on a budget carrier?
  • You have a good point,but right now Nokia is my OEM of choice for WP8 so if T-mo doesn't offer something worthwhile id leave for one,,,then again I heard "Metro" PCS is going to be joining the WP8 party this year so who knows,,,maybe a budget phone on a budget carrier?
  • While Nokia licks ATT's balls, we'll take an odyssey to Samsung's Odessey and hopefully HTC won't be licking the same balls either. They'll drown miserably with the Ball licking Nokia phi and iphone5.
  • I have high hopes for HTC. Hoping for an HD8. I'm happy with T-Mo, just disappointed with Nokia and the thought of a mid-range device coming my way. I personally will never switch to AT&T or Verizon.
  • Verizon has excellent coverage. I could get a signal inside. An elevator downtown. AT&T pissed me off when I was on them and my windows smartphone at the time an Audiovox SMT5600 (I loved that phone) they wouldn't support it anymore because now they were Cingular, and I would gave to buy a new phone, even though this one was only 6 months old. Totally pissed me off. Damn, I may have to go back to get a great phone though. Ughhhhhh.
  • It is hard to get excited for a midrange device. I'm really hoping nokia releases 3 high end devices with different screen sizes/appearance/cameras as the differentiating factors. There is no point in releasing a mid or low end device on the 5th unless it will be available within a week, there just won't be any excitement around it and it will lose it's momentum. Leave the announcement of mid range devices til october when they launch. My wish list for this first announcement is a 4" that is very slim, refined lumia 8/900 design, best camera that fits in a slim device; a 4.3" with pureview; a 4.7" with a new thin design, same camera as the 4". All should have 768p screens, dual core S4s, etc.
  • If a high end phone for Verizon is not out by Dec I'm switching carriers
  • After I got tricked into getting the Lumia 900 only to find out that it's already outdated, I'm going back to the iPhone
  • Which one? iPhone 4, 4s or the iPhone 5 which is coming out at the same time as Nokia's new device? If you're into technology and throwing out the "outdated" line, you're not really in the game, are you?
  • GET EM...
  • Getting "tricked" was not the fault of the OS or the hardware bud. You were the victim of a salesman? Join the club and welcome to the real world lol
  • Haha you've never been tricked! You've known this from day 1! did you care? No! So shut up troll!
  • Looks like you got tricked into an iPhone the first time around. Some people never grow out of their iPod I guess.
  • First of all who "tricks" someone on buying a phone? I find that hard to believe. If you got "tricked" into to buying a phone then I feel sorry for you since you probably got "tricked" into other things as well. Second, unless you wait for the new Iphone you're gonna get "tricked" into the IPhone 4 or 4S which by the way will be outdated soon as well. Good luck getting "tricked" in life.
  • Dumb ass
  • +9001 couldn't have agreed more.
  • LOL @ you were tricked. Hate to break it to you but your iPhone is about to be outdated too.....maybe u should just pre-order an iPhone 6 to future proof yourself.
  • If T-MOBILE is getting the low end craphone again, I will be moving to another Operator
  • No surprise TMo customers are disappointed yet again. Is moving to AT&T really worth an extra $50/mo for an equivalent plan just to get the higher-end model phone?
  • I'LL be there to get a Phi and a tablet. Question is will they allow us to order or preorder on the 5th. Agreed the court case has opened the door but the devices have to be available immediately to knock that door down. No half stepping everyone involved has to step up their game
  • +1
  • I, too, was given an Apple device for work (iPhone 4) and feel now that I can truly rag on Apple's shortcomings. My Quantum is superior to the iPhone in every way that is meaningful to me. The one thing I like about and use is the voice recorder. I can record hours of stuff and not worry about it shutting off. The recording app I got for the Quantum shuts off when the phone sleeps. Everything else is better on the Quantum. Using the iPhone is a chore. Using the Quantum is a delight!
  • I'll keep my Lumia 800 to save money for a cool Windows 8 tablet :)
  • +1
  • Keeping my Lumia 900 until Nokia puts the PureView camera in a Lumia. In the meantime, I hope the Surface RT is affordable.
  • Me too, I'll be getting mine in cyan (:.
  • I really don't want a phone any bigger than my 900. The 900 is even pushing it for me. Am I the only one who wants a smaller "flagship" phone?
  • Yes you are. Im kidding of course :)
  • I'm with you! These things go in cycles. Now, bigger is better. At some point smaller will be better again.
  • Don't worry too much about the phi being too big because it is about the same size as the lumia 900 only thinner. The screen is bigger but not the phone itself ( at least not significantly). The reduction in thinkness will (in my opinion) actually make the device somewhat smaller
  • Completely agree. I've owned phones with 3.5",4", and 4.3". And I think 4" is my (emphasis on my) ideal size. I can type texts one handed comfortably. On my focus s I can't. Seems flagship phones keep getting bigger but I really dont want anything more then 4.3 and would prefer a flagship 4" phone. Grrr.
  • Been a PC user forever, was given a Mac Book from work, was interesting and different for a month or two. It's been sitting powered off since then under my desk for the past 4 years at least. Actually I think I used it more to run Vista with boot camp.
  • I think it's the OEMs that need to make their phones available to all carriers like Sammy did with the S3, love Nokia but not settling for no mid range will go with the Odessey spec is just fine for me not a huge camera fan so I'm good, just saying...
  • I love the Lumia 800/900 design and hope they evolve it ever so slightly. Maybe the body a little bit thinner but with curved glass. I don't need the worlds thinnest Phone if i have curved glass. I still think the year old design of the 800 is the most beautifull out there, even compared to brand new phones, so if the new Nokias are just a slight improvement on the old ones they definetly still be the most beautifull phones on the market,
  • "Maybe next week I’ll share some of my Pros/Cons I see with OSX Mountain Lion and the MacBook Air hardware." Why? Save the energy on Windows Phone or even converged devices. Ultrabooks like the air will be old school anyway in a couple of months. And when talking converged devices: think Asus Transformer Book and alike. Think the new 2013 Asus Zenbook Prime with touch, MS accounts that can be used cross phone/tablet/converged devices, smartglass on the phone together with tablets/converged devices/PC's/Xbox/TV and the list goes on. At least when it has some link with Windows Phone. The main focus on Windows Phone and the way you and the team bring us information, makes this site so special.
  • I don't care what oems do.. Ot don't really matter.. Shoot I want Nokia to be exclusive WP hardware maker.. Kinda like before when NOKIA is the no.1 maker.... Screw Samsung and every one else... Like what the destroyer said on you tube FUCK EM ALL...
  • Long story short, I was given this device through my job and as a technology geek, I never turn away shiny new gizmos (would you?).Yes, because I can only use 1 device at the same time. A free device is nice to use for a couple of weeks, but then it's back to my favorite devices. So please spare us pictures of your free device and spare the energy for things we care, for information we come to visit WPCentral.
  • Thanks for the input, but the point of this weekly post is for me to write on things I care about, not on what interests you (it was also giving an expanded answer to people who've asked me on Twitter). The audience gets the other 99% of the site and the forums but this is area is all mine, so I'll write on whatever I please, thank you. Like everything else here, you're free to ignore it.
  • OK. Fair enough.
  • Wow, a sensible and mature person. That's super rare... Quick throw a pokéball at it, we mustn't let it escape. Lol, no but seriously props for being better than some others (including myself).
  • Oh snap!
  • Good job Daniel,,you know what they say,,,,keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Not that Android or apple are the enemy but if we don't keep up with what the other guys are doing we won't know what to eexpect from them in the future.
  • Good job Daniel,,you know what they say,,,,keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Not that Android or apple are the enemy but if we don't keep up with what the other guys are doing we won't know what to eexpect from them in the future.
  • I think I'll stay with Nokia for WP8.
    My current Nokia Lumia has been great, much better than the Samsung and HTC I had before.
  • Yes!! Dual core Nokia phone would be great, they have great software! Good thing I have an upgrade available next month!!
  • Dude my lumia 900 will stay with me I don't care if the 7.8 takes 6 mos.. All I'm really excited about is the SURFACE!!!
  • +100