Report – Nokia to unveil Arrow and Phi Windows Phone 8 devices for AT&T, T-Mobile in September

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For the last few weeks we’ve mentioned how Nokia will be unveiling three new devices for the US and that now looks to be the case.

The Verge is reporting via an unmentioned source that on September 5th, Nokia will unveil two new devices—code-named Arrow and Phi—with a third named Atlas for Verizon in coming weeks. Those names are of course just placeholders until marketing names are decided upon. With an 88% accuracy rating on rumors according to Tracour, there’s a good chance that this is accurate.

The Phi is expected to feature a 4.65” curved display, polycarbonate body, dual-core CPU and act as a successor to the Lumia 800/900 range of devices, while the Arrow is thought to be a mid-range Lumia phone. That Arrow is also expected to go to T-Mobile as well with AT&T keeping the ‘hero’ Phi device on their network.

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Prototype of the Nokia 'Phi'?

Meanwhile, Verizon will eventually be getting the Atlas, a variant of the mid-range Arrow device found on AT&T and T-Mobile. As expected, Verizon won’t be at the September 5th announcement but will instead announce the Atlas sometime in the coming weeks.

Obviously if true, this is mixed news for our readers as once again, AT&T appears to be getting the crème of the crop for Nokia handsets while the more mid-range will be going to T-Mobile and Verizon. While it’s great to see Verizon getting in on the mix, most people would have preferred a more top-of-the-line model to be offered. Having said that, even Nokia’s mid-range aka Lumia 710 phone is quite nice and we have no problem using it.

The big question for users right now though is, what kind of device is the Atlas/Arrow? Unfortunately the Verge had no details to offer, making their news slightly less helpful.

Source: The Verge

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  • What about Europe?
  • Europe gets everything!
  • Really?
  • probably yes :)
  • Europe does get everything.... Although we pay so much more over here!
  • There are Samsung devices that weren't ever released in Europe. Plus the 900 was released months after the US over here.
  • More important than personal satisfaction, is this enough to give the platform the push it needs to start making real gains in market share? Because this looks like the same situation we have now, a few handsets here and there whereas android handsets will continue to flood the market in numbers, getting attention with each new release. Will this be enough to take WP past the 2% level?
  • Look at HTC, it doesnt matter if they have 50 phones.
    JayT mentioned something important yesterday in the podcast and I agree... what we need is a strong name/brand. Why didnt the HTC One X succed? Its awesome!? The average joe have no freakin clue what it is. If these new Nokia phones are good and continue to use the Lumia-name they will sell. If they start using 10 new names I think we are fukked.
    Apple has ONE name, Iphone, and thats it, everybode knows what it is and all the average joes feel like they have the good stuff no matter what version they have because everybode else have an Iphone, most people dont want to be special, people want what everybode else has cause they know it "works" and think its hot. Preselection!.. kind of. 
    Nokia (and MS) should keep on building on the Lumia brand, it will take off, thats what important.
  • +1
  • Microsoft is not apple, WP is not the iphone. Apple is guaranteed to sell millions on release day of any of their mobile products, cant say the same of WP. Neither was android a success from the first day, which is why WP needs to make strong statements. Just ambling along with a few handsets here and there wont grow the platform significantly.
  • Well obviously they wont sell millions on release, no one said they will, and neither did Apple in 2007(?).
    Sure, having more models is not bad but the most important thing is to stick with a good name and design and pimp the hell out of it so that the world has the chance to recognise it. Samsung has done it with the Galaxy series, obviously Windows Phone is not the name to pimp (since it is just the OS running on a bunch of various phones and no one really think Microsoft is "cool"), but Nokia has made a good start with the Lumia brand.
    It takes time for non tech people to get their heads around new stuff and grow the balls to try it. 
    Making a strong statement is building a name and brand that people get to know, not releasing 50 phones a month with different designs and names like HTC does.
  • They already tried it with the Lumia 900, didnt work too well. Whether we like it or not, apple is the only one who can stand on having one device making a brand statement. The Lumia and WP are not at that point yet. The iphone5 will sell strongly till the next one is released and there will be tons of new androids released to compete with the sole WP hero device. I think its better to have more devices to compete now than less. Otherwise WP gets lost in the wind.
  • You forget that HTC and Samsung will also have WP8 devices? There's more OEMs out there than just Nokia
  • Nokia has said that they will keep pushing out phones so...
  • I hope the New hero device isn't an evolved 800/900. They should move that design to the middle tear now. Its a hit and should move volume, but anyone with an 800/900 isn't going to be excited about buying a larger version. We want a new design to trade up to.
  • iPhone designs stick around for 2 years, so I'm not sure what you are expecting.
  • Not everything has to follow the iphone, companies are allowed to do things differently.
  • I disagree.  The Lumia 800/900 design is simply the best looking and pleasing full touchscreen phone design I've ever seen, and it would be really hard to top this.  They need a 'hero' design that people recognize just like Apple has, and the Lumia design is just that.  Instantly recognized, and almost universally hailed.  Their WP8 high end devices should be a mix of the Lumia design, and whatever design changes they needed to make for the PureView camera. 
    I have a 900, and will buy the first Nokia lumia style phone with a PureView camera + HD screen + SD card support (even the SD card isn't needed if they give a 32GB storage phone).
  • +1.
  • Obviously they will have to move on eventually, but I think its WAY to early to retire the Lumia design.  Especially considering adoption for the Lumias is still relatively low.  I could show 20 random people my phone and probably only 1 or 2 of them have ever seen/held it.  That design could easily power Nokia's flagships for another year or two.
  • Please no low range phones
  • They have to have low range phones for everyone that doesn't want to pay $199/$299.
  • But they are making two according to the article I doubt mid range is what people on Verizon were waiting for
  • +1  As a Verizon user, you are correct.  Let's leave the low end to Android.
  • I would speculate the high end device going for $199 with new contract/upgrade and the mid range either $99 or $149. The Galaxy S3 released on all carriers for $199 and it sold fantastic for them. If they have any hope in W8 they are going to have to price these phones very competitively. With the money that Microsoft has and the drive they have to make it a success I would expect some deals being made with carriers in the background.
    Only time will tell..although I wish the time was now because I'm ready to switch from Android!
  • The N9 design is impressive, but I hope it doesn't turn into the modern day razor. A design that never changes and slows down the release of other designs.
  • Big question is, will the Phi be a PureView device?
  • Yup...I'm not up grading my 900 if there is no PureView.
  • +1...I have been saving to get a WP8 phone, but I'm not parting with my money, or my 900, for anything less than pureview.
  • Hmmph..... Excited for nothing much lol I'll stick to 7.8 till better phones come along I'll have. To switch from sprint sooner or later
  • That's what I'm thinking.
  • About time fellas lol I seen it on verge sent yaw the heads up but yaw probably already seen it wen I did ...twitter live tile ;) wpcentral got better articles to read I think
  • I'm stoked about the new models however I might wait for a few more months to see what CES brings.
  • Good idea, me too.
  • Not impressed with that picture, hope it doesn't look like that
  • Curses! Was so hopeful that Verizon was going to get some high end Nokia hardware. Still holding out hope until things are official, but the light at the end of the tunnel just got a little dimmer....
  • Well we will see what happens I guess expandable storage will be available so as long as cbd pv and dual core is there with NFC I'll be happy
  • Is it possible that HTC will be the only one to offer a quad-core CPU? And they don't even have a gorilla glass in their phones... -_-"
  • If T-Mo is only getting a mid-range device it looks like I'll be scooping up the Samsung Odyssey or wait for a high end HTC WP8.
  • +1
  • I'm with you very bummed out i'll go with sammy on t-mo
  • I don't understand TMobiles approach of taking only mid range to low end devices. I don't even think they have very high-end devices for android. They are a great value and have very good coverage so why not have great phones too?
  • They are supposed to get the HTC one x plus or whatever its called so they have no problem getting high end androids, its just WP they don't care for.
  • Say what you will but I saw more Windows Phone ads on TV for the T-Mobile Lumia 710 than I saw for all other WinPhones combined.
  • Tmobile is only interested in pushing Android high end phones while they the 'crumbs' to windows phone enthusiasts. How do you go from HD2 to HD7 and then go down to Radar and 710. I've never used the 710 but the Radar is so limiting in terms of storage and processor speed, even my old DVP is comparatively runs better. As at now the Radar is selling at the same price as the GSII and while they now have The GSIII and the Galaxy Note all they can do for Windows Phone customers is another mid range phone. I don't want to switch to AT&T because I have a very good family plan with them, how I wish my Lumia 900 could work on their 4G network.
  • so agree with you man, My HD7 has a cracked screen but still usable and I'm holding out for a suitable replacement with WP 8. So dissapointed in hearing that they are going mid range again. No Titan, no Lumia 900, an now, possibly, no Phi. I say no fair!
  • Left T-Mobile in Jan for AT&T to get 3 iPhones + LG Android HD phone with 720p screen, dual-core, etc. Paid 3 early terminations just to get on a carrier with the best phones (yeah, I'm crazy about shiny new devices). So it's not just WP that suffers on T-Mobile, unfortunately. They're even still pushing their house-brand MyTouch when the rest of the world moved on long ago.
  • T-mobile is getting a high end Samsung. They do care for WP so shut up
  • T-Mobile isn't getting a high end phone because att is only pushing them if they get the cream of the crop.
  • Its been confirmed tmos getting the odyssey
  • Why does Verizon NOT want my money?! So tired of that my grandfathered "unlimited data" is dead, I guess there's nothing to stop me from leaving for a high-end device.
  • +1
  • Would be funny if the Arrow was a tie-in to the upcoming Arrow superhero show, like those Dark Knight Lumias.
  • Please no.
  • LMAO! No. Not cool.
  • Looks like the choices for T-Mobile will be the 4.3 in Nokia Arrow(Lumia 910?), the 4.3 in HTC Accord(probably will be the HD8) and the 4.7 in Samsung Oddessy(WP8 variant of the GSIII).  Not really a bad line up at all.  But since I want the big flag ship phone looks like I'll be going with the Samsung.  I'm going to miss those exclusive Nokia apps though.
  • Me too. I bet Samsung will get their flagship on all carriers before Nokia. Just like the Galaxy SIII. When they do Samsung will rule W8 like Android. All the exclusive apps in the world want be able to save Nokia.
  • Agreed. I like the exclusive apps on my 900, but those alone won't keep me with Nokia. I'm hoping that HTC comes out with a killer WP8, not holding my breath though after reading about all their financial woes.
  • I've had an upgrade ready on Verizon since June 2010. I bought my Trophy on eBay the same month of release. And I've been waiting patiently for a hero WP device on Verizon. If this rumor is correct and Verizon gets a phone that is overshadowed by others, I will have to seriously think about leaving.
  • I have a question for Nokia Lumia users. I've used Nokias before. The first and the best in my opinion is E71. I've also owned a N95 mini, E5, and another N one, can't remember. II gave up on Nokia because every single one of those phones would reboot and most would drop calls. I now own a Samsung wp7 and it is the BEST phone I've ever had. I would like to give Nokia another try and was wondering if any of ya have had those reboot issues. Thanks :-)
  • My Lumia 900 has never rebooted on its own. Same goes for my g/f's Lumia 710. (in USA)
  • mY 710 NEVER EVER REBOOTED my hd7 argggg always... if it the 710 was bigger it would be with me all the time.....I do not want a mide rangew device t-mo is getting the nokia med range i'll switch to sammy 4.8 bye nokia
  • Also had an E71 and for as long as I used it, it was great. Using a lumia 710, no drop calls or reboots for me. Maybe its network related
  • You should exchange for any phone that reboots itself. Those are hardware issues.
  • Not had reboots or lost calls, but have had many other problems with my 900. I'd wait until the second wave of Nokia WP8's hit the shelves. That way all the bugs are, hopefully, ironed out. They obviously rushed these phones and it shows.
  • Thanks for all your responses. I think I'm gonna wait and see. By the looks of it Nokia is sticking with the same design. I prefer the look of the rounded Samsungs and HTC One X phones. I may hold off and miss the first wave of WP8. So far I am very happy with my WP7 :-P
  • No reboots or dropped calls here
  • Bah, I want a high end phone for Verizon & was hoping it would be the one from Nokia. The rumored high end devices from Samsung & HTC don't look like they are going to Verizon either. Come on Verizon, you have to be getting at least one beyond midrange.
  • +1
  • Glad to see new phones, but why can't they offer both Phi and Arrow on all carriers?
  • Because Nokia don't have the balls to stand up to Att's demand. This is why Samsung is gonna capture the #1 W8 spot. Their smart enough to have flagship devices on all carriers.
  • Lol!  It seems you are not aware of Nokia's 'presence' or rather, lack of presence, in the U.S.
    Nokia cannot make demands - Symbian sullied their rep on major carriers;  and their non cooperative approach with Verizon, in the past, is no doubt why Verizon is simply dipping their toe in the water with Nokia now.  Nokia is lucky to have Verizon on board given their past relationship with them.
    And will Samsung have 'flagship' WP8 devices on all carriers?  Sure they do for Android, but Samsung has been in the WP game for going on three years now, and have only had devices on AT&T (in the U.S.). 
  • I don't really like the look of the Phi. They should have centered the screen. Above the screen is pretty much no space at all and below it is way to much.
  • My choice is made as a Tmobile customer. My HD7 replacement is the Samsung.
    I thought Nokia said take note something big was coming. Obviously it wasn't directed to T-Mobile's customers.
  • +1 I also have the HD7. Kind of hoping HTC announces an HD8.
  • The HD8 is probably going to be the rumored HTC Accord with a 4.3in screen.  The quad core HTC Zenith will probably be the Titan III and end up on AT&T.
  • Atlas is a pretty big name for a non high-end phone.  The name alone suggests it's a large phone which typically means high-end.  We'll have to wait and see I guess.
  • If that Atlas is a variant of the Arrow then it will have a 4.3 in screen.
  • I'd be fine with that.  Same 768 or 720p screen with dual-core S4 CPU and 16/32GB Memory with micro-SD slot and hopefully a decent camera (12-16MP Pureview would be optimal), and the expected FFC, NFC, etc. and we have a winner.
  • Yeah, I'd be cool with that. 4.3" is fine, as long as it's high res and the other specs are good. I really want an SD slot.
  • You should exchange for any phone that reboots itself. Those are hardware issues.
  • What about a nokia lumia upgraded, vapor mag unibody with curved glass? I really want a device like that...
  • 2 devices and AT&T get the best one. I'm hoping they have some good devices lined up for Europe.
  • This marketing strategy to offer the "hero" device only on ATT is a big mistake. Its good for ATT but bad for consumers and thus bad WP and Nokia. I'm on Tmobile and I'm not going to buy a midranged device, so guess which oem will not be getting my money.
  • Everyone should chill out.. I'm sure the phi device is just an att exclusive for couple months or so. Think about it logically... And stop QQing.
  • I remember people saying the exact same thing when the Lumia 900 was released. First it was going to come to VZW, then Tmo. Still a dream at this point.
  • Technically that's what's happening. The 900 is becoming the mid range device that Verizon and T Mobile are getting... The Phi is a different animal. It is becoming the high end device.
  • Sure, I'll wait and see what they have to say on September 5th. But tell me when you last saw the Lumina 900 being sold in a T-Mo store. It's been more than a couple months or so.
  • I want a hero phone on tmo god dammit
  • +1 The story goes the big bad wolf(AT&T) huffed and puffed and blew midrange devices over to the little piggy.(T-Mobile)
  • if verizon doesn't get a "high-end" device they shouldn't expect a mid-range windows phone to sell millions. They also should not expect current trophy owners to upgrade. For me personally, I will not buy a mid-range phone. I am looking for a high-end device. I had a bad experience with the trophy and want to give WP8 a shot, but not on a mid-range phone. I have to express my disappointment in verizon if they don't get a high-end device, to me it doesn't make much sense.
  • Man, Verizon getting a mid range phone code named Atlas? I really wanted the Phi to go to big red. I defienetly have to see if Samsung or HTC will introduce any WP8 high end phones to Verizon. 
    Or maybe I should switch to AT&T.
  • If this is true and T-Mobile gets the Arrow midrange "little brother" phone while AT&T gets yet the best from Nokia I'm pretty sure I will blow up the T-Mobile headquarters(only kidding guys).lol But seriously, do we really have to sit through this again? Nope, AT&T will either get my money or I'll buy it and unlock it for T-Mobile. Step up and do something spectacular T-Mobile.smh
  • I guess them refarming their network to PCS so you can use any GSM phone you want and bringing back unlimited data isn't enough for you huh?
  • Hey I'm happy with EVERYTHING about T-Mobile besides their lack of offering any high end Windows Phones. In case you missed it you can't buy the HTC Titan series, Samsung Focus S, or the Nokia Lumia 900 at T-Mobile. The HD7 is the only 16gb and 4" plus offering T-Mobile has. Just in case you missed that.
  • yep! Whhyyyyyyy *runs away in tears*
  • You can buy them elsewhere
  • The refarming won't he complete till next year from what I read. HD7 is like five years old. Yes, five years. Since its a crappier version of the HD2
  • It completes in Q4 , you wish the HD7 was crappier than the HD2,mine has been solid.
  • It will be announced but when will it be released?  Announcing in September and releasing in November, that's not good.
  • Yeah.. Guess we'll see what Sammy and HTC bring to the vzn table. If its AT LEAST a 4.3 in screen it will be an upgrade from my Trophy.. We'll see. I'm glad vzn is on board though!
  • Verizon = Mid to low end ????
    Of course, I didn't expect anything less. After the Trophy (no offence I own one, it's a nice phone but, the bottom of the line of WP7 devices) I expected verizon to pick a higher end one.
    They have the best coverage but, the most dispointing line up as far as I can see. Again I wait for a good phone with them, My no contract will go on for even longer (8 years not in a contract now)
  • I will say if Verizon is only introducing a mid/low range device it makes little sense. My initial impression was that they were actually very strategic in waiting for Windows Phone to become more solidified as an OS and become higher-end before promoting the OS. But this would dispel that notion. They waited primarily for the 4GLTE across all smart phones.
    However I'll be patient, this is still speculative and nothing has formally been released so I'll wait until any actual announcements are made before I make my judgements. Pull out all the stops Verizon, you have one of the best if not the best service. Now get the Windows Phone handset to match your service and strut your stuff.
  • As I think about it more, If Nokia is not going to be the High End model for Verizon. Then we just gota hold tight to see what HTC comes up with.
    I'm sure it will be as good or better than a Mid line Nokia
  • they really need to advertise on tv. show some windows smoked commercials...or something.....sumthin.......
  • 4.65", that's a bit too big :(
  • Not for this big boy!
  • Depends. How much frame there is around the screen. You see 4.3" displays with bigger frames around it and it makes the phone huge.
    If the phone is pocket sized with out being too large, it might be OK. It is starting to get close to tablet size tho...
  • I was hoping Nokia would bring a high-end phone to T-Mo but if this is correct I'm probably gonna go with HTC or Sammy. I prefer HTC over Sammy though. To bad... I think a high end Nokia phone would be a great replacement for those T-mo customers who had Hd7 from the beginning 2years :|
  • This makes me sad. I'm on T-mobile US. I own an HD7 and really wanted to upgrade to a top of the line nokia device this year but now I'm stuck with looking at mid range Nokia's and possibly high end HTC's. I really hope a pure view device comes soon and that to unlocked. I would buy that instantly
  • If t-mobile are not offering "high-end" windows phone 8, then at least have a high end nokia support the 4G band of T-mobile. Like what dell venue pro did with their windows phone 7. Ill buy it in a heartbeat!
  • If T-Mobile customers are only going to receive the left overs I might as well keep my HD2.  Why bother!!!!  This sucks!
  • I'm looking at the Sammy focus 3 its catching my eye