Report – Nokia to unveil Arrow and Phi Windows Phone 8 devices for AT&T, T-Mobile in September

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For the last few weeks we’ve mentioned how Nokia will be unveiling three new devices for the US and that now looks to be the case.

The Verge is reporting via an unmentioned source that on September 5th, Nokia will unveil two new devices—code-named Arrow and Phi—with a third named Atlas for Verizon in coming weeks. Those names are of course just placeholders until marketing names are decided upon. With an 88% accuracy rating on rumors according to Tracour, there’s a good chance that this is accurate.

The Phi is expected to feature a 4.65” curved display, polycarbonate body, dual-core CPU and act as a successor to the Lumia 800/900 range of devices, while the Arrow is thought to be a mid-range Lumia phone. That Arrow is also expected to go to T-Mobile as well with AT&T keeping the ‘hero’ Phi device on their network.

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Prototype of the Nokia 'Phi'?

Meanwhile, Verizon will eventually be getting the Atlas, a variant of the mid-range Arrow device found on AT&T and T-Mobile. As expected, Verizon won’t be at the September 5th announcement but will instead announce the Atlas sometime in the coming weeks.

Obviously if true, this is mixed news for our readers as once again, AT&T appears to be getting the crème of the crop for Nokia handsets while the more mid-range will be going to T-Mobile and Verizon. While it’s great to see Verizon getting in on the mix, most people would have preferred a more top-of-the-line model to be offered. Having said that, even Nokia’s mid-range aka Lumia 710 phone is quite nice and we have no problem using it.

The big question for users right now though is, what kind of device is the Atlas/Arrow? Unfortunately the Verge had no details to offer, making their news slightly less helpful.

Source: The Verge

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